Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Killed People In Real Life

Celebrities have a life that is full stories they have done acts that are not ear pleasing act. Some are believed to have very cold blood can do anything to somebody; others have by a road accident while others have killed their own friends. Most do that because they have an issue with the person while other does it to get money. Some do it just to eliminate the person not to talk more about especially if you happen to have been a good friend to them.

List of Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Killed People In Real Life until in 2017


johnny lewis, Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Killed People In Real Life

Lewis who was believed to be working as a trainer in a drug rehab group .He comes from a family of a scientologist, he was employed by different churches to work for them. In the year 2012 he killed an old lady of 81 years by the name Catherine Davis .He also killed her cat. When he was jumping in to the compound she noticed that people saw him .So after killing her the only way out to escape the charges he killed himself, he threw himself from the top of the roof.



Snoop Dog who is a musician and his real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus. He was arrested after killing a man who was a gang in the L.A group of gangster. This happened after a music award hosted by MTV in 1993 .He and his board guard were arrested for an in house arrest for two years .Later the charges were declined saying that he killed the man for self-defense because the man wanted to attack him. This was believed because the man was a gangster and he was capable of doing anything. Snoop and his board guard were set free.



A singer and the judge in the show “America got talent”. The famous Brandy in 2006 she was involved in freeway pile up that costed the life of Awatef Aboudihaj. Awatef had kept her car affront of her and she hit her bump and she died on the sport .The people who witnessed this said that she did willingly .She denied the charges and said it was an accident and it can occur to any other person.



He had taken his girlfriend then for a vacation in Ireland. Jennifer Grey was just sited with the boyfriend in the car they were having a round trip around the town having their time together. Matthew drove on the wrong side if the street and hit a coming car where the driver and the passengers died. She confesses and said that the trauma in her head and she has never forgotten what happened back then.



He is a sex addict and so one time the girlfriend refused to go with him to bed. He stubbed her to death. After the arrest, he said that he found her died in the bathroom but he later confessed that he killed her. He later died after using too much drugs in his body .He used an over dose that is what costed him his life.



In the year 2001, she hit a nine-year-old baby with her car. He later died due to the bad injuries he had on his body he did not recover. She was arrested but she pleaded with the court that she doesn’t be charged anything. She was not arrested but had to pay back to the family the court ruled to her favor saying it occurred as an accident. She is one amongst the Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Killed People In Real Life until 2017.



Working in the government comes with a lot of benefit but some are to exploit the common person. Ted who was a US Senator happened to be drunk one night and run over Mary Jo Kopechne at the bridge in Chappaquiddick. He did not report this, he did it after nine hours .He was not arrested but he was on probation for 2 months .Nothing was done the case was thrown away just for his favor .This was so bad.



This beautiful actress was charged with killing a 60 year old woman in her house. Helen Seeman was the old lady who was killed .When her blood was taken for test it was discover that she had taken excessive alcohol l3 times more than it is allowed .She was imprisoned for 3 year where the other family expected to be jailed for 10 years.



This man was very drunk while he was in the club. As it is usual when young men get drunk they get to fight. So moon was escaping from the club fight and he was controlled by alcohol. When he got in to his car he drove it in a very bad speed that he even run over his friend Neil Boland and his board guard. Moon escaped all charges that were put against him and claimed that it was just an accident.



He is a musician who has suffered depression after killing a man earlier before his performance in US troops .The man could only calm down using the song because the guilt kept hunting him. He escaped all the charges and went free that was in the year 1968 .In 2010 he confessed the truth and said he was the one who killed him. He did this to reduce the pain in his heart. He is among the very dangerous celebs people talk about.

These above are the Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Killed People In Real Life until 2017. Killing is not easy more so if it is intended murder the guilt follow the person who have committed this all the time. The above are the celebrities who have committed murder in real life. They carry the guilt for all their lives and regret each day.

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