Top 10 Best And Richest Voice Actresses in World

Bring a voice actor is harder than some people will think. The actor or actress needs to convey the emotion on their characters including what they are thinking and feeling just by their voice. The actress that is playing a character has to have a voice that is pleasant to listen to. They need to be able to speak clearly and with proper pronunciation. Being a voice actress is more work than most people would think especially with the increase in animation and computer generated movie production. These actresses can also be found voicing a number of video games. These are the top 10 best voice actresses for 2017.

List of Top 10 Best And Richest Voice Actresses in World in 2017

10. Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore Top Famous Voice Actresses in World 2019

Mandy is known for many things including her great voice. She is a talented singer and actress. She started her career off as a teenager and her sweet singing voice has captured the attention of millions. She decided to expand her career from that point on. She has been featured in a number of films and now her voice is taking over. Recently she has appeared in Disney movies but not in the traditional sense. In these movies not only does she provided the voices for the characters, she sings as well. Her voice has been used and she has a number of skills that keep her in business.

9. Tara Strong


This actress has worked as a voice actress in a number of different television shows and movies. She has also acted in several movies. She is great at her role no matter if she is behind the screen or if she is in front of it. She is talented. This actress comes to Hollywood from Canada and has started her career off in animation films. Her voice has been featured in a number of films for children.

8. Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell Top Most Popular Voice Actresses in World 2018

This voice actress is known for being the voice behind Anna in the animated movie Frozen. This movies has seen a lot of success of the past couple of years. There are still many fans of Frozen today. In addition to the big screen movie there are a number of mini Frozen clips that are currently being developed and made available to the public. She has just set out to do a sequel of this movie it is rumored. She was able to find a lot of traits in the personality of her character in herself which make it more believable. She has been using her voice to help promote Frozen related products for Disney and she is recognized by her voice more than ever.

7. Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright Top 10 Voice Actresses in World

Nancy has been known for her voice for many years. She is also one of the most famous voice actors. She has been known as the voice of Bart Simpson on the popular animated show The Simpsons. This show has been running for almost 30 years making it one of the longest running animated shows of all time. She has also voiced a number of other character for this show.

6. Yeardley Smith


Smith is another famous voice actress that American has come to love. She is the voice of Lisa Simpson on the show The Simpsons. Smith is a French American actress and have helped keep the Simpsons running strong even after all of these years.

5. Cree Summer


Cree is a popular voice actress that has been in the business for a number of years. She stared off in the 1983’s and voiced the main character for the cartoon series Inspector Gadget. Recently she has been seen in a number of television shows and cartoons. While she has done other work recently she is still loved for this cartoon. Recently she has been featured in the tv series Miles from Tomorrowland. Her voice was also used in the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game.

4. Ashleigh Ball


Ashleight is a voice actress from Canada. In addition to lending her voice to animated show she is the lead singer in a jazz group called Hey Ocean. She is best known for lending her voice to the children’s television show My Little Pony. She is one amongst the Top 10 Best And Richest Voice Actresses in World 2017.

3. Kerry Washington


This actress is from the mid west and has been lending her voice to a number of movies. She is known for being part on the Kung Fu Panda movie series. She has had her voice featured in the tv show The Fairly Odd Parents. Her voice was also used in the video game Final Fantasy XV as well as Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the next year she is filming the movie The Nut Job where she will play a character named Jamie. People have also show her act in person in the Justice League movie.

2. Maria Bamford


This actress grew up in a naval base and has a degree in creative writing from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She has been featured in several television shows. Her voice has also been used in a number of popular shows. Her voice was used in the cartoon Adventuretime. She has also been using her voice in a number of movies and shows for little children including Pig Goat Banana Cricket and the learning series WordGirl. She is currently using her voice in the series You Are Nothing which is in production this year.

1. Vanessa Marshall


Vanessa is an actress from New York City. She has been featured in a number of voice roles including Star Wars Rebels. She has lent her voice to a number of video games as well . She is currently using her voice talents for animated characters in children’s shows. She has a wide range going from using her voice for children to video games.

These are some of the most talented voice actresses for 2017. They have a wide range. These actresses can be found voicing classic television shows as well as video games. These actresses have a lot of talent and are able to capture the attention of fans through their voice.

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