Top 10 Celebrities With Serious Diseases

The life we are living today we are being exposed to a lot of illness and very serious ones. The commonly known diseases are cancer, high blood pressure, HIV and aids, pressure and many more. Celebrities are also human beings and are exposed to very many diseases too .some even go through things you cannot even about just because they have money you may think that they have all the capability to be sure. Below are some of the celebrities who have suffered from serious diseases.

List of Top 10 Celebrities With Serious Diseases in 2017


DAVID BECKHAM Top Famous Celebrities With Serious Diseases 2019

This is a well-known person as a footballer in the English Football, he was known for his beautiful skill in the game. The star opened up and admitted that he had an illness and the illness was Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Due to the illness, he had the tendency to keep all his things in order well neat and the house very clean. This former footballer did a nice act to accept that he was suffering and took the action of going to the doctor and the disease was well managed now he is so well very well indeed without any illness. He has recovered.



She is a happy woman very joyous lady from the south. She is a well-known celebrities, she is an outstanding television celebrity. She have suffered from Panic attract and Agoraphobia. The illness was brought about after the father’s death it affected her very much but she did a good act after accepting that she was ill and sought medical help. Agoraphobia is an illness where fear is induced in your body and you are not able to escape. She suffered this for more than 20 years but later recovered.


ELTON JOHN Top Popular Celebrities With Serious Diseases 2019

John is a known musician for very many years. He is a loved guy with very many fans who follow his music. Elton fought for the vice substance and bulimia. In 1975, he took over dose drugs and brought him very many things. He became an addict to drugs as well as depression he suffered for some time before he could seek medical attention. When it became worse that even he became obsessed, that is when he decided to seek medical health and took drugs for a few months.



Kurt is a known for his rock music he has been in the industries for very many years. For the past few years he have been suffering drug addiction and extreme depression .Kurt did not only suffer those condition but also suffered Attention Deficit Disorder this have disturbed him for very long but still live with it. In the process of suffering, he had tried to commit suicide but did not die. He knew the importance of seeking medical health but still he did not. The condition worsened and still did not seek for help. When he decided to seek medical health now the treatment became an issue no one was able to help him.



Russell a British known comedian who have been known by his acting and also his unique dressing code and he still did very well when it comes to fashion. Most of the people did not know that this man was suffering with an illness all because he did not disclose this to people many celebrities. He suffered from ADHD like inattentiveness, impulsiveness and hyperactivity and was diagnosed with Bipolar. He had struggled a lot and during the treatment, he suffered mental disorder. However, after taking the medication, he was cured and now he is free from the illness.



The popular movie star of America she is the most noted Hollywood celebrities because of the role she plays in the movie .She lived a very bad life since she was a young a child. She was abused when she was still a very young girl but still she moved on though she had to seek medical attention where she could improve her health because she suffered from depression and anxiety she was treated in the mental hospital in Texas. She said that she struggled a lot though the condition is over now.



This is a well-known celebrity for a very long time. He is one of the biggest stars well known .Craig was an alcoholic who was admitted in the rehabilitation clinic for some time he was has suffered this for some time and still he had depression and mental stress .He was also a chain smoker for so long. He accepted all the medical treatment and they all went to his advantage. He has been responding well to the treatment.



She is one of the most beautiful and sexiest actress and also a fashion designer as well as model. She has suffered a postpartum Depression (PPD). She was so open, talked out her problem even with the media, and shared the pain she was going through. She seek good medical care and she was given treatment that helped her became better and she overcome the illness and now she is a free woman and back to her normal state.



He is an American swimmer known for very many years. He has worn very many awards so he is known as the decorated Olympian. He has worn 20 medals in his career. He had an illness when he was as young as a high school student the condition is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). But after medication he is now very strong and has recovered the illness.



Jolie is one of the highly paid Hollywood actresses and the most popular actress .she has been in the rim light for years know. She has struggled to maintain her graph for celebrity, success for long enough. She was found to be suffering from Presumptive Borderline Personality Disorder. She went for treatment, and now she is well.

All people have something that bother them in their life all the celebrities to have led a bad life a life you cannot like to live you as a common human being. The above are the Top 10 Celebrities With Serious Diseases in 2017.

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