Top 10 Best Chinese Actors of All Time

China is a country that is best known for producing action movies. Its films are sold worldwide. People love them because of skills used by actors. This means that Chinese actors are known by many people hence contributing to high growth of film industry in China. In this article, 10 best actors of china will be discussed with their full information provided to help you understand much about them. Follow the list below.

List of Top 10 Best Chinese Actors of All Time until in 2017

10. Wang Leehom

wang leehom, Top 10 Best Chinese Actors of All Time 2017-2018

Wang is in tenth position of this article. He is one of the most handsome Chinese Actors and well known by many film fans. This great chine actor was born on 17th May, 2016 and works in different positions as a record producer, actor and successful songwriter. Due to his high performance and talents, Wang has more than three winning and nomination awards. This has made him to gain a lot of popularity and reputation in China and other surrounding states that are fond of his films.

9. Huang Xiaoming


He is another handsome and famous Chinese actor who has appeared in many film and local television shows. Ever since he began his career, Huang Xiaoming has always been successful and has received much support from fans. He is an only child to a successful engineer in China and his mom used to be an accountant. On a live conversation that was held in early 2016, Xiaoming stated that his dream was to be a great scientist but dropped it on realizing acting talent in him. Huang found himself in acting film industry after being persuaded by his teacher.

8. Zhao Benshan


This great Chinese actor is currently 59 years. Zhao Benshan is best known for taking part in sitcom acting. He gained much fame and reputation in 1990. One of his local programs was aired by a popular television station for 11 good years. Zhao has many other leading roles if film industries and that made him to very successful to date. His commitment and passion have contributed a lot to his appearance in this list as one of best Chinese actors.

7. Donnie Yen


Donnie yen is very handsome according to many reviews posted by Chinese ladies in social media. He was born on 27th July, 1963. Most people know him for appearing in many films and local dramas with top names such as Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li. Donnie is said to be the king of Chinese films, He has gained a lot of a fame and income through acting career. Even at his age of 53 years, this man is still flexible to do all tricks that many people admire in Chinese films. His film activities include Karate and boxing.

6. Feng Xiaogang


Feng is a well known man in China. Fans are fond of him for taking part in commercial filmmaking, acting and common filmmaking. Feng was born 58 years ago and is very successful in his career. His dad was a college professor while his mom used to be a well committed nurse in top hospitals of china. The dream take is a movie that was released in 1997 by Feng Xiaogang. This film gained him a lot of reputation and income. Several copies were sold in chine and other foreign countries. Fen is one of best Chinese actors featured in this article.

5. Andy Lau


This article could have been partially unfair without featuring this amazing man known as Andy Lau. He was born on 27th September, 1961. Guinness book of records hold his name for gaining so many winning and nomination awards. He was written in that book in 2000. In total Andy has 292 awards and this was according to research done by Wikipedia news in early 2016. Lau is amongst highest paid film actors of china. We credit Andy Lau for amazing work. He is hardworking, passionate and always determined to achieve goals ahead of him.

4. Jay Chou


Jay Chou is not only an actor but also a talented musician. His music and films are highly featured in china and other countries such as United States of America and France. Chou’s appearance in this list is a sign of success in his life that has contributed a lot to growth of film industries in Chine. Before joining in acting, Jay wanted to be a prominent businessman with goals. This great Chinese actor is said to have led a lonely life in Taipei County where he was brought up. That however, did not hinder him from achieving his goals.

3. Yao Ming


Yao Ming used to be a member of NBA. He is amongst best Chinese actors hence ranked in third position of this list. Ming has taken part in many films and local television shows and is currently a member of Houston Rockets. Yao has many titles so far and is tallest player of NBA for several years. Just as other best Chinese actors mentioned above, Ming also has many nomination and winning awards for excellent work of taking care of wild animals such as elephants and rhinoceros. Government of China loves this man and they trust him for government property.

2. Jet Li


Jet Li has appeared in many articles and list. He cannot be ignored in this article hence appearing in second position. He is amongst best Chinese actors. This handsome man of china is a well known Film producer and successful actor. Jet Li has played leading roles in films such as the sorcerer, the white snake and flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D.

1. Jackie Chan


Jackie Chan is the best of all Chinese actors studied in this list. Chan was born 62 years ago and he still holds great reputation from Chinese people. Jackie is talented, passionate, determined, focused and hardworking. He hails from Hong Kong and best known by many people worldwide including children.

These are the Top 10 Best Chinese Actors of All Time until 2017. They are elderly people but highly regarded for their leading roles in Chinese films. Their movies have fans from different countries and continents. It has come to my notice that Chinese actors are highly respected in society and successful.

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