Top 10 Best Female Voice Actors in The World

Many actresses are known for their on-screen appearances and their mastery of the performing arts, but few are really lauded for their voice talents. Many actresses have demonstrated over the years how adept they are at turning a phrase or coming up with a clever quip or one-liner to describe a situation or deliver as a comeback to create a funny, engaging scene that might be remembered by moviegoers for years to come. But the truly talented actresses are those who can make the characters they lend their voice to come alive. The gifted actresses are those who can make an animated character seem as real the person whose voice they’re borrowing. So with that praise, here are the top ten best female voice actors of 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Female Voice Actors in The World in 2017

10. Bonnie Hunt- Zootopia

bonnie hunt, Top 10 Best Female Voice Actors in The World 2017

You might remember Hunt from such films as “Jumanji” and even “Jerry Maguire”, and perhaps even “The Green Mile”. She is a very talented actress who often serves the part of support or a character actor to bolster the storyline. In “Zootopia” her part is small but still pivotal as she plays the role of Bonnie Hops, the mother of the main character Judy Hops. While she doesn’t have a large amount of speaking lines her role is much the same in this animated movie as it in any other film she’s played in, and it suits her very well as it calls expertly upon her slightly snarky and down to earth persona.

9. Queen Latifah- Ice Age: Collision Course


Since she came on the scene back in “Ice Age: The Meltdown”, Queen Latifah has been a breath of fresh air in a franchise that is funny all on its own, but would have needed a new character sooner or later. Ellie is a very devoted character and plays the perfect opposite of her mammoth counterpart, Manny. While she’s not entirely about the comedy of the film Queen Latifah offers a nice grounding point that balances out the film, giving a more nurturing and carefree feel to the movie that viewers appreciate and can agree makes the “Ice Age” franchise just a bit more family friendly.

8. Octavia Spencer- Zootopia


Whoever said an actress needed to sound like her normal self doesn’t really know what it takes to bring a character to life. Known for her roles in films like “Coach Carter”, “The Help”, and several others, the widely talented Spencer can bring a very huge amount of attitude to any character, but in Zootopia is almost muted and quite toned down. As Mrs. Otterton she sounds less like the firebrand that she usually is and has in affect become a concerned and very compassionate voice that is highly unlike what fans have come to expect, but are pleasantly surprised to discover once the credits roll.

7. Kate Hudson- Kung Fu Panda 3


This is another role that doesn’t carry too many lines despite the fame of the actress who gives her voice to the character. Mei Mei is an important part of the plot once Po reaches the Panda village, but could still easily be scrubbed out before her appearance. However, the performance that Hudson gives as the sultry, ribbon-swirling panda is intoxicating as well as humorous given the film’s nature. More to the point, Mei Mei becomes a fan favorite as soon as she shows her sassy wit and the fire that many fans of Hudson have come to admire.

6. Wanda Sykes- Ice Age: Collision Course


One of the relative newcomers to franchise, Sykes has still managed to steal the show as Granny, the irascible, ornery, and undeniably funny member of the pack who does what she wants and says whatever comes to mind. Since her inclusion into the franchise she has held nothing back and shown the caustic wit and lovable style of humor that has won over her many fans throughout the years. Despite the fact that Sykes can get downright raw and is not shy when doing so, the character of Granny fits her to a tee. If ever there was a perfect casting for a character, she would be close to if not at the top of the list.

5. Shakira- Zootopia


It sounds odd to call a cartoon character sassy, exotic, or even attractive without sounding like a creepy and barely balanced cartoon enthusiast, but the role of Gazelle, played by Shakira, seems to be one of the best fits in cinematic history. Both characters are blonde, willowy, and possessed of great beauty in their respective roles, which is undoubtedly why Shakira was picked for this part. After all, it’s not just any singer that could pull off the voice and general attitude of a pop star both in real life and in a cartoon. In spite of her few lines throughout the movie, she is an integral part of “Zootopia”.

4. Ginnifer Goodwin- Zootopia

Ginnifer Goodwin Top Most Popular Female Voice Actors 2018

Judy Hops is an idealist, a bit naïve, and is not willing to back down. As much as this may or may not describe Goodwin, her voice lends a power to the character that makes people believe that Judy Hops is just as tough and determined as she seems. Fans of Goodwin no doubt recognized her voice right away without having to see the credits, while others might have figured that Hops sounded distinctly familiar, but couldn’t quite place her. While Goodwin’s claim to movie fame has included such films as “Walk the Line”, she is likely best known for her role as Snow White in the TV hit series “Once Upon A Time”.

3. Angelina Jolie– Kung Fu Panda 3


Fierce, strong, tough, unforgiving, and ultimately deadly. Jolie’s portrayal of the kung fu master Tigress has been spot on since the first film, and has only grown stronger since. She’s proven to be the perfect foil to Jack Black’s character, Po, and has shown that she is capable of keeping up with his zany antics and standing as a rock when Po is meant to be the fun-loving, sometimes riotous character that drives the film in a most chaotic fashion. On par her costar Dustin Hoffman, who plays Master Shifu, Jolie is without a doubt the right voice to lend to such a ferocious but devoted character.

2. Ellen Degeneres- Finding Dory


Quirky. That is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Degeneres and her style of comedy. Ever since she stepped on the scene she has been nothing but funny, no matter if she was coming out to the world or trying for a laugh from the most stingy of audiences. Her portrayal of the titular character is so spot on that to even consider anyone else for the role would have been seen as a major faux pas. Her up and down kind of humor is so off the wall funny that Dory has become a hit favorite with fans worldwide and has become one of the most recognizable characters of all time.

1. Scarlett Johansson– The Jungle Book

Scarlett Johansson Top Most Famous Female Voice Actors 2019

Some viewers actually professed to getting chills when the character known as Kaa slithered onscreen in all her frightful and colorful glory. Fans of the original cartoon were blown away at how well the giant snake was rendered and exclaimed in glee as the storyline was furthered just a bit more as Kaa wrapped the unsuspecting man-cub in her coils, her sultry, decadent voice lulling him into a deep sleep as the shifting colors of her eyes kept him occupied and unaware of his impending peril. No doubt anyone other than Johansson would have had a tough time occupying Mowgli, let alone the audience.

These above are the Top 10 Best Female Voice Actors in The World 2017. When an actress can give a person chills by just speaking the lines for their onscreen character it shows that they have studied and even honed their craft to the degree that they have achieved greatness. Anyone can speak a line, but it takes a truly devoted actress to deliver a performance that can convince viewers that a character is worth paying attention to.

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