Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Comedians in The World

Once in your life you have heard a saying that goes “Laughter is the best medicine”. Clinical research and science has proved the saying to be factual as laughter has physical health benefits, mental health benefits, and social benefits. These benefits are Physical health benefits, (boosts immunity, lowers stress hormones, decreases pain, burns calories, prevents cardiovascular diseases) Mental health benefits,( relieves stress, eases anxiety and tension, improves mood and mental functioning) social benefits ( help diffuse conflict, strengthens relationship, enhances team work).

Now I believe you have a reason to buy a comedy DVD once in a while rather than your horror dvds and just laugh. Being a comedian is a special skill or rather a talent that comes with it popularity and huge sums of money especially if you can make people laugh until they cry. These men and women below have rocked and conquered the world of comedy with their rib cracking jokes and are the highest earners on annual basis and most popular in the world.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Comedians in The World in 2018

10. John Bishop (annual earning $ 7 million)

Highest Paid Successful Comedians

The highest paid British comic is none other than john Bishop. He was born in 1966 and initially he was a medical representative until year 2006 when he decided to try stand-up comedy and even went ahead to winning competitions such as “So you think you’re funny” and later went on to win the City Life North West Comedian of The Year Award among many others. Today John appears in films such as Route Irish, Skins sn 3-4 and TV shows such as The john Bishop show, John Bishop Britain and the John bishop only joking. He is currently net worth $15 million

9. Russell peters (annual earning $9 million)

Highest Paid Successful Comedians

Best known for his punchline “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.” Born in 1970 Russell is a Canadian but with an Indian ascent. He is a comedian, television producer and a screen writer as well. He started performing in 1989 and since then his jokes and sense of humor has made him one of the richest and high earning comedians of our time. The most notable shows in his career are Sydney May 2010 it was the largest stand up ever in Australia history and Air Canada Center. He has several dvds he has released such as “Outsourced” and “Red, White and Brown”. He is net worth $40 million

8. Gabriel Iglesias (annual earning $ 9.5 millions)

Highest Paid Successful Comedians

Gabriel Iglesias popularly known for his shows “am not fat I’m fluffy” is a writer, an actor as well as a comedian. Initially he was employed by a cell phone company before he decided to pursue comedy. He has participated in several acting roles in films and TV shows such as “All that “on Nickelodeon, Family Guy, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, magic mike, my wife and the list of his albums there are several notable ones such as hot and fluffy, Aloha Fluffy and we Luv Fluffy. He is one comedian who makes use of storytelling and sound effects to crack jokes. His current net worth is $30 million

7. Jim Gaffigan (annual earning $12.5 million)

Highest Paid Successful Comedians

One of the notable people in the industry who has risen and climbed up the ladder to where he is today is James Christopher. He is an author, a comedian and an actor as well. He mostly exploits humor from the angle of fatherhood, food and other aspects of observation to make people laugh. Today Gaffigan is one of the popular comedians in social media as he has over 2 million followers and among the top 30 funniest people on twitter. He has authored books such as Dad is fat and A love story. He is net worth $16 million

6. Dave Chappelle (annual earning $13 million)

Highest Paid Successful Comedians

Dave Chappelleis one of the famous comedians an actor, sketch comic and a screen writer. His career started back in 1993 when he played a role in Robin Hood Men in Tights and other films such as Con Air, The Nutty Professor, and Blue streak. He then launched his own show the Chappelles show which he ran for several years before he quit citing it’s ruining his has been reported that Dave has signed a contract with Netflix for standup specials where he will earn nearly $60 million which is the largest deal in history to be paid to a comedian. He is net worth $42 million

5. Jeff Dunham (annual earning $13.5 million)

Highest Paid Successful Comedians

If you have no idea who Jeff Dunham is just head over to YouTube and share you’re few minutes watching his videos and trust me you might steak around for two hours. He is one amongst the Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Comedians in The World 2017. He is the best Ventriloquist ever in our current times and he is a standup comedian who has rocked the comedy world with his numerous shows. He started his career when he was young at the age of 8 and in 1976 that’s when his career debut began and gained the popularity to the state where he was named America favorite comedian. Some of his most watched videos are Dead Terrorist, spark of insanity, very special Christmas special, minding the monsters among others. Today he is one of the richest with net worth $55 million.

4. Amy Schumer (annual earning $17 million)

Highest Paid Successful Comedians

This is the first female to ever made it in the list of the highest paid comedians in Forbes. He is a graduate in degree in theater and made her career debut in 2004 and today she has risen to be one of the most popular and well paid female standup comedian. Her wealth comes from the tours, television show Inside Amy Schumer and deals such as commercials. She is net worth $7 million

3. Terry fator ( annual earning $21 million)

Highest Paid Successful Comedians

When Terry factor came across the book Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit written by Paul Winchell he started studying and learning the art and skills of Ventriloquism. That was his beginning of a long journey to be what he is today the star and king of Ventriloquism. He was so good at such that he even won America Got Talent which skyrocket his dreams into reality. Today the comedian, a singer and an impressionist is net worth $115 million which much of it he has gained through a deal with The Mirage.

2. jerry Seinfeld (annual earning$ 43.5 million)

Highest Paid Successful Comedians

He is one of great stand-up comedians we have on planet earth and in addition he is an actor, writer and a producer as well. He utilized observational comedy and made it his style of creating fun. He is famous for one of the most popular sitcoms of all time that won 10 Emmys, 3 golden globes among many other awards the “Seinfeld”. He also co-produced the film Bee movie, “comedians in cars getting coffee” and Long “story short” and although today he is basically retired he normally appears in some shows. He is one of the richest with a net worth $800 million

1. Kevin Hart (annual earning $87.5 million )

Highest Paid Successful Comedians

Kevin heart has dominated the industry of comedy for one simple reason, his tours are numerous and every tour earns him nearly $1 million. The number of shows is not the only factor but the size of the audience too since Kevin performs in stadium arenas and even he has performed in Madison Square Garden which was parked to capacity. He has also been featured in great films that have sold millions of copies such as Ride along 2, Get hard, Think like a man, about last night, central intelligence and many other more. In commercials Kevin has been involving himself with giant companies such as Hyundai, H&M, Foot locker. He is currently net worth $120 million.

The figures above have been due to comedians touring, endorsements, films, DVD sales, TV specials and paid appearances. Watching a comedy for the sake of fun can be very beneficial to you as stated above and that is a reason enough to adopt to them. Try watch a show from these comedians and definitely you will see why they are on these top 10 highest paid and most successful comedians 2018.

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