Top 10 Best Most Famous Business Men In American History

Some of the most fascinating stories come from the business tycoons. Everyone loves listening to a story of a self-made man as most of them are very motivating and inspiring. America has its fair share of businessmen who made it big through a lot of hard work and definitely deserve the success they tasted. Unfortunately not all such successful businessmen get the taste of fame along with their success. But there are a couple of them who manage to stand out and always seem to be in the limelight. The names in top ten list given below of the most famous businessmen in American history will definitely ring a bell as these are the ones who got to enjoy fame, money and success.

List of Top 10 Best Most Famous Business Men In American History util in 2017

10. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Top Famous Business Men In American History 2019

Jeff Bezos is name that is known all over for being the founder of Bezos is currently the chairman and chief executive officer of his company. Amazon is undoubtedly the largest online shopping retailer in the world that has millions of satisfied customers. This successful and famous businessman also has other business interests like newspapers and aerospace.

9. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison Top Popular Business Men In American History 2019

Larry Ellison had big dreams and did everything he could to try and achieve them. Today at the age of 72, successful American businessman Ellison can proudly state that he has achieved the things he worked for. Ellison co-founded the Oracle Corporation, a software maker which is only second to Microsoft in terms of revenue.

8. Hans Christian Anderson

Hans Christian Anderson Top Most Famous Business Men In American History 2018

This was a man who is truly an inspiration for us all. Not very fortunate as a child, Hans Christian Anderson took it upon himself to make a change. Anderson loved writing and after having left his school due to certain unfortunate events, he began publishing his work. Anderson’s work included poems, travelogues, novels etcetera. But he turned famous and is remembered for his fairy tales. Till today Anderson’s fairytales are read to every child and each fairytale has a positive message.

7. Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren is a name that isn’t unknown to the fashionistas. This American businessman’s name is recognized worldwide through his brand, namely Ralph Lauren. Lauren is the executive chairman of the Ralph Lauren Corporation that is a popular in every part of the world. This business encompasses clothing, footwear, fragrances etcetera. This successful and famous businessman has his name associated with stylish and trendy fashion.

6. Steven Spielberg


If you love watching science-fiction films, then you surely are a Steven Spielberg fan. When you watch a Spielberg film, you can be sure that you are in for some serious entertainment. From Jaws to War of the worlds, Steven Spielberg never fails to entertain. The Co-founder of Dream Works Studios, Steven Spielberg truly is one famous American businessman. He is one amongst the Top 10 Best Most Famous Business Men In American History until 2017.

5. Henry Ford


Henry Ford was a man with a clear vision. It is because of Ford that the whole concept of mass production came into the picture. With the introduction of assembly lines, Ford changed the way work was carried out. Ford made it possible for the middle class to have access to cars which was at first only a luxury enjoyed by the wealthy. Henry Ford began the Ford Motor Company which turned out to be a success.

4. Bill Gates


When you think of the world’s richest person, Bill Gates automatically pops up in your head. This businessman is all brains. While still studying at Harvard, Gates wanted to pursue his dream of starting and owning a computer software firm of his own and that is exactly what he did! Gates created Microsoft and developed Windows, an operating system that is widely popular and used on most computers. Gates held the position of the Chief Executive Officer at Microsoft. Today he is involved with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, through which he sponsors scientific research programs and donates money to charitable organizations.

3. Walt Disney


Walt Disney is perhaps one of the few American businessmen whose name is linked to fun and happiness. Ask any child about Disney and you will see the kid’s eyes light up. Walt Disney always had an interest in art and was a cartoonist out of passion. He later worked in an art studio and found his calling in animation. After working with Universal Studios, Disney then started his own company and came out with the famous and most loved cartoon character ‘Mickey Mouse’. His dream was to set up a theme park which today is on the wish-list of every kid around the world.

2. Donald Trump


This larger than life businessman may have garnered a lot more negative than positive attention from the beginning. Nevertheless Donald Trump has not succumbed to such negativity from his critics and has gone about his work and life the way he usually does. Today Trump is the President elect of the United States of America and will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America on the 20th of January, 2017. Most people may remember Trump as the host of the famous television series The Apprentice for which he was the executive producer.

1. Steve Jobs


All the Apple users couldn’t be more thankful to this genius businessman. Steve Jobs had a bit of a rough childhood but instead of feeling sorry for himself, he pushed himself to do the best he could and the result of which is pretty evident today. Steve Jobs is popularly known as the Co-founder of Apple Inc. Jobs revolutionized the way we communicate and work and truly is one of the most creative businessmen in American history. Jobs was also a primary investor of Pixar, an animation film studio. The world felt a great loss when Steve Jobs passed away but his legacy will continue for the generations to come.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Most Famous Business Men In American History until 2017. Of course these are not the only famous American businessmen in history but they sure are a bit more famous than the rest. Maybe it is their personalities or their work or just maybe, it is that x factor that they have in them that allows them to capture minds wherever they go.

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