Top 10 Female Celebrities With Natural Hairs Who Look Better

As we all know, many people think that adding extra hair on our natural ones will make us ladies of class. This may work for some ladies but it does mean that it’s the only way to survive. Keeping hair naturally is another secret of beauty in most modern ladies and celebrities. Research has clearly shown that natural hair is currently style used by many celebrities. In this article, we are going to dwell on 10 celebrities with natural hairs and look extremely nice.

List of Top 10 Female Celebrities With Natural Hairs Who Look Better in 2017

10. Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele Top Most Female Celebrities With Natural Hairs Who Look Better 2017

Chrisette Michele is amongst famous ladies who are naturally beautiful. Natural looks is observed in their hair. Michele is an America music star and basically doing R&B music. Sometimes she does souls. Most of her fans admire her natural looks more specifically natural and short hair. Born on 8th December, 1982, Chrisette is 34 years old currently but looks younger when performing on stage. Sometimes she wears weaves just to satisfy his fans. Michele has piercings and tattoos, which go hand in hand with natural looks.

9. Raven Symone

Raven Symone Top 10 Female Celebrities With Natural Hairs Who Look Better

Her full name is Raven Symone Christina Pearman. Raven is a well known American actress who started appearing in television films since 1989. Some of her movies and local television shows include the cosby Show (1984-1992), the view (1997) and that so raven (2003-2007). She has been successful throughout her career. Raven is among beautiful Hollywood woman. She is of her own style. What amazes many people is how she is capable of maintaining natural looks all through. Symone has natural hairs that are well maintained.

8. Marsha Ambrosius


Marsha Ambrosius is another fantastic lady who looks naturally fine with short and natural hair. Ambrosius is a successful songwriter from England at a place known as Liverpool. This amazing lady is well known for embarking seriously in her careering of writing and releasing quality tracks to fans. Sometimes, she could perform on stage full of people. Research that was conducted recently shows that Marsha is among successful ladies that are searched in social media. Her hair is big and curly such that you might think she is wearing a wig. Marsha is a woman of her own class.

7. Solange Knowles


Solange Knowles is another beautiful women featured in this list of ten celebrities with natural hair and looks better. She cut short her hair several years ago. Ever since that time Knowles has been able to maintained her natural looks. Solange is a model, actress, songwriter and singer who do not mind what other people think about her looks. She hails from United States of America. In most live shoes, Knowles appears on stage naturally. It has been noticed that young ladies are copying her style of hair.

6. Brandy Norwood


Brandy Norwood is a popular soul and R&B music artist from United States of American. She has released to market so many tracks that are touching, encouraging and romantic. You will find her in wigs and human hair weaves but that does not improve any of her looks. Her natural way of hair is always pleasant. She only does weaving for special occasions. Sometimes, Brandy is braided. She loves wearing artificial hairs that resembles her natural hair. Brandy has a simple style of living and cannot be compared with other Hollywood women that spend a lot of money pleating their hair. Discover this amazing secret from Brandy.

5. Nicole Ari Parker


Her full name is Nicole Ari parker-Kodjoe. Some fans refer to her as Nikky Kodjoe. Ari is successful and well known actress from United States of America. She is famous and highly respected in America for taking part in various roles of fantastic films and local television shows. Some of her popular films include almost Christmas (2016), welcome Home Rosco (2008) and Boogie nights (1997). Whenever performing local television shows, Nicole is always in short and natural hair. She only wears weaves to satisfy young fans. However, some have discovers her secret of beauty and are therefore practicing same style.

4. Kimberly Elise


Kimberly Elite is in forth position of this article and is one of most beautiful lady in United States of America with natural hair. Research shows that in most interviews, Elite is always comfortable in short and naturally maintained hair. She is that kind of a lady with no faking characteristic. Else has been voted here by her fans and there is no favors done anywhere. Young girls and upcoming celebrities are currently practicing to have Kinky hair like that of successful actress Kimberly Elise.

3. Uzo Aduba


Her full name is Uzoamaka Nwanneka but most of her fans recognize her as Uzon Aduba. She hails from United States of America but is said to have an origin from one of African countries known as Nigeria. Uzo loves styling her hair in African way and keeps it naturally fantastic. This amazing lady does not like weaving at all. Apart from acting, Aduba appears in red carpets while modeling. This woman always keeps her hair black and short. You will rarely see her in long weaves.

2. Jill Scott


Jill Scott is appearing in second position of this article as one of good-looking celebrity with natural Hair. Just like other popular ladies studied above, Jill is also from America and is a famous and successful poet, Actress model and songwriter. She has done many hitting tracks and released to market. Jill has appeared in many movies that are played in America. Neighboring countries watch her great talents in sites such as YouTube.

1. Viola Davis


Viola Davis is best looking of all celebrities with natural hair. She has been featured in this article because of her love and passion for natural looks. Davis has a well maintained hair that is always clean. Viola wears wigs and weaves in special occasions such as live performance, Interviews and many others.

Above list comprises of Top 10 Female Celebrities With Natural Hairs Who Look Better 2017 without wigs and weaves. In other words, they maintain natural hair. This is one way of avoiding many expenses on hair. These celebrities are always comfortable that way and you will never hear them complain about anything.

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