Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly

When it comes to aging even celebrities are not prone to this since you will definitely grow old whether you like it or not. When it comes to those celebrities, it is even worse because they are always on the limelight and the media and the public will come to know of what is going on in their life.

Nowadays celebrities are afraid of getting old and they are doing everything in their power to ensure that they remain young especially those in Hollywood. However, many of them have aged very horribly and below is a list of the top ten celebs who are aging horribly.

List of Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly in 2017

10. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly

Starting our list today is this guy who when you compare him with the time he was young you will be surprised at how much change has happened in him. In his early years, he looked handsome. He has turned out to look very differently. Getting older has impacted so much on his personality not in a positive way but negatively. It seems he never took good care of himself when he was young and therefore no remedy can make him look young anymore.

9. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Top Famous Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly 2019

This is another example of what aging ca do to both your skin and personality. She is a fashion designer, model, Entrepreneur, singer and songwriter among many other things. Nevertheless, this one soon may decide to go off the screens because age has caught up with her in a very fact way and it has turned out to be very horrible and sad. When you compare her to when she was younger, you will see that they are two different people. The sole reason for her change is due to chronic use of drugs including cigarettes, heroine and wine which led to her looking weird.

8. Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot Top Most Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly 2017

This is one of the celebrities whose reputation has been brought to an end since years caught up with them and they cannot do anything about it. When she was young, she was the sensation for many of her fans due to her attractive body and natural appealing look. When you are shown her photo when she is now old you will find that it has greatly affected her life. She has lost everything that had made her a celebrity.

7. Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams Top Popular Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly 2019

Unlike other celebrities who have changed because of growing older in terms of age, this one is a different case all over. She does not look or in simple terms, her face does not match her age. She is the former singer of Destiny Child. She has seized to look attractive to her fans. What might have resulted to her looking horrible is due to the several surgeries that she underwent which turned out opposite to her expectation. She is no longer, what you would describe as being hot.

6. Adele


Everyone loves to listen to the beautiful sound from this amazing singer. But did you know that she has been aging in a horrible way? Yes, she is now since as she was not expected to remain young throughout. Even though she has a flawless complexion and a conservative dresses to give a mature look this has not been of help in making her look younger. Every day passing her is losing what made look attractive to many people. Her looks match her age but not like it was expected of her.

5. Rachel Zoe


This one has been regarded as one of the most beautiful and hottest ladies. However, this was to happen for only a short period. Though she is in her 40’s, she looks more as if she is her 60’s or even 70’s. This actress has lost attraction in terms of her personality and beauty. It is funny to say that her beauty is horribly fading away due to not getting enough sleep to sooth her mind but that seems to what is happening here.

4. Pamela Anderson


Not only are her fans wondering what is happening to her but even her herself is getting surprised at what is happening to her. She was a having an eye catching beauty that led to her getting a very big number of fans but she has now lost her beauty, charm and she doesn’t look anything to do with being hot. She is in her mid- 40’s but she look horribly old. You will not believe when you get to see her picture when she was young and compare it with how she looks right now. She is one amongst the Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly 2017.

3. John Travolta


John Travolta has been listed here because when you compare him with the young handsome he was you will realize that aging can turn out horribly. He was a very handsome young man when he started his career in acting. He is now 60 years old and has been known for his huge role in movies like Grease and Saturday Night Fever. He now looks different from his own self when close checked with his ‘old version’

2. Ozzy Osbourne


This is another example of all the persons who have been aged by chronic use of drugs. He has been made to look older than his age. Another thing that has led to her horrible state is the several skin surgeries that she has undergone which ruined her natural skin that was glowing and shiny. She is now getting to look more weird and different every new day and this is the reason she is second on our list.

1. Keith Richard


Top on our list is a previously very handsome young star who has turned out to look more horrible. He is not getting to look that way because of growing older in age but because of using drugs. He has been advised by several doctors and specialists to stop the use of this addiction but all their efforts are ignored. He was a member of the Rolling Stone band. He now has lost all his attraction and he has not remained the same since.

As I conclude these are the top ten celebs that are aging horribly 2017. If you take a scrutiny of the list, you will realize that some of them have turned that way because of using drugs for so long to a point of no return. Celebrities should be made to understand that they would definitely get to be exposed.

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