Top 10 Greatest Computer Scientists Ever

Have you ever thought of how easy our life is today? We can talk to, have a video call with, message and email anyone living in any part of the world at any time of the day. A few decades ago, this would have seemed like nothing short of a dream but today it is what we do in our everyday lives without giving it much thought. The ones that play a large part in such a dramatic development in the field of technology are the many great computer scientists that unfortunately may not be very famous. Here is a list of the Top Ten Greatest Computer Scientists Ever:

List of Top 10 Greatest Computer Scientists Ever until in 2017

10. Charles Babbage

charles babbage, Top 10 Greatest Computer Scientists Ever until 2017

Charles Babbage is known as and referred to as the ‘Father of the Computer’. Charles Babbage had invented the mechanical computer, the first of its kind. It is from that mechanical computer invented by Babbage that led other great minds to develop further much more complex computers that have eventually led to developing the sleek laptops we use today. Babbage has made quite a few other contributions in different fields due to which he is considered a polymath.

9. Judea Pearl

judea pearl, Top 10 Greatest Computer Scientists Ever until 2017

Judea Pearl, an Israeli American is mostly known for his work in developing the Bayesian Network. The Bayesian network is capable of representing the uncertain relationships between variables, which has utmost importance in the area of statistical methods and algorithms. Because of this, Judea could solve uncertainty problems effortlessly using statistical methods. In fact even today, artificial intelligence makes use of Judea Pearl’s work and this just goes to show Pearl’s valuable contribution in this field.

8. Ted Codd

ted codd, Top 10 Greatest Computer Scientists Ever

Ted Codd was a computer scientist that made several significant contributions in the field of computer science. Codd is always remembered for his invention of the Relational Model. This Relational Model provides the required mathematical structure for data management. His work has had a massive impact on the present way in which we work on computers. In fact Ted Codd had even published twelve rules which specified the composition of the relational database.

7. Tony Hoare


This British computer genius was the one who dramatically revolutionized distributed network computing. Tony Hoare was able to invent tools that helped determine the correctness of particular computer programs. This great computer scientist has allowed us to understand the working of programs which are not only executed at the same time but also interacting with each other.

tony Hoare used the monitor concept to structure the computer operating system.

6. Sally Floyd


She is one of the most respected women computer scientists whose work has been greatly recognized and appreciated. Sally Floyd has managed to develop ways to establish effective communication across networks. Floyd has been able to provide a solution for high traffic over network links that are restricted. And therefore Floyd’s work in congestion control over the internet has had a massive impact in this field, which has in turn allowed effective communication standards to be set into place. Sally Floyd had provided her services to the Internet Advisory Board due to her immense knowledge and skills

5. Barry Boehm


This English professor of computer science had taken the software engineering field by storm with his notable contributions to it. Software economics, software engineering and organization of software development process have all greatly benefited due to the work of Barry Boehm. Boehm is in fact considered to be a pioneer in this field and is greatly respected for the same. He is one amongst the Top 10 Greatest Computer Scientists Ever until 2017.

4. Linus Torvalds


If you love working on Linux, then you should know just whom to be grateful to and yes, that is Linus Torvalds. This Finnish computer scientist was the one to develop this operating system. At first it may not seem very easy to operate on, but once you work on it you can understand why it has become so popular and widely used. Linux is free, reliable, hardly crashes and efficient. At present Linus Torvalds is the Project Coordinator of the Linux kernel.

3. Tim Berners Lee


Among the many great computer scientists is the one and only Tim Berners Lee. He is perhaps the most famous among all computer scientists as he is the one who invented the World Wide Web. Berners knew that he has what it requires to leave a mark and had proposed for an information management system. His dream was materialized upon implementation of a successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol client and server through the internet. Berners founded the World Wide Web Foundation and is at present the director of the World Wide Web Consortium. Berners plays an active role in supervising and controlling the development of the Web.

2. Edsger Wybe Dijkstra


Edsger Wybe Dijkstra along with being a computer scientist was also a mathematics professor. This Dutch computer scientist has made invaluable contributions in the field of mathematics. With his own unique style in the subject, Dijkstra made use of algorithms to determine the shortest path on any graph. Dijkstra has provided us with tools to help us with coordination in respect to multiple distributed programs. Logic and sound reasoning were the basis of all his work and therefore not surprisingly, his work is still valid and used to this day.

1. Donald Knuth


Donald Knuth has beautifully penned down the various data structures and algorithms for the benefit of computer programmers who are just entering this field and are in need of such knowledge. This written work of his is titled as the ‘Art of Computer Programming’. Besides such immensely valuable contributions, Knuth is also credited with the invention of the computer typesetting system- TeX. Being the amazing mathematician that he is, Knuth is referred to as the ‘Father of Algorithm Analysis’.

These above are the Top 10 Greatest Computer Scientists Ever until 2017. We can do what we do today mostly because of the great people like the above mentioned computer scientists. They have revolutionized our world and the way we carry on with our everyday lives. The modern world will forever be grateful for them and for the ones to come.

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