Top 10 Highest Paid Female Musicians in The World

There is a lot of musicians in this world but only a few have made millions, sometimes billions, doing what they love. Some have went from being singers to working in the fashion world, being film directors, some even start their own cooking shows. The list is unlimited with what they are capable of doing all because of the power and fame they have earned from being terrific musicians. That talent is something they should definitely be proud of.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Female Musicians in The World in 2017

10. Lady Gaga

lady gaga, Top 10 Highest Paid Female Musicians in The World 2017

Most people do not know what it is about her that draws in her fans and the paparazzi, whether it be her crazy fashion choices or if it is just something about her. Her album sells has brought in twenty eight million dollars while she has had singles sold for over 140 million dollars. She has won a Grammy award six times since hitting the music scene. She does not only sing but also has become a fashion designer and is partnered up with Monster Cable to create some fashion accessories that are going to be out of this world cool.

9. Cher

cher, Top 10 Highest Paid Female Musicians in The World 2018

She is a singer, a fashion icon to many other women, and a terrific actress. She has been nicknamed “Goddess of Pop” and has lived up to that for many decades. She came into music because of her hit song “I Got You Babe” and it topped the charts and hit number one, holding that position for months. She has won Academy and Grammy awards for her voice and talent in acting. Cher has a voice that is unique and sounds amazing which is no wonder she has continuously topped the charts for all these decades and never lost her fan base, it just continues to grow every year.

8. Jennifer Lopez


She has a terrific style and is sexy as can be. J. Lo is not only on this list for being a part of the highest paid female musicians but also is considered to be one of the hottest women in the world. She is beautiful and talented in so many ways which is why she has continued to succeed for all these years. Her career has expanded to big things since she first entered the music world. She has acted in movies, created her own fashion line, made a production company, come up with great smelling fragrances, and even designed beautiful accessories. Her records has sold more than fifty-five million copies and still continues to be sold today.

7. Barbra Streisand


There is no wonder this pretty lady has made the list. She has sold millions of albums in the United States and way more in millions on global platforms. She has won Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, and Grammy awards, several of each. She is also the only recording artist that has had a number one release six decades in a row.

6. Shania Twain


She is one amongst the Top 10 Highest Paid Female Musicians in The World 2017. This lady has been paid quite well for her singing voice. She has won awards and played in countries all over the world. Shania is one of a few artists that has had a consecutive platinum selling albums. Because of how much she has been paid to do shows, this lady makes the list as being one of the top highest paid.

5. Dolly Parton


If you do not know who Dolly is then you should really watch her movies and listen to her music. She has won seven Academy Awards, and eight Grammy Awards. If you look up how much she is worth then you will see a big whopping number of four hundred and fifty million dollars. Many of her songs has made it to the top of the Billboard Country charts. She has played in many Christmas movies and she never fails to amaze the world. No other female will make you groove like her music.

4. Mariah Carey


Mariah is one person that gets a lot of attention. She is ranked at the third spot for the best female artist. She is ranked so high because of her voice and the music she sings. Over two hundred million of her records has been sold which helped her with her money. She has a net worth of five hundred and thirty five million dollars. She has the looks and the voice so why would anyone not listen to her.

3. Beyonce


She is a R&B artist , she also acts and is a fashion designer. She owns an estimated five hundred and thirty six million dollars net worth. She has sold over seventy five million records solo and that is not counting the sixty million records she sold when she was with her band Destiny’s Child. She can move and is very beautiful and talented. She is associated with brands like Armani and Tommy Hilfiger. Who would not want to help her in her career.

2. Celine Dion


The second highest paid female singer is Celine Dion. she sings music from rock to gospel and she even sings music that is classical. She has so much talent that if you listen to several different songs by her you will see she can speak German, Latin, Italian and a few more. She has a net worth of seven hundred million dollars and this is why. Look her up and see if you can find where she is singing in Mandarin Chinese you will be shocked.

1. Madonna


The highest female and is called The Queen Of Pop by the music industry. She alone has sold more than three hundred million records all over the world. She owns sixty four point five million certified albums. She not only sells her albums but she has her own clothing line that helps with the money. She sells fragrances that add a lot to her net worth which is eight hundred million.

These are the Top 10 Highest Paid Female Musicians in The World 2017. They work hard everyday to keep their voices sounding great. If something happens and they get sick they have to wait till they feel better to work. They make money not only from singing but also clothes and perfumes. Walk into Wal Mart and you will find a lot of brands that belong to these ten people. They did not get to where they are today just by walking around being lazy. Being able to sing is a talent and if you know someone who can do it then you need to have them recorded and send it out to the record labels because if not the talent will die out.

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