Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Better With Age

People have always hungered for information, and reading about people we admire never fails to arouse our curiosity. In the past, however, unless an event hit the newspapers, we had to wait and read about people of interest in the various magazines that have come and gone over the years.

These days, however, between TV and the Internet, we can stay right on top of all the latest information and keep up with the personalities that interest us. Here, we’re going to talk about some very popular celebrities who are no longer as young as they used to be.

We all grow older at some mysterious genetic rate no one can predict. Considering the way some of our elders have aged can sometimes give us a clue, but that’s certainly no guarantee. No doubt our lifestyle can have an impact, sometimes devastating, on our aging process. We’ll all seen really young people looking old and worn out due to drugs, alcohol and sometimes illness that no one could have predicted.

Clean living, eating healthful food for the most part as well as taking it easy on the salt, caffeine and oils, etc. may help. No guarantees of course, but hey, it couldn’t hurt to be a little more attentive to what we eat and drink. Plenty of sleep and rest too and if at all possible, we need to avoid stress in our lives.

Wherever people appear in public, be it as a bank teller, or in an office or even the waitress in our local diner, nearly everyone wants to look his or her best, and that isn’t always easy. And of course, in Hollywood the land of dreams, looks can mean money. And not just good looks. Hollywood needs every kind of look there is.

Every type of look from a loveable mug like Danny Trejo to the suavely handsome George Clooney, all are necessary, and for the most part, we love them all. Actor M. C. Gainey once said being ugly has made him a good living over all the years since the late 70’s when he got his start in the movie business.

Today, this isn’t about ugly, however, but celebrities we know and love, celebrities who have grown older and while some haven’t aged so well, others just get better, loveable or not. Here we’ve compiled a list of some of Hollywood’s brightest stars who started out beautiful and handsome and have only aged like a fine wine or a Stradivarius violin over the intervening years. Today they’re looking better than ever.

List of Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Better With Age 2017

10. Nicole Kidman


Nicole Mary Kidman, b. 1967 in Australia. this two-time Golden Globe Winner is still a hottie. Her big chance came in the form of two 1989 appearances. She had a feature role in the film Dead Calm, and then turned up in a television miniseries, Bangkok Hilton. After that, everybody knew Nicole Kidman and she’s here to stay. A little more mature now, and better looking than ever with more charm and presence than ever.

9. Halle Berry

Halle Berry Top Most Popular Celebrities Who Look Better With Age 2018

Maria Halle Berry, b. 1966 started out as a fashion model and it’s easy to see why. Wow! But that was only the beginning for this beautiful and talented actress who earned an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the 2001 drama Monster’s Ball. Another first for Ms Berry as well as for the black community was that she was the first ever black person to win a best actor/actress award in the 80-odd year history of the Academy Awards. In all fairness, however, it must be remembered that Hattie McDaniel earned an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress sfter her brilliant performance in Gone with the Wind back in 1939. In those days, blacks didn’t get much respect at all and mostly their roles were inserted for comedy relief. Cue Mantan Moreland.

8. Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley Top Most Celebrities Who Look Better With Age 2017

Elizabeth Jane “Liz” Hurley, b. 1965 comes from Merry Olde Englande. Actress and model, Ms. Hurley has been closely associated with Estée Lauder cosmetics since she got her first job there at the ripe old age of 29, already rather old to begin modeling. In film Ms Hurley has always captured the audience’s attention with her scene-stealing beauty and today more stunning than ever before, at the age of 51, Ms Hurley would appear to have many long years in the spotlight to come.

7. Scarlett Johansson


Ms Johansson got her break in North back in 1994. Not a huge part, but it was enough to gain her some real attention and from there, she’s never looked back. Just a kid at the time, Ms Johansson has matured gracefully into a lady who only grows more beautiful with every passing day. Some of her more memorable roles include The Girl with the Pearl Earring and at this very moment she has two films in post and is presently rumored to be filming The Avengers: Infinity War portraying the role of the Black Widow.

6. Denzel Washington


This sixty-one-year old star with his impressive good looks and demeanor began playing impressive roles starting off with a Spike Lee outing and has never looked back. Playing gangsters, politicians, paralyzed detectives as well as activist and soldier among other roles, all memorable, Mr. Washigton has only grown better looking with each passing year. Turning a little gray around the edges only helps give him an extra touch of dignity. Along with his new maturity, Mr. Washington is also directing features as well and we can only expect more and greater successes.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Elizabeth Hurley Top Most Celebrities Who Look Better With Age 2017

Jennifer Joanna Aniston, b. 1969, already a beauty, has only grown more beautiful and personable with time. Her engaging eyes and smile would win over the most hardened heart and today with intriguing commercial appearances followed by films, we can only marvel, while at the same time, enjoy her many outings on the TV series Friends. We just know Ms. Aniston is going to stay beautiful when she’s in her sixties and playing more mature roles.

4. George Clooney


George Timothy Clooney, b. 1961 has received three Golden Globe Awards plus two Academy Awards. After his television debut in 1978, Mr. Clooney went on to be featured in the long-running medical show ER. He picked up two Primetime Emmy Award nominations, and his impressive performances combined with movie-star looks brought him to the attention of the “suits” who soon had him working in feature films. His performance in the remake, Ocean’s Eleven really garnered him plenty of attention. Obviously getting some of the family talent from Come On’a My House songstress Aunt Rosemary Clooney, this guy only grows more handsome and distinguished with every passing day. He is one amongst the Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Better With Age 2017.

3. Robert Downey, Jr.


Another Hollywood legend today with equally handsome movie-star looks combined with huge screen presence and talent that far exceeds that Iron Man stuff, Mr. Downey, Jr. made his first screen appearance as a tadpole-size kid in his dad’s off-beat and unforgettably unique film, Greaser’s Palace. From there Robert Downey Jr. has only grown and matured despite some personal problems from which the entire age suffers. Today, at fifty-one, Robert Downey, Jr. is better-looking, smarter and more sophisticated than ever before and he’ll be around until he has to roll onto the set in a custom motorized wheelchair.

2. Jodie Foster


We all know Jodie Foster got started as a kid. Born in 1962 she took off early working as a model at age three and has never looked back. Alicia Christian Foster is a lot more than just a beauty. A young woman who gave up a lucrative starring position at the height of her career to earn a degree from Yale, she came back with a vengeance.

Everyone remembers her stunning performance in the Martin Scorsese tale, Taxi Driver. That alone got Ms. Foster a nomination for an Academy Award. Today at fifty-four, she is more beautiful and desirable than ever before. Getting even better with each passing day, we expect her to be around for a long time to come.

1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan


This grossly underrated actor is a handsome devil who gets better roles and better looks now than ever before. How Hollywood has missed him so many times in the past remains one of those mysteries we may never have resolved. Born in 1966, today Mr. Morgan’s hair is turning a bit gray around his character-driven face making him look even more mature and confident than ever before.

Beginning with a role in Uncaged back in 1991, Mr. Morgan has already appeared in over twenty-five features not to mention a number of television series. Somehow, despite all these appearances in film and on TV, Mr. Morgan hasn’t really had a super role until his recent outing where he went up against the acclaimed Robert De Niro in the film, Heist (2015). Now, with that kind of credit under his belt, we hope to see Mr. Morgan in more important roles and more often as well.

Of course, there isn’t room for all the people who look better with age, but we’ve tried to avoid those who are known to have undergone massive facelifts, most of which seldom work to the individual’s advantage. Some actually have their features ruined under the scalpel, while others simply look “strange” to say the least.

These Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Better With Age 2017, really look better today than ever before, so there is something for us to look forward to beside the exciting thought of getting senior discounts at restaurants and thrift shops.

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