Top 10 Most Famous Best Physicians Ever

A physician or doctor is an important person. People need them for health reasons. They are also useful for helping individuals to live in the best way possible. Also, there has been many physicians who have made useful discoveries and processes that are beneficial to the body. Here is the following list of the best physicians of all time.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Best Physicians Ever until in 2017

10. Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur Top 10 Best Physicians Ever

Louis Pasteur was a scientist that lived during the 19th century who made some important discoveries that continues to help modern men today. His most notable process is pasteurization and fermentation. He also developed very important vaccination.

Pasteur is important to the medical field because he discovered how germs work and the importance that these processes play with diseases and medical conditions that harm people. Pasteur’s work is extremely important to modern medicine. Without his effort, medical knowledge and advancement might not be where it is today.

9. Jean-Martin Charcot

Jean-Martin Charcot Top Popular Physicians Ever 2019

Jean-Martin Charcot helped the world to understand the process and connection between clinical observation and disease pathologies. He charted many diseases and focused neurological conditions. He is considered the father of modern neurology.

He also trained and taught famous scientists and doctors such as Sigmund Freud. Charcot’s discoveries helped to make modern medicine more efficient since doctors use his information to identify various problems and conditions.

8. Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner Top Best Physicians Ever 2017

Edward Jenner used Pasteur’s knowledge of vaccinations to eliminate infectious diseases. He was able to use this process to save many lives. His research helped to pave the way for modern immunological practices. Jenner’s methods and processes has helped doctors to keep widespread infection under control. Jenner’s legacy still lives on today as one of the greatest discoverers of infectious diseases and how they can be controlled with vaccinations.

7. Ibn Sina

Ibn Sina Top Most Popular Physicians Ever 2018

Ibn Sina was a Persian physician was one of the first people in medical history to create a huge guide to medical ailments and problems that affect people’s health. He outlined medical problems and issues related to hygiene, health and general sickness. He introduced therapeutic nosology and dietary treatments for various conditions.

His materia medica also listed things about diseases that impacts people from head-to-toe. He even classified diseases that impacted a person’s organs. Sina outlined more than 700 substances that could be used for compound drugs. His works live on today as a great part of modern medicine.

6. Andreas Vesalius


Andreas Vesalius helped modern medicine by introducing a thorough understanding of the human body. His is known as the father of modern anatomy and his work on the human body was truly great. He dissected cadavers to help people to really understand the systems of the human body and how it is truly composed.

Vesalius’s also made comprehensive illustrations to back up his findings. He published these finals in a book that has been in use for hundreds of years. He made the first textbook for human anatomy and it has become a very accurate and important educational tool in the history of medicine.

5. Sigmund Freud


Once again, Sigmund Freud trained under Jean-Martin Charcot. He learned about neurological disorders from that physician. Charcot helped him to develop his own understanding for diseases and conditions that affects the mind. Freud developed the system of psychology and psychiatry that is still in use today. Millions of people from around the world have received treatment and help from Freud’s work. His work also remains at the forefront of medical applications, conditions and processes related to the mind. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Famous Best Physicians Ever until 2017.

4. Sir Joseph Lister


Joseph Lister is known as the father of antiseptic surgery and he is also known for that great mouth-numbing product called Listerine. Lister lived during the 19th century and took Pasteur’s work with germ theory one step further. He realized that germs were present during surgical procedures.

So, he laid a foundation of sterilization and antiseptic techniques that would eliminate as many germs as possible. His work has helped him to establish a sterilization process that would be used by doctors in modern times and well beyond that point.

3. Ignaz Semmelweis


Ignaz Semelweis also helped to establish sanitary practices related to surgery. His work required surgeons and doctors to wash their hands and to use antiseptic treatments before engaging in a surgical process. He had especially helped to lower the death rates of women during child birth.

He applied his anti-germ theories and practices within hospitals inside of Vienna and helped to save many lives. Doctors, nurses and midwives began to wash their hands and clean their instruments between patients. Like Lister, his sanitary practices help to eliminate germs and the problems they caused in patients.

2. Hippocrates


Hippocrates lived during the 4th B.C. and is considered the father of modern Western medicine. He believed that diseases came from the body and not from a deity or from superstitious situation. He created a separate category for medicine as a body of science. He also developed a code of ethical conduct and behavior for this field.

The Hippocratic oath that all medical professionals take comes from Hippocrates. Many people might also be surprised to know that Hippocrates outlined how the body generally works. He might not have had the thorough understanding that people have today but he did have a general knowledge of these things. His medical influence continues to impact the medical profession today.

1. Sir William Osler


William Osler was a medical professional who lived during the 19th century. He created a system for clinical practice that has become a standard part of how medical professionals operate today. He made it a point to teach ethical behavior for doctors and he also stressed the importance of a doctor’s care for their patients.

He wanted to ensure that doctors would provide the best care to patients and to ensure that they were doing the best they could to make them well. Many modern medical practices adhere to his theories and system of medicine today.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Famous Best Physicians Ever until 2017. Physicians are important and they are necessary. They ensure that people have the medical aid that they will need in life. They also help people through medical research and by improving the condition of their lives.

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