Top 10 Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities

Many people because of their talents in professional careers know Hollywood celebrities. Various celebrities from United States of America are from careers such as singing, acting and modeling. It is true that Hollywood men and women are good looking, beautiful, handsome and cute. With these quality physical features, these celebrities attract many people out there. Below is a list with ten highest dated Hollywood celebrities. It is good to know much about them.

List of Top 10 Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities in 2017

10. Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake Gyllenhaal is on tenth position of this article and is amongst highest dated Hollywood celebrities of all time. This handsome man has a good number of female fans that always talk about his mesmerizing ad sexy eyes ever. Gyllenhaal has fantastic smile that attracts many people worldwide. Jake is believed to have dated more than ten women publicly. Private relationships cannot be counted. They are so many. Some of his women are Kristen Dust, Taylor Swift, Jenny Lewis, Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman.

9. Emma Stone

Emma Stone Top Most Popular Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2018

Emma Stone is amongst popular Hollywood celebrities ever. This beautiful woman hails from United States of America. Stone is indeed a successful actress in USA. Most of her films are featured in many articles and have gained her a lot of fame worldwide. Due to his cute and pretty physical features, men have been always on line one after another to win her heart. Some of the recognized gentlemen that ever dated her include Andrew Garfield, Jim Carrey and Kieran Culkin. One of these men however was able to win her heart to marriage.

8. John Mayer


John Mayer is another highly dated Hollywood celebrity ever. Many ladies from USA and various parts of this universe cannot get enough of this gentleman. They cannot help it out but fall for him. John is cute and has beautiful lips and sexy eyes. Just like other celebrities mentions and studied in this article, Mayer has also dated more than 10 women. For private affairs, we cannot tell exact number. Some of these women are Jenifer Aniston, Jennifer Hewitt and Jessica Simpson. Despite of dating all these women, John Mayer has not found yet a woman that touches his heart deeply.

7. Drake


Drake is also from United State of America and is amongst highly dated celebrities of Hollywood. Drake is talented in his singing career. His voice attracts many ladies in USA and other various countries from different parts of the world. Many girls and women have dated Drake but he has not married any of them. Most of his girlfriends and lovers are also famous and have high dating demand just like him. Some of these women are Bernice Burgos, Teyana Taylor, Cart Washington and Rihanna

6. Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock is another popular and talented star from United States of America. This woman has spent so much time in dating. When asked, she always say that she is looking for the right man to spend rest of her life with. Funny enough is that Sandra has dated more than 10 gentlemen and has concluded none of them to be good for a life partner. Some of the people that Bullock has comfortably dated are Chris Evans, Hugh Grant, Ryan Gosling and Matthew McCaughey. Several others are not mentioned in public but have had a private affair with him.

5. Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp is in fifth position of this article and is amongst Hollywood celebrities that have dated high number of lovers. Depp is always sexy and looks good when performing. He was noticed by many ladies for taking part in an important role in a popular film. It is through this role and other assigned activities that exposed him openly to market. Because of this, drake has successful enter this list of highest dated Hollywood celebrities without struggle. Yes, He is one of them. Some of his dated women are Vanessa, Winona, amber and Kate Moss.

4 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Top Most Famous Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2019

At least many people from various parts of the world are now fully aware this woman star. Jennifer Lopez is a talented singer and actress from United States of America. She has performed live in many competitions and entertaining halls. Many couples, girls and boys love most of her songs. Lopez was born in 1969; she still looks hot like a 30 year old lady. There are many people out there trying to reach o her heart. Ben Affleck, Cris Judd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are men that this beautiful lady has comfortably dated in past. Caper Smart is latest lover ever dated.

3. Ryan Gosling


O third position of this article is Ryan Gosling. He is another handsome Hollywood celebrity that melt hearts of many young ladies out there. Many ladies in USA are currently aware of what I am talking about. Good umber if these ladies have been in an open relationship with Ryan Gosling. Some of them are Sandra Bullock, Olivia Wilde and Rachel McAdams. He used to date also one Eva Mendes. Ryan has left many ladies heartbroken out there.

2. Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is another popular celebrity from Hollywood that has dated many partners hence ranked in this position. Taylor Swift is indeed beautiful, pretty and nice looking woman. This is according to many positive reviews released out there by men. They always get pleased upon meeting her or when performing live on stage. Her ex-boyfriends include Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John mayor ad Harry Styles. Calvin Harris is current lover of Taylor Swift.

1. Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper is the highest dated Hollywood celebrity. He appears in first position of this article because of dating so many women within a short period. Most of his assignments and acting roles are romantic portions only. That is how Bradley became well known worldwide.

These are the highest dated Hollywood celebrities 2017. Both of them have dated at least 10 recognized people. What I have come to understand is that they date many people because of getting to public and cannot avoid what they meet their way.

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