Top 10 Best Looking Handsome Bearded Men in The World

Beards are cool and guys who wear them are even cooler. When a man wears a beard his is not only cool he is showing off his masculine ways. Did you know that a hairy guy has more testosterone than guys who are clean shaven and do not have hair at all? Did you ever wonder why young boys do not have hair on their face and body until they hit puberty? That is because their testosterone levels are extremely low. Well, there are many guys out here that have facial hair and they are real men. Here is a look at the top handsome bearded men in 2017. These guys are celebrities and not just regular dudes.

List of Top 10 Best Looking Handsome Bearded Men in The World in 2017

10. Hugh Jackman

hugh jackman, Top 10 Best Looking Handsome Bearded Men in The World 2018

He is the Wolverine and strong action actor. Having a beard is just something that goes along with style. Jackman is a great action actor even though he sometimes does drama. When he plays an action role he usually sports a beard. His beard helps him to look more macho and tough. Yea, beards make guys look macho and every guy wants the macho factor. The macho factor kicks in when a man sports a beard. So grow a beard like Wolverine and be a macho dude.

9. Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake, Top 10 Best Looking Handsome Bearded Men in The World 2017

Yea Justin Timberlake sings, dances and has been in a boy band. This might not seem like things that a real guy would do, but who are you to judge? Justin Timberlake sported a beard in 2017 and it is just enough gruff to make him look tough. So, you see, if you sport a beard while you sing and dance you too will be one tough and rough dude like Timberlake. In all seriousness, Timberlake is a cool dude with or without the beard so don’t forget it.

8. Tom Hardy

tom hardy, Top 10 Best Looking Handsome Bearded Men in The World 2017

Tom Hardy is another tough guy actor who sports a beard in real life. His beard is fuzzy and wild but well maintained. He looks rugged but tame at the same time. A woman would look at him and think he is a bad boy but he really is a good dude that loves his woman and his 2 kids. Hardy sports a beard on film and he also goes clean shaven in roles. The year 2017 is all about the beard for Hardy.

7. David Beckham


If you really want to “Bend it like Beckham” then you should sport a beard like Beckham. In 2017 Beckham sported a beard. He is no longer active in soccer but that does not make a difference. Beckham is married but he has many female fans who enjoys his masculine looks. His beard only helps to enhance this look. He represents many athletes who wear beards to look more competitive on the field.

6. Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake Gyllenhaal has been boxing (Southpaw) and sporting beards out in public. This dude is really trying to be a dominator. The beard he has been showing off in 2017 is a testament to his greatness as a fighter. He loves to fight on film and plays many roles where he chases down bad guys. His beard only adds to his mystique. Gyllenhaal’s strong outward appearance is enhanced by crispy beard.

5. Paul Rudd


Paul Rudd is generally shown to be the clean shaven type in his movies. However, in 2017 he has been sporting a beard in real life. Why? Why is Rudd showing off a beard instead of a hairless look? He just wants to look the part. Every guy wants to show that he is a man by sporting a beard. Rudd is one of those dudes. Him sporting a beard makes perfect sense. You should sport a beard like Rudd because it will make you a strong guy like him. He is one amongst the Top 10 Best Looking Handsome Bearded Men in The World 2017.

4. James Franco


The former Green Goblin likes to wear beards now. This is okay because Franco has actually played some really good tough guys in his films. A beard is a great asset to Franco because he can use it to make himself look more bold and daring. Franco’s roles are pretty good and many people think that he is a great dude in real life. His beard enhances his spectacular acting abilities and his appeal to the ladies. His beard just enhances his good qualities. You too should wear a beard like Franco. Then people will like you as well.

3. Brad Pitt


Everyone knows that Brad Pitt wears a beard out in public when he is not filming. However, Brad is one of those dudes that can sport a beard (or not) and still remain tough. Pitt’s beard just adds to his unique style. He beard also helps to distinguish him as a great actor. Pitt’s beard style is neatly trimmed and professionally done. Many women like Pitt, though he is married. His beard just ads to his marketability.

2. Seth Rogen


Seth Rogen just wouldn’t be Seth Rogen unless he wore a beard sometime. He does not do it all the time but he does wear a beard. Rogen is a comic genius and his beard just helps to enhance his comedic side. Rogen is just a funny guy and sometimes the beard helps him to look the part. When you see Rogen, you will understand why he wore the beard in 2017. You too can wear the beard and look successful like Rogen.

1. Jeff Bridges


Jeff Bridges is a distinguished actor who has worn beard for years. His beard is white and since his days as Whistler on Blade, it looks ragged and well-kept at the same time. Bridges has been appearing within many films sporting his great looking beard. His beard has been procured for many years. It is a great beard and crown for Bridges. Sorry guys, you can’t get a great beard like Bridges unless you put in some time in life like he did.

These are the Top 10 Best Looking Handsome Bearded Men in The World 2017. These well-known actors sported their beards in 2017 mainly because they wanted to do this. They are great entertainers who use their beards to help their careers to flourish.

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