Top 10 Best Indian Accents Ever

There are some people who have some truly unique accents in the world. Individuals with Indian accents have some of the best accents ever. This is especially true for certain American media performers who use an authentic accent whenever they play a role. The following list of actors are American born individuals who are of Indian descent. They have an authentic look and sound as Indian/American film and television stars.

List of Top 10 Best Indian Accents Ever until in 2017

10. Mindy Kaling

mindy kaling, Top 10 Best Indian Accents Ever 2019

Mindy Kaling has a great Indian accent and she often uses it for some of her roles. She is primarily known as Kelly Kapoor on the television show the office. Kaling has also appeared in films such as the 40 Year Old Virgin, Wreck it Ralph and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. Kaling is also a comedian who can’t help but to sometimes make fun of herself and her heritage. So, her accent also comes in handy when she uses it as a part of this type of material.

9. Kal Penn


Actor, comedian and politician Kal Penn also has an awesome Indian accent. Yes, just like the other people on this list he is an American born Indian man. Penn’s accent is often used within movies to give him an authentic appeal. He has played in movies such as the Harold and Kumar series, Van Wilder and the Layover. This guy Is very entertaining and his voce helps him to be that way.

8. Sheetal Sheth

sheetal sheth, Top 10 Best Indian Accents Ever

American actress and producer Sheetal Sheth has appeared in films such as Muslim World and is known for her work on Blue Bloods. She has a decent sounding voice that is very pleasant to listen to. Seth has been performing for years and her work as an actress is pretty decent. She has been directing for a short time and is slowly transitioning into this role. Sheetal Sheth’s accent is a great thing to experience.

7. Ravi Kapoor

ravi kapoor, Top 10 Best Indian Accents Ever 2017

Ravi Kapoor is an American actor with an Indian background. Gideon’s Crossing is one of the films that helped to put him on the map. His Indian accent is very distinct and it has helped him to land many roles. He has spent many years in England developing his craft and it has paid off. Now as a professional actor he is presenting his work and his descent accent to the world.

6. Erick Avari


Erick Avari has been performing in Hollywood, Bollywood, theater and on screen for many years. He often plays in Sci – Fi flicks. Avari is usually cast in roles where his Indian accent helps him to stand out. He has played in films such as The Mummy, Mr. Deeds and Independence Day. During the course of his long career, Avari has acted as person from over 70 different ethnicities. This Indian/American actor truly has a great accent that transcends the roles he plays.

5. Raja Fenske


Raja Jean Fenske is a young actor who has been acting on Nickelodeon for years. Many people know him from the show Unfabulous where he plays the role of Jake Behari. Fenske Indian accent can be clearly heard whenever he speaks. This actor is a great performer who is starting to build his career. His Indian sounding voice will play a huge part within him getting more roles in the future.

4. Janina Zione Gavankar


Janina Zione Gavankaer is a young actress who plays the part of FERO on Halo 5: Guardians. She is also known for her roles on the Arrow and Blue Bloods. Gavankar is a great performer who has been around for years. Her accent is noticeable and it is defining characteristic of who she is. This actress is still building her career and in the future she is expected to have many more roles that will showcase her talent. She is one amongst the Top 10 Best Indian Accents Ever until 2017.

3. Karan Brar


Karan Brar is a young and famous actor who many people will recognize as Ravi Ross from the show Jessie and as Chirag Gupta from the popular kid’s films Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Brar Indian accent is very well known and it helps to distinguish him in his roles. Apparently, he is typed cast as a person of Indian descent when he performs. People can expect to see a whole lot more of Brar in the future since his career is just getting started.

2. Aziz Ansari


Parks and Recreation is the television show that showcases the talents of Aziz Ansari. He also appears on the Netflix original series Master of None. His accent is profound and it too helps him to get parts. Ansari is still forging his career and he has been chosen for some good roles over the years. He has also appeared in the movie funny people and I love you man.

1. Omi Vaidya


Omi Vaidya is an American actor whose accent serves her well in Bollywood and in Hollywood. She often appears on commercials and in television programs such as CSI and Rules of Engagement. She had a role in films such as Friends with Benefits and in 17 Again. Omi is beautiful and her accent helps her persona. She has been given many parts because of her great voice which helps to distinguish her as the fine Indian actress that she is.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Indian Accents Ever until 2017. All of these great Indian/American performers have the best accents simply because their accents are a part of who they are. They are American people but they have strong connection to their Indian roots.

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