Top 10 Best Bollywood Music Directors

India is a beautiful country that is popular amongst many people worldwide. It is recognized for many reasons. Some of these reasons are songs and films produced in this wonderful nation. These tracks and movies are highly featured worldwide for their unique and wonderful roles played by most talented people. In this article, we will be featuring best Music Directors that are always recognized for their amazing work of composing great hits. Ten of these people are listed below with information about them.

Here is the list of top 10 Best Bollywood Music Directors in 2017

10. Sachin Sanghvi

Sachin Sanghvi

On tenth position of this article is Sachin Sanghvi. This man is a well known for making good compositions and releasing them to outside world. Some of these compositions are D se Dance (2014), Lucky to Lucky Me (2014) and Gulabi (2013). These songs are many people’s favorites and they always rejuvenate downcast spirits of many music lovers in India. Sachin Sanghvi is highly credited worldwide for his good work that is highly recognized in Bollywood industry.

9. Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari Top Famous Bollywood Music Directors 2017

Ankit Tiwari is ranked in ninth position of this article and he is amongst best Bollywood music directors featured in this list. This great man is not only a music director but also a well known composer. His work is highly recognized worldwide. Ankit is currently successful and popular amongst Bollywood Music composers and directors. This is a big gift that God released to this amazing man. Good thing is that he has used it comfortably from his hard wording nature of Life. Not only this, Tiwari is always passionate of what he wants to do.

8. Pritam


On eighth position of this article is Pritam. He is ranked here because of his great, wonderful and amazing work recognized by Bollywood industry. He is not only a music director but also a recognized musician of all time from India. Many people in this wonderful country are fully aware of his great tracks. They will always vote for him now and again. Pritam is not appearing here by mistake, He has was recommended by his big fans worldwide. This is a great man that we cannot miss to mention in this article.

7. Sajid Ali

Sajid Ali

This list could have been slightly incomplete without featuring this amazing and successful music director called Sajid Ali. He has always been having many fans ever since he got himself in this wonderful music industry. You can be confident of his work because he has made many sad faces smile in India. Some of most favorite ad popular songs brought about by Sajid Ali are Baaki Sab First Class Hai, Tere Naina, Photocopy and many others. These songs have contributed to Sajid Ali’s popularity I entire Bollywood Music Industry.

6. Vishal Bhardwaj

Vishal Bhardwaj

This is another big name that cannot be omitted in this list of best music directors in Bollywood industry. Vishal Bhardwaj is ranked in sixth position of this article and he is amongst best ones of India. This great man of history is highly recognized because of his amazing work which is also recognized worldwide. Most of his songs or tracks have really touched hearts of many people and more especially in India. It is for this one reason that Vishal is featured in this amazing article of Best Bollywood Music Directors.

5. Shankar- Ehnaan-Loy

Shankar- Ehnaan-Loy

Shankir-Ehnsaan-Loy cannot be omitted in this article of best music directors from India. Unlike other directors featured in various position of this article, Shankar, is highly regarded to be hard working, passionate, determined ad always focused on his work. it is for this reason that this amazing man is successful and popular amongst many other music directors of India that we know. He has been featured in many Bollywood movies with his amazing tracks that are many people’s favorite in this wonderful country. He has also brought forward sweet Indian Tracks. Some of these wonderful tracks are Iski Usku, Locha- E-Ulfat and Mast Magan. They were released in different years and got recognized by people within short time.

4. Himesh Reshammiya

Himesh Reshammiya Top Popular Bollywood Music Directors 2018

On fourth position of this article is Himesh Reshammiya. This man is a successful and popular music director of all time from India. He is not only successful music director but also handsome in nature. He is well known music director. If you dint know other features of Himesh then I will confidently let you know. Reshammiya is not only a music director but also a popular and successful Bollywood actor of all time. He has been featured in many famous and amazing Indian Films and local television dramas that are many people’s favorite. However, acting did not work like his music composing career which has always earned him lot of recognition ad wealth.

3. Mithoon


Mithoon is featured in third position of this important article and is highly recognized for making wonderful melodies. It has come to my observation that his melodies live in many people’s hearts. This is such a big name that cannot be omitted in this article of best Music Directors in Bollywood history. Mithoon is also loved by many ladies for having awesome looks.

2. Meet Bros Anjjan

Meet Bros Anjjan

This article could have been slightly wrong without featuring this amazing music Director from Bollywood called Meet Bros Anjjan. It is so Obvious that Indian are fully aware of his work and perhaps enjoying a lot. Some of famous and most recognized hits are Party Toh Banti Hai, Baby Dolly and Hangover.

1. Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani

Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani

For the first time we are featuring two people in first position of this article. Both of them are highly recognized for taking part in Bollywood music directory. Vishal and Shekhar have many big projects that are highly acceptable in India. They are always together and have combined effort to offer success. Some of their great and famous hits are Drama Queen, Ishq Bulaava, Bang Bang, Punjabi wedding song and many others. We all recognize their efforts.

The list above shows best Music Directors in Bollywood Industry. They are highly recognized in this amazing country of Asia. It is their hard work, Determination and focus that have landed them in this list of Best Bollywood Music directors. They are also role models for many upcoming stars.

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