Top 10 Celebs Who Are Actually Gays in The World

The word gay originally meant carefree, happy or bright. With today’s world, men are emblazing marriage or having relationship between them. The term gay now refers to a homosexual or the trait of being homosexual. Another definition of gay is used to refer to anyone who is sexually attracted to people of the same sex and not to people of the opposite sex. Below is a list of ten celebs who are actually gays and practice this kind of relationship freely as it is legal in many countries around the world.

list of Top 10 Celebs Who Are Actually Gays in The World in 2017

10. Sam Smith

sam smith, Top 10 Celebs Who Are Actually Gays in The World 2017

Samuel Frederick is his real name born back in 1992, is an English songwriter and a singer. He rose to fame from 2012 and 2015 was nominated the best top male artist winning three Billboard Awards. During his speech at Grammy Awards celebration, Smith thanked actor Jonathan Zeizel saying he was the man behind his success in winning the awards. Smith had a straight life in his music career, but in May 2014 during an interview shocked people by reviling he is a homosexual. Sam’s family had been keeping this as a secret as he said he came out since he was four years old, but the family had been supportive to him all through.

9. Amber Heard


People know her from American Zombie land comedy film back 2009. Amber Laura Heard born April 22, 1986, is an actress and married to mega star Johnny Depp whom they met at the set of The Rum Diary. At the age of twelve, she lost her closest friend through an accident facing a very traumatic experience that is thought to have driven her from converting to a devout Atheist from a catholic. During a magazine interview, Heard said she had a relationship of four years with Tasya Van Ree before meeting Johnny. She also said she is not ashamed of being bisexual, and will use her star power to bring awareness and fight for gay rights.

8. Zachary Quinto


Lost his father at the age of seven, grew with his brother Joe solely by their mother who was a tax attorney, later working at the Magistrate’s office. Zachary John Quinto is an American actor and a film producer born 1977. He attended Saints Simon and Jude Catholic School, known for his roles in science fiction drama series and since his young age was a supporting actor. At the age of nine Quinto knew he was a gay and after the death of Jamey, Quinto came out during the campaign It Gets Better. He has dated actor Jonathan Groff and currently artist Miles McMillan intending to marry and he became a steady activist for LGBT groups.

7. Queen Latifah


She dated Jeanette Jennings for eight years but allegedly, Jeanette dumped her, but singer Pink who is their friend is helping them to work things out. Born in 1970 Dana Elaine Owens in New Jersey, professionally known as Queen Latifah. Is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, actress, model and a television producer?

6. Bob Harper


Bob started as a personal trainer for celebrities like Jennifer Jason Leigh and works as yoga instructor in Los Angeles. He was voted by PETA is the sexiest vegetarian alive. At The Biggest Loser Bob helped many reach their weight goals with his advice for what to eat and how to exercise. He is a trainer and found in many workout DVDs. At the age of 17, Harper came to a conclusion that being a gay doesn’t mean one is weak and faced his family with the news.

5. David Hyde Pierce


From a very humble background, selling ties and working as a security guard, David became a big star after joining acting industry. Born back in April 3, 1959 Pierce is an American actor, director and comedian. Known in NBC sitcom Frasier and winning four Primetime Emmy Awards, and lives a very private life. In 2007, after Frasier series ended, David became known about his relationship with Hargrove whom they had dated for 24 years. Even after the burn of same sex marriage, they finally married.

4. Michelle Rodriguez


She is known from the film Fast and Furious, she is an American actress, screenwriter and DJ. Born July 12, 1978 at San Antonio Texas and raised by her maternal grandmother alongside her ten siblings. She is one amongst the Top 10 Celebs Who Are Actually Gays in The World 2017. Believed to have dated three different men including, Vin Diesel co-star at Fast and Furious and Olivier Martinez co-star in S.W.A.T. in October 2013, at an interview with Entertainment Weekly she was quoted saying she have gone both ways. She described herself as bisexual and stepping up to inspire other actress in a similar situation.

3. Michael Stipe


John Michael Stipe born 1960 is an American singer, songwriter, film producer and visual artist. Around 1992 rumors spread that Stipe had contracted HIV and wore a hat that said “White House Stop AIDs” saying he has been ever skinny. He appeared on out magazine describing himself as a ‘queer artist’, but later revealed he was in a relationship with an amazing man. He is in a relationship with Douglas A. Martin.

2. Jonathan Bennett


He started acting in the seventh grade at Eagle Point Elementary School in Rossford. Born in 1981, Jonathan is an American actor and a model well known for his role as Aaron Samuel in the 2004 comedy film Mean Girls. Jonathan always states love is a lot louder than and has been bullied all his life. Dancer Julianne Hough accidentally revealed his sexuality.

1. Charlie Sheen


You will never find this actor near the real Wall Street but you can find him in the Wall Street film. Carlos Irwin Estevez his real name was born September 3, 1965. Sheen is an American actor well known through many series of successful films, but making headlines with use; of alcohol, drug abuse and marital problems. Sheen has been living a bisexual lifestyle but apparently, there is a sex tape leak, Sheen having intimate time with another man.

So, these above are the Top 10 Celebs Who Are Actually Gays in The World 2017. Though same sex relationship or marriage is not legalized, many people are emblazing this way of life. The above list is the known celebs who are actually gays.

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