Top 10 Content Writers With Highest Monthly Earnings in The World

Content writing is an amazing and interesting job among other career option worldwide. There are several successful writers today. They make their own salaries by working on their websites. Let us check on some of these people who have high monthly earnings from their own skills.

List of Top 10 Content Writers With Highest Monthly Earnings in The World in 2017

10. Gina Marie Trapani

gina marie trapani, Top 10 Content Writers With Highest Monthly Earnings 2018

Gina is an American web developer, tech blogger and successful writer. She was born on 19th September, 1975, in Brooklyn, New York. Her writing career began when she was still a high school student. New Youth connection is a magazine that was written by this lady and was published to market by Youth communications. Marie was a student in Marist College and graduated having done full course in Computer Science. Web developing and internet writing has been her work and source of income to date. Marie has been successful all through having published three books that have bought her a lot of success. Gina’s monthly earning is approximated to be USD 150, 000.

9. Vitaly Friedman

vitaly friedman, Top 10 Content Writers With Highest Monthly Earnings 2017

Vitally Friedman is a popular, writer, web developer, data analyzer and smashing blogger. He was born on 8th February, 1985, in Minsk, Belarus, Eastern Europe. Many people from this area and other different parts have known him for being founder of Apart from this achievement, Vitaly has numerous numbers of websites that are connected to web development. Designing sites is also part of his job. When all these incomes are added together, they form a huge salary in each month. His monthly earning is USD 170,000.

8. Ewdison Then

ewdison then, Top 10 Content Writers With Highest Monthly Earnings 2017

This amazing and popular writer is highly talented in what he does. Ever since he began his career, then has been always committed to his career and has turned to be very successful. Ewdison is the co- founder of R3 media LLC. Through this Then promised to be responsible in business Development, building company culture and strategy. His performance has been excellent especially in Computing and application development. Working as a writer and senior editor in his own website known as, Ewdison has achieved a lot so far and he earns USD180, 000 in every month.

7. Matt Marshall


Matt Marshall is a famous writer of many important websites. He is best known worldwide for coming up with a popular website known as that deals with issues of Finance and money, tech and many others that are quite related. Apart from website writing, Matt used to be a journalist in a certain television station. In 2002, Marshall received an award of journalist of the year that was given out by Northern California Society. Many people know him because he used to work for Washington post as a writer. His monthly salary is USD 200, 000.

6. Richard MacManus


Richard MacManus is described as a technology writer and science fiction writer. He is founder of an important website Known as This single website is said to have earned him a lot of money in each month. Currently, this great writer owns several posts that are of high quality. Many other writers are employed by him to help him improve this website. Most of his riches are out of hard work, research and commitment. Richard’s monthly salary adds up to USD.205, 000 in each month.

5. Timothy Sykes


Monthly earning of Timothy Sykes is estimated to be USD.230, 000. He is an American entrepreneur and penny stock trader who hit headlines of many magazines for earning about 4 million each day through trading. This happened when still studying Tulane University. Sykes became a millionaire at young age of 21 years. Timothy did many investments after finishing from Tulane University and began engaging himself in Web designing. He was ranked as a top trader in 2008 and has been successful to date. His monthly salary shoots up each year. He is one amongst the Top 10 Content Writers With Highest Monthly Earnings in The World 2017.

4. Peter CashMore


Peter CashMore makes his huge salary from websites. CashMore is a great and successful writer who has hired very many writers. These writers help in him in improving articles and websites. Different programmers and web developers are employed here as well. Peter is founder of and CEO of website that has more than 1 million Twitter followers. These followers check in everyday and leave behind comments that are related to topic of that entire day. He is a great manager capable of putting thing in order including Websites. CashMore makes around USD400, 000 per month.

3. Collis Ta’eed


Collis Ta’eed is best known for Writing posts and articles. Spending on his websites is part of his hobby. He is the CEO and co-finder of a popular website known as Taeed uses this website to check and edit other writer’s articles and websites. By doing that, a lot of improvement is done in internet writing. Many people enjoy writing websites that are similar to his. His articles are of high quality compared to other writers that we have studied above in this article. Collins makes a total of USD450, 000 in each month. Sometimes his salary can shoot to a higher figure than this.

2. Perez Hilton


Perez Hilton is another highly paid writer who owns a popular website known as Many website fans love going through his website because of having enough information to satisfy their desires. Most of his websites are based on Photography and entertainment only. From his own websites, Perez is able to make more than USD500, 000 in every month.

1. Michael Arrington


Michael takes position one of this lists for having done quality work in article writing and website development. He is the highest paid writer worldwide. Michael is CEO of which is a very important website for many web lovers. Together with his other article, this great man makes USD700, 000 per month.

So, these above are the Top 10 Content Writers With Highest Monthly Earnings in The World 2017. This article has clearly elaborated through listing highly paid content writers in each month. They are currently very successful people in society and role model to all those who desire being like the. They are credited for good work.