Top 10 Celebrity Personal Trainers in The World

Keeping fit is among the top priority concerns among celebrities. Most celebrities take time to look fit and healthy in body terms and conditions. One of the major requirements in keeping fit is practical training in physical training. This involves a lot of time and equipment coupled with resources. But all these not being a problem, celebrities go a little bit farther to hire and pay trainers to assist and train them better on body maintenance. Most celebrities around the world have these personal trainers to help them learn and train to keep their bodies in good shape so as to accommodate their busy schedules and duties. There are good and world-class trainers around the globe that have trained and helped celebrities to grow fit and healthy bodied. They have the finances to accommodate and withstand such extra expenses. The following is a list of the top ten celebrity personal trainers.

List of Top 10 Celebrity Personal Trainers in The World in 2017


anna kaiser, Top 10 Celebrity Personal Trainers in The World 2017

Anna is a very famous celebrity trainer who has hit the shockwaves with her amazing training skills. Being a female in a male dominated sports field, she has managed to beat all odds to come and compete with men equally. With a famous fitness studio, she has managed to combine dance and fitness to shape up famous celebs in the world. With interval dance based training program, she combines cardio movements coupled with techniques of yoga and pilates. She is about hot body fitness; she has managed to reshape female celeb like Shakira. Other celebs include Kelly ripa, Sara Jessica parker and Sofia vergara.


gunnar peterson, Top 10 Celebrity Personal Trainers in The World 2019

Based in the Beverly hills’ gym, Peterson is a highly rated trainer specially impressive with his work on the Kardashian sisters. With perfect bodies, he has managed to keep the sisters in perfect body shapes that can kill literally. From bad to better nutrition, he is a man who advices on diet and foods to and not to eat, he couples that with daily functional weight and cardio training fitness. Brought up in Houston, Texas, he holds a one on one session comprising of different workouts. He has trained celebrities such as Jennifer lopez, sofia vergara and most importantly khloe and kim kardashian.



He is a Canadian based celebrity trainer who has managed to train and handle big celebrities across the continents. Young and optimistic, he is among the top-notch athlete who balances his time in full time training. With his special skills in cross fit, cardio, endurance, lifting, balance and weight loss, he has risen to higher ranks in the fitness industry. He is also able to train his subjects on the nutrition balance, the ability to eat certain amounts of specific foods and not to eat too much of others. He is the personal trainer of hip hop rapper drake. Now you see?



Another female trainer termed as the teacher and giver of fitness and spectacular body, she boasts of bringing balance in body muscles. She is specialized in a two hour daily work outs in the gym and has accomplished a lot and still growing. She comes with lifting to tone, dance fitness methods, cardio exercises, band workouts and pilates. She has managed to train a lot of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, molly Sims, Stacey keiber, Victoria Beckam, Kim kardashian, Michelle Rodriguez and many more others. She is ome amongst the Top 10 Celebrity Personal Trainers in The World 2017.



The former boxer and champion as a fact, has engaged himself in different activities like modeling, latest of it being a personal trainer. He is also a very good actor and a television personality. He comes out with boxing kind of training for pure body shapes and endurance. The cardio coupled up with five minute interval training is the major tool in fitness. He is a very complete and expert in the field of bodybuilding and fitness. He has dealt with high-class celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio, Jessica Simpson and Jamie Foxx



With vast experience and fitness expertise, David has grown into a special trainer of high regards and professionalism. He combines the powerful connection between the body mind and spirit to bring out the best in every client he handles. Through thorough body conditioning, he has managed to shape and balance his trainees to perfect and balanced bodies. He also gives a numerous tasks kind of fitness where the trainee performs different activities to balance the different body parts combining the body into a balanced form. With nutrition skills, he adds up with a better nutrition sequence and trains on the diet good for keeping fit and maintaining a well strong body. He has handled celebrities such as Kate Upton, Kerry Washington and Heidi klum.



One of the most advisable trainer in the industry, she is among the top celebrity trainers to hire. Her ballet method of training is unique; she has gained worldwide admiration even from other trainers. She is from charlotte north of Carolina, the ballet method comprises of customized workouts in series that leads to perfect body shapes and balance. She has managed to train celebrities like Natalie Portman, Miranda Kelly and Lilly Aldridge.



Credited with the good work she did on Oprah Winfrey and Carrie Underwood, she has come out as the fitness champion in this industry. She has helped many people to be physically fit and mindful with their bodies. As one of the service people in the U.S.A army, she has learned the art of endurance and body fitness in her entire life. She is entirely concentrated on body fitness, body balance, resistance and endurance plus practical nutritious diet.



With a large number of celebrity list on his credit, he is among the top trainers in the model industry. With a model and boutique studio, he is a super model trainer with cardio methods and based toning. He also embraces cycling for shaping bums. It also includes the jogging sessions and pilates, yoga and basically kick boxing. His major concern is also basic on proper nutrition with specific diet and eating habits.



He is a Canadian born and mainly based in Los Angeles. He is categorized among the best and most accomplished trainer in the celebrity-training sector. With his intense cardio and heavy workouts, he has enabled pure class and physically fit body structures. He has been able to work and train celebrities like lady Gaga, Katy Pery, Kanye west, Miley Cyrus and jimmy Fallon.

So, these above are the Top 10 Celebrity Personal Trainers in The World 2017. At the end of the day, the end will always justify the means. The hard work and workout that these trainers put you through will always give you a perfect finish of strong and fit bodies.

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