Top 10 Highest Earning Male Musicians in The World

In music, many artists pull in a lot of money. That mostly comes from ticket sales and album sales plus they have to do promotional type of endorsements. They bring in all kinds of money just to have great faces and terrific voices. If only we could all have those kinds of talents because we would be living the high life just like they all do. Money seems to be the problem for a lot of people in the economy now but not celebrities apparently because the ten listed below are the top earning male musicians that pull in tons of cash with their generous careers.

List of Top 10 Highest Earning Male Musicians in The World in 2017

10. Toby Keith


Mr. Keith has brought in sixty five million dollars because of his varieties of different incomes that he has. There is the money that his restaurants brings in for him plus he owns his own record label which pulls in a lot more cash for this astounding musician. Adding to both of those is his money that he makes from all of his album sales and music tours. He is quite a success and very popular in the country world.

9. Calvin Harris


This guy is the first one to ever make a six figure pay in one single night of work. He is worth a brilliant sixty six million dollars. That puts him at being the only DJ to ever have that much money. Not only does he earn the money from his every day job but he also makes millions upon millions of dollars by producing hit singles for major celebrity singers like Rihanna and a whole lot more than just her. This man is a very talented artist that has a gift that should be treasured.

8. Paul McCartney


He is the oldest man on the list but worth a great amount of seventy one million dollars. Each city he tours in earns the guy three and a half million dollars almost every single time. The man has been around for a long time and doing a job that he obviously loves but is very talented at doing as well. He has a very large fan base that is not only people from his generation but also younger generations as well.

7. One Direction


This group of young men earned seventy five million dollars in the same year. They cut it close with making the number seven spot because they are one of two that are the youngest artists on the list that is really hot on the music scene right now. They got boosted with ratings because of having a lot of different live dates then they had another album that was rated in the very top of rankings. Let us not remind you that they also have different pepsi commercials that have been done too.

6. Justin Bieber


Of course number six on the list of Top 10 Highest Earning Male Musicians in The World 2017 is Beiber. It does not matter that he has had cases with the law and even some gross misconduct, this boy still ended up having a tour that was extremely successful. He is originally from Canada and considered to but a little hottie in music right now. He brought in eighty million dollars alone on that tour which is the absolute most he has made in his entire career as a musician. The young man is very talented and has a bright future ahead of him, if he can learn to stay out of trouble that is.

5. Bruce Springsteen


He refers to himself has The Boss. he lived up to his expectations of another tour with E Street Band. he has eighty one million dollars earned just from that. On some of the night they made over a million dollars and that made them the most successful nights of all. The low stage budget helped them earn money because it did not come to much out of their pockets. If they have a big prop they need then having the small stages helps them with those.

4. Bon Jovi


He has eight two million dollars. Most come from the tour of Because We Can tour. It grossed much more than a fourth of a billion dollars. Some of the cities that they played in brought in four million night. This is how you make money just do what you love so you are happy and more people will come see you. It helps when you can sing and the band is really good.

3. The Eagles


The Eagles made it past the nine figure mark this year. Because of the blow out success they made one hundred million dollars. This is history for the band making the most they have ever the whole time being together. This band made more than singer Miley Cyrus. Not only her but they made more than Kanye West. the big shocker is when they made more than the big star Lady Gaga. making this money was a shocker to them to.

2. U2

u2, Top 10 Highest Earning Male Musicians in The World 2017

This band makes so much money they use ti to keep the instruments in good use and they make sure they have money for emergency. They are ageless and have come a long way. Even though their ages show they are still a pretty awesome band to listen to if you like their music. Buy their shirts and go to the concerts so you can help them make more. Yes they will make money off of all of this because it is the band’s property.

1. Dr. Dre


Of course this singer would be one of the top paying people. He makes the big six hundred and twenty million dollars. He takes his fame and doubles what he started out making or even triples it. He has his headphones that make his money to. So if you have more than just a singer career then you have much more than fame you have business plus profit from making one simple thing. His sale of Beats made him the most money.

These above are the Top 10 Highest Earning Male Musicians in The World 2017. These male musicians make a lot of many and we can all be jealous because what kind of job is going to pay us this much money.not one unless we become a singer like them. They have their music and they have all of their items that they make money off of. If you buy something with their faces or their names or anything like that they get the profit of it because that is where most of the money comes from. The fans must really spend a lot of money for their music and items.

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