Top 10 Best And Most Famous People From Nebraska

Nebraska borders both the mid-western cities and the great the plains. Its capital is the Lincoln town which is known to be a vibrant town in the US state. The list of the most famous and best people from Nebraska may include either people born in Nebraska or those that are simply notable by the locals. Some of these famous people were born and raised in Nebraska whilst others were born in Nebraska but moved away at a very young age.

The list contains celebrities, astronauts, athletes, actresses, actors and musicians who are mostly famous for the movies and series they have been cast in either recently or in the past. These individuals have made their home state proud while at the same time leaving a mark which will be permanently present on the history. Amongst these famous people are outstanding entertainers, sports people and also politicians who are admired by people all over the world. There various ways in which these famous and notable individuals are recognized for making the state of Nebraska and the nation at large a better place; such as naming towns or streets after them. This is to symbolize admiration for their work.

Top 10 Best And Most Famous People From Nebraska in 2017

10. Bryan Greenberg

Bryan Greenberg Top 10 Best And Most Famous People From Nebraska 2017

He was born in Omaha, Nebraska to psychologists Carl and Denise Greenberg. He commenced his acting career at attender age through camp productions whilst at the Parkway Central High school before moving to the New York City to further pursue his career. Bryan further studied in the NYU and his first debut in the television was in 1997 on an episode of the Law and Order series. This was a remarkable achievement for him and the beginning of his career. He starred in other television episodes such as episodes of Sopranos, third watch and also had a run on the series One Tree Hill. His first major movies were The Perfect Score and The Prime. He also had notable supporting turns in films such as Friends with Benefits and Bride Wars.

9. Nick Nolte


He is an American actor aged 75. His breakthrough was in the television mini-series Rich Man, Poor Man whereby he cast as ‘’Tommy Jordache’’. An interesting fact is that when he was playing the early scenes as a young man he weighed 160 pounds but in his later scenes he weighed 180 pounds.

8. James Coburn

James Coburn Top Famous People From Nebraska 2019

James is known to be charismatic and puts everyone at ease. He studied acting at the UCLA and later moved to New York City to continue with his studies. He was noticed in various stage productions before being cast in the Magnificent Seven after which he cast in several films henceforth. By the 1990’s he was a household name and was later nominated and won the Best supporting Actor. However, he later died of a heart attack in November 2002.

7. Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union Top Most Famous People From Nebraska 2018

She was born in 1972 to Sylvester and Theresa Union. Her family moved to California at the age of 8 where she grew up and attended high school. She later attended the University of Nebraska. Eventually she ended up at the UCLA. Gabrielle`s career path was Law but she later switched to modelling then finally acting. Her first job was on Saved by the Bell which was aired in 1989. Gabrielle Union plays roles of women who are strong and opinionated. She stars in movies and series such as Being Maryjane which is in its second season of production and also Think like a Man Act like a Lady.

She is currently married to NBA player Dwayne Wade.

6. Lisa Matters

Lisa Matters Top 10 Best And Most Famous People From Nebraska

She was born in Omaha but grew up in Asheville where she began her career as a news reporter. She moved to New York where she graduated with a Master’s degree while working for Ford Models. She has been cast in films and commercials such as The Stepford Wives, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Special Victims and also Gossip Girl. Lisa Matters casts as elegant or female characters who are powerful.

5. Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank Top Most Popular People From Nebraska 2018

She is both an actress and a producer. The commencement of her career was when she was discovered as a girl by Suzy Sachs and coached in her acting career. At the age of 9 she starred in the movie Jungle Book as “mowgli“. She also appeared in the films The Buffy Vampire and The Karate Kid. She has since won several awards such as Best Actress Oscar for playing Brandon Teena and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama. Hillary Swank is considered to be the youngest woman to win the Academy Awards for the Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. She has starred in various films such as Freedom Writers, The Black Dahlia and The Reaping amongst others.

Her hobbies include sky diving, skiing and river rafting.

4. Emily Kinney


She is one of the Top 10 Best And Most Famous People From Nebraska 2017. She is best known for her role in the television series The Walking Dead as Beth Greene. She also made guest appearances in series such as Law and Order: Criminal Intent and SVU, Good Wife and The Big C.

3. Marg Helgenberger


She is mostly known for her role in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation .However here greatest claim in the film industry was when she cast alongside Julia Roberts in the movie Erin Brockovich.

Marg is the daughter of a cancer survivor and is an active supporter of research for breast cancer.

2. Janine Turner


At the age of 17, she won the role of Laura Templeton on the daytime soap General Hospital. She has starred in films such as Captured Hearts, A Secret Affair and Strong Medicine.

She has recently ventured into writing, directing, producing and singing on the side. She is also a mother.

1. Marlon Brando


He is considered by most people to be the greatest actor. He made his debut on the Broadway Stage in 1944 in the film ‘’I Remember Mama’’ which was a huge success then. He later explored the field of being a producer. Some of his notable works of art are in the films The Ugly American, The Appaloosa and The Reflections in a Golden Eye (1960’s). He later worked on the film Superman which was a definite hit.

These above are the Top 10 Best And Most Famous People From Nebraska 2017. Each of these individuals left a mark on the lives of the people around the world and have made their home state proud in their field of expertise. Though not among the top 10 there are other famous people from Nebraska who are doing great such as Steve Borden.

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