Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Hockey Players in The World

The world of hockey is a lucky one to have some tremendously talented sportsmen whose contribution is an inspiration. Their passion that made them successful hockey players is motivation and enthusiasm for the upcoming players of countries across the world.

Hockey is one of the most popular games and played between two teams. It happens to be India’s national sport but,has widespread popularity around the globe. The simple aim of this game is knocking the hockey puck to the net of the opponent. Like football, a special player, goalie, guards that net. But as simple it sounds, practically skills are required to hit the field. In the list of successful hockey players given below, they are greatest of all times and have mastered this skill to the best.

List of the world’s Top 10 highest paid hockey players in 2017:

10) Rechelle Hawkes:

Rechelle Hawkes Highest Paid Successful Hockey Players 2016

Debuting professionally in hockey in 1995, she has only moved up in her sports career. In 1988, 1996, 2000, Hawkes was a proud member of teams winning gold medals. Born in Australia, she wears the winner’s crown of three Olympic gold medals being the captain of Hockeyroos or Australian Women’s Field Hockey Team. Today, she is one of the most celebrated and successful hockey players in the world.

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9) Ties Kruize:

Ties Kruize Highest Paid Successful Hockey Players 2017

Talking about the successful hockey players in the world, Ties Kruize needs a special mention. In the 202 international matches he played for Oranje, Kruize made a highly impressive score of 167 goals. Life tried to mock him down in an accident when the doctor declared that he won’t be able to play anymore. But Ties’ spirit own over. He, infact, went on to win the European Championship, World Championship, also the Champion’s Trophy.

8) Mijntje Donners:

Mijntje Donners Highest Paid Successful Hockey Players 2018

Having a record of scoring 97 goals for the Dutch National Women’s Team, Mijntje has assembled as many as 234 international caps for the team. This team has won bronze at Atlanta Games and undoubtedly, she was an instrumental part of them being one of the successful hockey players of all times. Born in Den Bosch, North Brabant, her full name is Wilhelmina Petronella Adriana Maria Donner. In 2013, she was voted as the best hockey player in the world.

7) Teun de Nooijer:

Teun de Nooijer Highest Paid Successful Hockey Players 2018

Teun de Nooijer’s career in hockey spans around 18 years where he created a record of 453 international caps. He is appreciated for his explosive speed, deceptive body swerve, and outstanding skill. He participated in the Olympics twice and brought home gold every time with his Dutch team.Nooijer was born in North Holland. He is a field hockey professional for full time and definitely one of the successful hockey players in the world.

6) Hassan Sardar:

Hassan Sardar Highest Paid Successful Hockey Players 2018

Talking about the successful hockey players of the world,Hassan Sardar definitely comes in the list. His speciality is his kangaroo posture, a delight to watch for all fans, especially when he moves with the ball.His career in international sphere started back in 1980 and is an expert in body dribbling and dodges. It did not take him much time to become an integral part of the international team and go to win prestigious awards. This hockey player from Pakistan is not only a pride of the nation, but also of the world.

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5) Jamie Dwyer:

Jamie Dwyer Highest Paid Successful Hockey Players 2016

One of the successful hockey players, Jamie Dwyer holds the nickname of ‘foetus.’His biggest achievement is in being an FIH player of the year for five times. In this credit bag, he has awards from the three biggies –World Cup, Olympics and Commonwealth Games.This modern day player has this capability to be his team’s final defender and achieve victory. This Australian man is reckoned as one of the greatest and successful hockey players in the contemporary era.

4) Luciana Aymar:

Luciana Aymar Highest Paid Successful Hockey Players 2017

This girl from Argentina has been the greatest female athletes successful hockey players and one of the slimmest certainly.Being the finest dribbler of this sport, achieving FIH Player of the year eight times tells her story. Luciana began practicing when she was 7. Gradually, she developed to be one of the successful hockey players of the world with two wins of Argentina’s World Cups.

3) Alyson Annan:

Alyson Annan Highest Paid Successful Hockey Players 2016

Annan has been an extremely powerful player of Australia’s women’s hockey team. They dominated the world of hockey for almost a decade. She is a midfielder with outstanding skills and an extremely appreciating goal score. Some of the greatest achievements include 2 Olympics gold medal, 5 Champions trophies (consecutive) and 2 World Cups.

2) Ric Charlesworth:

Ric Charlesworth Highest Paid Successful Hockey Players 2017

Well, this Australian man certainly comes second in the list of world’s all-time successful hockey players.He is a sports consultant, former politician and the maximum coach of Australia’s hockey team. Not only hockey, but also he is adept in cricket, playing the role of a captain for Western Australia. Ric Charlesworth was felicitated with ‘Western Australian Sportsman of the Year’ title three times.His efficient coaching led the Kookaburras to win Men’s Hockey World Cup twice.

1) Dhyan Chand:

Dhyan Chand Highest Paid Successful Hockey Players 2017

And the man who tops the list of most successful hockey players is Dhyan Chand from India. He has an extremely unique power and style for grasping every single facet of the sports. He was a three times Olympics gold medal winner and was a part of the team when India ruled hockey globally.This Indian sportsman has undoubtedly graced the game with his achievements and contribution.Popularly known as the Wizard, he was honoured with the third highest civilian award of India, Padma Bhushan.

All these successful hockey players in the world deserve salutes for their enthusiasm and contribution to the world of sports. They are the perfect motivation for this new rising generation.

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