Top 10 Highest Paid Directors in The World

Movies are the greatest source of entertainment for people all around the world. That is the reason people who work for film industry whether an action, scriptwriter, director or singer everyone gets paid a very good amount. However, the whole and soul of movies and the main backbone of any movie is the director. The director plays an important role in building a movie from ground zero.

They are responsible for everything from acting, sets, music, plot and the entire creation of a film. That is the reason after producers, they play a big role in the making of a movie. Directors who are known for successful movies get paid really well.

Here is the list of highest paid directors in the world in 2018.

10. Tim Burton (Net worth: $3.653 billion)

Highest Paid Directors

Time Burton is one of the most famous American producer and director who also enjoys his time as a writer and an animator. In the International Film fraternity, he is highly regarded Hollywood director. Movies like Dark Shadows , Alice In Wonderland and Batman have garnered tremendous recognition to him. There are many awards in kitty like Gold Globe Awards, Emmy Awards. He has been nominated for many Academy Awards, Saturn Awards and Chicago Film Association for the Best Director category. He is one of highest paid directors of all time.

9. Gore Verbinski ( Net Worth: $3.728 billion)

Highest Paid Directors

Gore Verbinski is a director, writer, producer and a musician. He started his career as a director by making videos for many bands like Bad Religion, Vicious Rumors and Monster Magnet. However, his name rose to the fame with the directorial work of first three movies of Pirates of the Caribbean saga and Rango and the another famous film The Ring. He also won OSacr war for Rango and Pirates of Caribbean in 2011 and 2006 respectively. With the successful rating of his movies, he is currently the ninth most highly paid director in the world.

8. Chris Columbus (Net Worth: $3.815 billion)

Highest Paid Directors

Chris Columbus is an American producer and director. He is well known for his tremendous directing skills in directing movies like Harry Potter series first two movies the Sorcerer’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets, Home Alone, Home Alone2, and Mrs Doubtfire. Hr is also famous for writing scripts for movies like The Goonies and Gremlins. There are many categories in which Chri Columbus won awards like Best British Comedy Award, Best Comedy Film and Academy nomination for “The Help” which he produced.

7. Robert Zemeckis ( Net Worth: $4.062 billion)

Highest Paid Directors

Robert is an American director and filmmaker. He has been well acclaimed for his greater art of visual storytelling and is a pioneer of visual effects. In past few decades, he has directed many blockbuster movies such as Back To the Future, Racing the Stone and A Christmas Carol. He also received the Academy Award for one of the Best Directing movie called Forrest Grump.

6. David Yates (Net worth: f $4.176 billion)

Highest Paid Directors

David Yates is a British filmmaker who is known for direction in short and feature films along with few television productions. His work in the mainstream film direction came with the successful direction of final four Harry Potter movie series. He had been in a close partnership with famous Warner Bros. as a producer and a director. Among the different category of the awards, he has won Golden Gate Award for Best Short Film, Best Drama Serial in British. He is the winner of Saturn Award for the Best Director (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) for both the parts and Academy Award too.

5. Christopher Nolan: (Net worth: $4.222 billion)

Highest Paid Directors

Christopher Nolan is a British film producer, director and a screenwriter. He is one of most admired directors of the 21st century. Not only is he famous for being the highest grossing director but also the most successful director in the world. He has successfully directed one of his most renowned movies The Dark Night Trilogy. He is also one of the most handsome directors in the world.

The Prestige, Interstellar and Memento have garnered huge applause and fame for his skills. These movies had a whopping opening at the box office and has grossed over $4.2 billion US dollars worldwide. During his career, he has received 26 Oscar nominations and won seven Oscar awards.

4. Michael Bay (Net worth: $4.522 Billion)

Highest Paid Directors

Michael Bay is a famous American filmmaker, producer and director of big budget action packed moved which majorly characterized by artistic graphics, wild chiseled and astounding use of exceptional sci-fi effects. He is also one of the richest Hollywood directors in the world. Movies like Pearl Harbour and Transformers have strengthened his mettle in Hollywood and given fans treat to savor. The Texas Chainsaw is well appreciated by the audience along with The Amityville Horror.

3. James Francis Cameron: ( Net Worth: $6.139 billion)

Highest Paid Directors

James Cameron is a Canadian filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, engineer and inventor. James Cameron has directed some of the well-known movies across the world such as Terminator, Aliens, Avatar etc. He is also known for having directed 3 movies out of which 2 movies grossed over $2 billion worldwide. He was placed at number one position for the top earner by Vanity Fair in 2011 with estimated earning of $257 million.

2. Peter Jackson (Net worth: $6.518 billion)

Highest Paid Directors

Peter Jackson is a filmmaker, director and screenwriter from New Zealand. Everyone knows his directorial work from the most famous The Hobbit Trilogy and The Lord of the Rings trilogy which he wrote, directed and also produced. There are other famous successful movies like King Kong and District 9. He has received three Academy Awards for being the best director, and also three Bafta Awards, four Saturn Awards among others. Jackson also received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1. Steven Spielberg ( Net worth: $9.25 billion)

Highest Paid Directors

Steven Spielberg is the world’s the most popular and famous director who is also the highest paid director in the film industry. He has given numerous successful movies like Jurassic Park, Jaws, E.T, Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s list. He has also won many awards for the best director.
He is known as the founding pioneer of new age Hollywood era and undoubtedly the most leading persona in the skill of time making. With all his achievement he is currently the highest-paid director in the world.

The success of any movie is dependent on the how people have liked the movie and the box office collection and charts. Listed names for the directors have proven the worth of their successful movies and in return getting a hefty amount as reward.

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