Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities With Most Film Fare Awards Ever

For a job well done, someone will be rewarded and by so doing, the person will be encouraged to do better than the way he had performed earlier to get another reward. Film fare awards are not an exception. They are annual awards meant for the best Hindi language actors and actresses. It is the oldest event of films in India. The event was first held in 1954. Many celebrities have won the awards but am going to list the ones with the most awards.

List of Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities With Most Film Fare Awards Ever until in 2017

10. Kamal Haasan

kamal haasan, Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities With Most Film Fare Awards Ever until 2017

This is a multi-talented actor and a versatile actor. He has won three national film awards, 1 film ware and rashtraparti awards. The role he is given in all the movies he acts are very hard and challenging but in a way, he managed to pull through and that is the thing that makes him to be among the ten celebrities with very many film ware awards. He is among the few Indian actors to stay for more than 50 years in the industry.

9. Ranbir Kapoor


In this young generation that we are in, he is regarded as the best actor. Many of you know him as Rockstar but his real name is Ranbir Kapoor. For his very challenging role as a rock star, he won quite a variety of awards. He won his first film ware award as the best actor because he performed very well in rock star. He is viewed as the next future superstar in Indian cinema.

8. Dev Anand

Dev Anand Top Most Popular Bollywood Celebrities with Most Film Fare Awards Ever 2018

This all-time great actor will just impress you with the way he acts. He is known as evergreen romantic superstar of the Indian cinema. The title he has is what many people know him for. In all his films, he acts as the most romantic fellow. Besides acting, he is also a producer, a writer and a director. In his entire acting career, he acted in more than 114 films both English and Hindi. He has the honor of winning the Dadasaheb Phalke and Bhushan awards.

7. Aamir Khan


You may not know him as Aamir Khan. You must have known him by his nickname, Mr. Perfectionist. This actor is greatly talented, influential and powerful. Besides acting, he is a producer and a director in the film industry in India. His great skill in acting has made him win the hearts of many in his acting career. He also has the honor of winning the Padma Bhushan awards for his great contribution in Indian Cinema.

6. Naseeruddin Shah


He may be old but he is regarded as one the most talented and very amazing actors in Bollywood. Through his acting, he has touched the hearts of very many people who have watched his films. Despite the fact that he is old, he is regarded as the best film and stage actor. He won three national awards for being the best actor. He has the honor of getting Padma Bhushan and Padma shri awards. He got these two awards for his great contribution in the Indian cinema.

5. Rajesh Khanna


He has quite a number of names because of the many roles he plays in the movies he acts. The ones that people know him for are first superstar and original king of romance. In terms of acting Bollywood could boast of a celebrity that knew it all. That is the reason why he had been awarded very many awards. He is known for producing 15 films, which have greatly hit and their records have not been broken. Besides the film ware awards, he has been honored with Padma Bhushan awards. He is said to be the first Indian celebrity to attend the Dadasaheb Phalke awards. Though he passed on, he always remain in the hearts of many fans.

4. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan Top Most Famous Bollywood Celebrities with Most Film Fare Awards Ever 2019

This is a very talented as well as a very versatile actors in Bollywood. He is referred to as the heartthrob of millions. His road to become a celebrity was very short. He became a celebrity in his first debut. That is the reason why many people say that he is an overnight celebrity. His first film, Kaho Na Pyar Hain, earned him a great number of film ware awards. He is gifted with good looks, body and the way he dances, you will just be impressed. He is regarded as India’s first super hero for the movie Krrish.

3. Amitabh Bachchan


If there is something this personality is known for in his films is rage. That is the reason he is regarded to as angry young man of Bollywood. He is also referred to as Shahenshah. If there is a very influential, versatile and one of the greatest actors in Bollywood movies then it is this one. That is something that you cannot debate about him. For being the best actor, he has won three awards. The unique thing about him is that he has acquired an overall of 39 nominations in film ware. He has the honor of getting the Padma Bhushma and Padma shri awards.

2. Shahrukh Khan


Many people know him as the king of romance. His actual name is Shahrukh Khan. He has done quite a variety of films that include actions, comedies, romantic, negative and many others. All these films have paved way for him to become among the celebrities with the most awards. He has produced over 75 films and in them, he has played all kinds of roles. He has acted the longest running movie in the history Indian Cinema. It is called Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

1. Dilip Kumar


For all who do not know him by his original name, then you must know him as tragedy king. In Bollywood history, he is recorded as the best actor. Because of his contribution in the Indian cinema, he has won dadasaheb phalke and the bhushan awards. In a period of 60 years, his acting career he has produced over 60 films. From the 60 films he has worked on, he has very many awards that have made him top the list of celebrities with many awards.

These above are the Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities With Most Film Fare Awards Ever until 2017. These celebrities have won the hearts of millions of audiences. That is why they are ranked as the best and all time celebrities in the history of Indian cinema. They also have great skills that have made them win the awards.

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