Top 10 Fastest Rappers In India

When a person thinks of India they do not associate this country with rap music. Rap was born on the streets of the United States. It was first developed by gangsters to talk about their life on the streets and the drama that they see every day. This genre of music is now more popular than ever. It has become some mainstream that there are now rappers all around the world. India has become a fan of rap music. The Indian rappers can speak very fast with their lyrics. These are the top 10 fastest rappers in India in 2018.

10. Bohemia


This rapper raps in the Punjabi language. He has his own style and uses local slang in his raps. He talks about what he sees every day. His real name is Roger David and his is a Pakistani- American rapper. He is also a songwriter as well as a producer. He is of Indian decent and he is currently living in the state of California. He was the first rapper to use the Punjabi language for his music. He is one of the fastest rappers in Indian rap music.

9. Badshah


This rapper is cool all the way around. He has the look and he has the talent. He was one of the first rappers to collaborated with Yo Yo Honey Singh. This rapper was already a big name in the rap game in India. Badshah wrote most of his own rap lyrics and starting making his name in the rap game by performing and speaking quickly during his performance. Now he is one of the best rappers in the game and his speed is hard to match.

8. Hard Kaur

Hard Kaur

This female rapper in taking the Indian rap game by storm. She is the only rapper to game fame by her performance. She is beautiful and has a commanding presence on stage. Her raping is powerful and she can go at a speed that a few people can keep up with. She is the first female Indian rapper in history. It is also helpful that she is able to rap quickly and is able to put on an amazing performance.

7. Sukh-E


This rapper is making records all the way around. He is taking the Indian rap game by storm. He is said to be one of the faster rappers in the world. He may not be as famous as some other rappers but he has plenty of time for the world to take notice. He is going to make a name for himself not only in Indian but for those that like fast lyrics.

6. A Bazz

A Bazz

This rapper may not be famous yet but he is quick. He has a number of fans but does not have the exposure that he needs yet. As people notice his quick raps his fan base will soon build up. He has great music and he has no formal training. He is given a topic and is able to rap about it with no problem. He can rap quickly what puts him well above the competitions.

5. Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh

This rapper is considered to be a master rapper. He is one of the best of all time in Indian and is one of the first rappers to become famous in this country. He can speak quickly as well. He combines rap music with pop culture making him very appealing to fans. People young and old are fans of this rapper. He has a number of hit songs and it is just a matter of time before he will expand beyond the Indian market and gain fame all over the world. He is one amongst the Top 10 Fastest Rappers In India 2018.

4. Raftaar


This rapper is known for his fast and quick lyrics. He most famous song is swag meradesi which has made him very popular. He is one of the first Indian rappers to understand the trend and the culture of rap music. He is new to the rap game but due to his quick speed he will surely be one of the best Indian rappers in no time at all.

3. Brodha V

Brodha V

This rapper is from Bangalore and has set the records as being the faster rapper in India. While other rappers have become fast no one can catch up to him. He not only performs songs in his native language, he is able to perform in a number of other languages as well. In addition to being a fast rapper he has other talents that have made him successful. He is a composer and is able to writer music. He is also a sound engineer and is able to put different beat together. He is a recorder and is able to record his own songs.

2. Pardhaan


This rapper is regarded as one of the Gods of Rap in India. He is known for his quick speed and will not stop until he become the best rapper ever. He is looking to expand his fame beyond the Indian rap game. He raps is a Haryanvi rapper. He started as part of the rap group Desi Beams and has since gone out on his own. He has enjoyed fame as a solo act. He is one of the rappers that understands the rap game in both his look and his music.

1. Dr. Zeus

Dr. Zeus

This rapper is not only quick with his lyrics but he is one of the best musical composers of all time. When he is rapping he is very quick and not too many rappers can keep up with his sped. He has a sense of music and is able to pick out the perfect beats. He knows what lyrics and what music will go with the proper sounds and is able to make a great record. This has helped his rap career and makes him one of the best in India.

These are the fastest rappers in India 2018. They are able to speak quickly and it is hard for the average rapper to keep up with them. These rappers understand the rap game and their fame will only grow with time.

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