Top 10 Best Cosplay Girls in The World

The draw of events such as Comic Con are well known to create huge buzz and an almost frantic fervor as people rush to convention centers to parade around as their favorite characters and possibly meet and greet the starts of their favorite television shows and movies. Each event is typically alive with an energy that is hard to fathom and features more individuals decked out in costumes that are so well-rendered and imaginative that they have become celebrities in their own right. While both men women participate in such events, the alluring beauty and seductive looks of many women tend to steal the show as they arrive in scanty and revealing outfits that accentuate their bodies and give them an exotic, almost fey-like appearance. This dedication to the genres they choose and the attention to detail makes the women listed below the top ten cosplay girls in the world.

List of Top 10 Best Cosplay Girls in The World in 2017

10. Ginny McQueen

Ginny McQueen Top Most Popular Cosplay Girls in The World 2018

Going by the handle of G-Chan to those who know and follow her exploits, McQueen has made a slew of appearances in many conventions that stem from 1998 when she first attended Otakon. Acting as a regular contributor to the widespread geek culture site Fandomania, she has created costumes that have been featured in the popular cosplay publication Cosmode. At the current moment she has close to seven thousand followers that continually contact her via Twitter, and well over six thousand that subscribe to the YouTube channel she owns and runs independently. Despite being number ten on this list she is by far and large a well known face at any convention and a serious contender for one of the best cosplayers around.

9. Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais Top 10 Cosplay Girls in The World

This absolutely stunning French-Canadian cosplayer used to work as a costume and fashion designer before deciding to become a professional model. As a result she had no trouble adapting to the world of cosplay. At the current tally she has well over fifteen thousand followers on Twitter and has been attending conventions as one character or another since about 2009. So effective is her look that she has been featured in a great many magazines, even popular publications such as FHM, PlayStation Official Magazine, and Elle. Each costume she wears is made by her own hand, and she even takes the time to sell autographed pictures of herself along with several collectibles that truly dedicated fans can buy on her website.

8. Spiral Cats


K-Pop is one of the biggest exports that South Korea has to offer and the Spiral Cats are just one example of why South Korea has managed to surpass the USA when it comes down to who is the biggest ‘pop’ location. As a dominant group that ascribe heavily to K-Pop, the Spiral Cats do it like no one else can, showing that even without the need to dance and sing that they are without a doubt a captivating trio that can faithfully and amazingly recreate a virtual host of popular manga and anime personalities. This group is commonly seen at many conventions showing off their aptitude for cosplay and have even been seen at several gaming expos.

7. Yaya Han


Instead of simply acting as a cosplay model and fellow enthusiast, Yaya is also a judge that is constantly seen at many cosplay conventions. Her love for cosplay came to fruition not long after the Anime Expo in 1999. Since then she has come up with a seemingly endless amount of roles that are considered to be highly detailed and groundbreaking costumes that have set her a full step above the rest. She has been dubbed a cosplaying pioneer by many and has even starred in the popular Syfy show, Heroes of Cosplay. She was also a featured judge on the TBS reality show , King of the Nerds.

6. Myrtle Sarrosa


An avid enthusiast of cosplay, Sarrosa began her appearances at the early age of 14 and hasn’t looked back since except to enjoy the more entertaining moments of her time spent at the many conventions where she has stolen the show. She has even managed to win a good number of awards for her cosplay, and was able to secure a win during the fourth season of Filipino Big Brother, the teen version. At that time she earned the nickname of Cosplay Cutie, and it has stuck ever since.

5. Linda Le


Going by the stage name of Vampy, Linda Le is a longtime cosplayer and has been attending conventions and other events since she was only 12. From the picture provided it is more than evident who her favorite character is, and why not? The popular X-Men character Psylocke is at times a very under-utilized figure but is a fan favorite that most people would want to see get more action in the movies. Le enjoys playing the character immensely and has even been catapulted into the limelight by a Japanese toy manufacturer known as Kotobuyika when they decided to showcase a few of her pictures in one of their publications.She is one amongst the Top 10 Best Cosplay Girls in The World 2017.

4. Jessica Nigri


Having been a professional model since 2012, Nigri has been a cosplayer since 2009, which makes sense considering that she is no stranger to the gaping attention of those who find her absolutely stunning. She favors the look of Juliet Starling, who is the lead female character in the horror-based video game known as Lollipop Chainsaw. Toting her signature weapon and appearing in a spot-on costume that gives her the exact air of the zombie-slaughtering cheerleader, she has been an absolute hit at a great number of conventions. She has at this time well over seven thousand followers on her Twitter account that are at all times awaiting her next move, as well as her delectable photos.

3. Adrianne Curry


There is no shortage of models on this list, but Curry is the only one that can claim she actually won out during the first inaugural season of America’s Next Top Model. She has since posed for a great number of magazines including Stuff, OK!, Star, Maxim, US Weekly, and even Playboy. Amazingly she confesses to being an avid fan of gaming and has managed to cosplay as more than one character from the hit game Mortal Kombat. Even more incredible than this is the fact that at a recent Comic Con convention in San Diego she managed to fight back against an assailant who was at the time sexually assaulting one of her friends, and while dressed up as Catwoman.

2. Anna Faith Carlson


Carlson’s main claim fame to date has been her amazing and on point portrayal of Elsa and Anna from the massively successful Disney hit, Frozen. Though only eighteen years of age she has developed a level of cosplay that is hard to top and has to this point earned well over half a million followers on Instagram and close to forty thousand followers on her Twitter feed. So successful has she been that she included her sister Lexie in the act and the two have began to make a living from playing the popular sisters as they have been in high demand for appearances since Anna’s pictures went viral.

1. Alodia Gosiengfiao


Alodia started her attempts at cosplay back in 2003 at the tender age of 15 and at this point in time she has become the most sought after cosplayer the world over. She has been granted numerous endorsement deals ranging from healthy and beauty products to a clothing line. This wondrous Filipino woman is known quite well for her portrayal of characters from such franchises as G.I. Joe, Witchblade, Evangelion, and even Final Fantasy. She boasts over four million likes on her Facebook page and has a record-splitting 386,000 followers that are continually logging on to her Twitter site to see what is coming next from this alluring beauty.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Cosplay Girls in The World 2017. The world of cosplay is a dedicated and demanding art form that sees many people come close to the mark but fall short either by design or unconquerable flaws that detract just enough from the character to keep them from remaining absolutely faithful to the source material. The women listed above have shown such absolute dedication to their craft and their hobby that for some of them it has become a full-time occupation, and a rather lucrative one at that.

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