Top 10 Highest Paid Golfers in The World

Golf is recognized as the highest paying game on this planet. Earlier the participation of players was mostly from the rich class, but with time, the participation from various economic classes has also been observed. However, it continues to maintain the top position for the highest earning game in the modern age.

Famous players earn millions after winning the major titles. The total income from on the course and off the course deals add on to create the net worth of the players. Off the course, players get huge endorsement deals from big brands and sponsors along with money from different tours.

List of top 10 highest paid golfers in the world in 2017.

10) GARY PLAYER ( TOTAL: $15,000,000)

GARY PLAYER Highest Paid Golfers 2017

Gary Player is a South African golfer who is an active player in European Tours and PGA Tours. In his entire golf career, he has won total seventy-three sunshine tours and twenty-four PGA titles. He received Lifetime Achievement Award in May 2012 at the Payer Championship. In 2016, he is sitting at the number tenth spot with the earnings of $15,000,000 on the course and off the course both. Though he is retired from his professional golf career but he is still regarded as one of the greatest golf players of all time on this planet. He won nearly 165 tournaments and also induced in the Golf Hall of Fame and one of the richest golfers in the world.

9) JUSTIN ROSE (TOTAL: $15,119,762)

JUSTIN ROSE Highest Paid Golfers 2018

Justin Rose is an African-born English professional golfer who mostly plays in PGA tours. He was the winner of US Open 2013 and became the first English player to win US open since 1970. He is also one of the handsome golfers in the world. In 2013, he finished second to Tiger Woods and rose to the career high on the world ranking of 3rd. Last year, he finished second with a tie along with Phil Mickelson. He has also started with the lucrative golf course design and his sponsor name includes Ash-forth, British Airways etc.

8) RICKIE FOWLER (TOTAL: $17,254,416)

RICKIE FOWLER Highest Paid Golfers 2017

Rickie Fowler started as A rated golfer in Amateur category. He is one the self-educated golfer. He became an ace golfer in the year 2009 and also won Rookie award in 2010. He won three PFA title tours and Players Championship in the year 2015, the same year when he won Deutsche Bank Championship. He also has endorsement deals with Red bull, Puma and Quicken Loans.

7) JASON DAY (TOTAL: $19,438,330)

JASON DAY Highest Paid Golfers 2016

Jason is an Australian golfer who started first with his amateur career and won amateur Australian Boys in 2004. He won PGA championship in 2015 and also set a new record of 20 strokes that has also helped him to rise to rank #3 golf player. Jason Day started his pro career in 2006 and recently took home Farmers Insurance Open in 2015. He was ranked number one golfer in the world in 2015.

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6) JACK NICKLAUS (TOTAL: $22,041,500)

JACK NICKLAUS Highest Paid Golfers 2018

Jack Nicklaus is regarded as one of the most skilled golfers in the world. He is well known for winning 18 major golf tournaments. He is an associate of Hall of Fame of Golf and has been the leading moneymakers for straight eight years. All this and much more leads to total earning of $22,041,500.

5) ARNOLD PALMER (TOTAL: $40,000,000)

ARNOLD PALMER Highest Paid Golfers 2016

Arnold Palmer is an American professional golfer and one of the greatest golfer in the history of professional golfing. He won a company Arnold Palmer Enterprises that manages the promotions, endorsements, commercial partnerships and licensing for Palmer. During his career, he won various international events on Championship tours and PGA tours.

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4) RORY McILROY (TOTAL: $46,968,190)

RORY McILROY Highest Paid Golfers 2018

Rory McLroy is an Irish professional golfer who became a pro golfer at the age of 17. He was the third youngest player ever to win complete 10 events on PGA tours. One of the biggest endorsement deal is Nike which pays him nearly 20 million dollars every year. He holds good partnership with Bose, Omega and Upper Deck.

3) TIGER WOODS (TOTAL: $48,551,098)

TIGER WOODS Highest Paid Golfers 2017

Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers and richest athletes of all time and also the highest paid sportsmen in the world. He ranked 26th among the America’s richest Entrepreneurs under 40 years of age. He was ranked 37th on the list of world’s highest paid celebrity in the world. As reported his 80%of earnings are estimated to come from million dollars endorsements. Tiger bagged many winning titles during his professional golfing career. He is one of the pioneer golf players in the world of golf.

2) PHIL MICKELSON (TOTAL: $52,301,730)

PHIL MICKELSON Highest Paid Golfers 2016

Phil Mickelson is an American professional golfer who has attained total 42 PGA titles and nine European titles in his active golf career. Some of his career’s highlights are when he ranked number 2 in the official world ranking. In the year 2000, Phil ended Tiger Woods’ six-victory streak. Mickelson is the three times winner of Masters Golf Tournament. Along with many titles, he also took home billions of prize money. His accomplishments have given him places at Golf World Hall of Fame.

1) JORDAN SPIETH (TOTAL: $53,030,465)

JORDAN SPIETH Highest Paid Golfers 2017

Jordan Spieth is a 22 years old American professional golfer. He is the second youngest player to win have win Masters. In last 12 months, he has grossed almost $20.8 million prize money from various title wins. 2015 was the breakthrough year because he won Fed Ex, Masters, Tour Championship and U.S Open and all for the same reason. Due to all that winning, he started the year 2016 as the highest paid golfer in the world.

If you try to understand the game of golf, you will understand why golfers make a pretty awesome living. The game of golf is very hard where golfers test their mental fortitude, muscle memory and focus. There are many who start, some have it, some just don’t while some stands above all. All the above-mentioned golfers are the ones who stand on top of all when it comes to getting paid the highest in the world.

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