Top 10 Highest Paid EPL Players

English Premier League is the most viewed and followed league in the world. EPL is telecasted on 212 countries with the successful counting of 4.7 billion viewers from 643 million homes on this planet. This confirms the love of people for the game of football and the players who make this game interesting. English Premier League is home to many top footballers in the world.

Footballers from top clubs of English League gets paid in abundance and that is also the reason why EPL tops the highest paymasters among all the football leagues in the world. Better the player, better his package on and off the field.

The list of top ten highest paid EPL players in 2017.

(10) John Terry (Club: Chelsea)

John Terry Highest Paid EPL Players 2016

John Terry is one the most successful and longest running captain of Chelsea club. With the weekly earnings of £160 000, he sits at number 10 as the highest paid footballer in EPL. He is also the highest score protector in the league. Known for his passion for playing for his club, John Terry definitely deserves to be on the list of highly paid professionals.

(9) Kevin De Bruyne (Club Manchester City)

Kevin De Bruyne Highest Paid EPL Players 2017

Twenty-four-year-old Belgian footballer had a mouth watering transfer to Manchester City for £54 million in 2015. He is Europe’s best playmaker with strong attacking mid-fielding skills and can play from every position. At present, he takes home £170 000 a week and ranks number ninth highest paid footballer in the league

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(8) Cesc Fabregas (Club: Chelsea)

Cesc Fabregas Highest Paid EPL Players 2016

It’s been two years that Spanish international player Cesc Fabregas has enjoyed his share of blue shirt. He is one of the excellent midfielders in the country with the most creative play. His sharp scalpel footballing skills with goals and scores keep him on the top of the league. His estimated weekly payment for 2016 is £170 000.

(7) Raheem Sterling (Club: Manchester City)

Raheem Sterling Highest Paid EPL Players 2016

Raheem is the recent add-on a gem of Manchester City. He left his previous club Liverpool with much more talent in 2015. With great scoring goals and dribbling skills, he exploits the game with an open play against the opposition team. Every week he earns £180 000. He has been praised for his ability and adaptability to play both midfield and center back.

(6) Mesut Ozil (Club: Arsenal)

Mesut Ozil Highest Paid EPL Players 2018

German midfield joined Arsenal in 2013 and has an estimated earnings of £190 000 per week in 2016. His movement from Real Madrid to Arsenal happened for £42.5 million and this transfer makes him highest paid German player of all time. He is also the seventh most popular athlete on social media with 28 million fans on Facebook.

(5) David Silva (Club: Manchester City)

David Silva Highest Paid EPL Players 2017

David Silva plays for Manchester City and Spain national team. He is renowned for aggressive mid-field and also contests as the second striker and sometimes a winger as well. Currently, he earns £200 000 a week. He spent six years of his professional football game for Valencia CF. He is known as El-Mago by the teammates and currently ranked number three among other Manchester City players among top five.

(4) Eden Hazard (Club: Chelsea)

Eden Hazard Highest Paid EPL Players 2018

Eden Hazard is currently one of the finest attacking midfielders and is well known for his technical abilities and his speed. He is the finest winger for the Belgium team and had been the best performing players in last two seasons for Manchester City. His ability to score the important goals make him arguably best for the Chelsea. The player is being coveted by Real Madrid and Barcelona for quite some time.

(3) Yaya Toure ( Club: Manchester City)

Yaya Toure Highest Paid EPL Players 2017

The passing techniques and the physical appearance of this center midfielder have made him turn heads around after he joined Manchester City in 2010. He continues to be the king player when it comes to City’s accolade. He is a double footed player who combines his attacking play with good technical skills to be the finest among many midfielders His weekly earning is approximate $240,000 a week.

(2) Sergio Aguero ( Club: Manchester City)

Sergio Aguero Highest Paid EPL Players 2017

Everyone remembers Sergio as one of the youngest footballers to play in Argentina’s Premier Division. Currently, he ranks among the top players and statistics also indicates that he is the finest player that has graced the Premier league position. That’s why his club Manchester City offers him king price to ensure that he is settled and continue to dazzle in his blue jersey. He is currently earning £240 000 a week.

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(1) Wayne Rooney ( Club: Manchester United)

Wayne Rooney Highest Paid EPL Players 2018

Rooney, the evergreen Manchester United player is the highest paid soccer player in Premier league for 2016-2017. He is a proud captain for his nationalized side and association; Manchester United. He is also accepted as the top most footballer player in the worth. His commitment to Manchester United is so strong that he is sure to be the highest goal scorer for Manchester United. His position as a captain and importance earns him £240 000 a week.

Footballers put their best foot forward to attain the precision in their game. The mentioned players in the list are the high scorers and are known to be the best in their game. There is no doubt their club owners would pamper them with more than what they deserve.


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