Top 10 Best And Biggest Hollywood Entertainers

Hollywood is a place known for its amazing abilities. Entertainment for viewers is through various mediums like film, music, dance, drama and so on. There are plenty of comedians, actors, actresses, filmmakers and musicians who work hard to bring to us the most acclaimed works of art that are entertaining as well. Entertaining the audience is not at all an easy job and needs lots of effort at the end of entertainer to create a positive impact on the individuals watching them out.

List of Top 10 Best And Biggest Hollywood Entertainers in 2017

10. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, Best Hollywood Entertainers In 2017

Tom Cruise demonstrated a scintillating performance in the film ‘Mission Impossible’ series movies. He is also very popular for his roles in these films. He is a highly established filmmaker and actor. Native of Syracuse, New York, he is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. He made his professional debut in the film industry at the age of 19. The film was Endless Love, since then, his career graph has been showing an upward trend. Just like lots of other established actors, he also has won lots of Awards and Nominations. He bagged 3 Golden Globe Award Nominations, 3 Golden Globe Awards, and lots of other prestigious accolades.

9. Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy Best Hollywood Entertainers In 2017-2018

Melissa McCarthy is a heavyweight in Hollywood. However, she proves that obesity is not a bad thing in building a successful acting career. She could make a huge success in the film industry because of her talents and wit. She also proved that anyone could become a leading lady if they have real talents. She never acted in romantic comedy films, but she achieved a prime place in Hollywood with her skills. She has a blossoming career in Hollywood films.

8. Kanye West

kanye-west Most Famous Hollywood Entertainers In 2017

Kanye is a successful American rapper and producer. Born in Atlanta, but raised in Chicago. Kanye worked with stars as Jay-Zand Alicia Keys before his career took off. He is ranked number 5 on posh24’s top 100 2016 celebrities.

7. Jennifer Aniston


Born in Los Angeles in 1969, Jennifer Aniston successfully handles many roles including acting. She is a producer and business woman. The father and mother of Jennifer Aniston were also actors. She is also considered as one of the most beautiful actresses, and she gained popularity by acting in TV shows. She received many awards that include Screen Actor Guild Award, Golden Globe Award, Primetime Emmy Award, etc. She was one of the top 100 greatest female TV actresses in the US. She effortlessly handles roles in romantic and comedy movies. Horrible Bosses, Just Go with it, The Break-Up, Marley and Me, etc. are some of her successful films.

6. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler most popular Hollywood Entertainers In 2018-2019

Adam Sandler has versatile qualities, and he is very popular because of these qualities. He is a very successful entrepreneur, scriptwriter, film producer, comedian, and a great actor. He is known as the funniest man in the Hollywood film industry. Adam Sandler is very famous for his roles in various films such as Mr. Deeds, Big Daddy, Billy Madison, and an animated movie, Hotel Transylvania. He is a very talented actor, and he achieved many awards and accolades for his stunning performance in various films.

5. Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. This American filmmaker and actress are also famous for her humanitarian activities. Born in 1975, she gets out for experimenting with her future in the film industry. Her father was also with her during that time. She acted for small budget during her early stages in acting. She is also very popular for her beauty and flexibility. She is the favorite actress for many producers due to her dignified dealings. She was a great success in films such as Cyborg 2 and Hackers. She also gets a critical appreciation for her acting in most movies. She also earned several awards and nominations. She is one amongst the Top 10 Best And Biggest Hollywood Entertainers 2017.

4. Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who began his professional career on Youtube. His first single was released in July 2009. The single One Time was a huge success for Justin Bieber, and the song was ranked number 12 in Canadian Hot 100. He has made a documentary movie about himself, “Never say never.”

3. Matt Damon


Matthew Paige Damon or simply Matt Damon was born in Cambridge, United States. He is a very talented and famous American actor. He is also an experienced screenwriter, producer, voice actor, and philanthropist. He entered the film industry in 1988. Since then, he has won many lead roles in various highly grossing movies. He has enthralling acting skills, which helped him to win an Oscar Award, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award. Forbs Magazine regarded him as one of the highest bankable and grossing actors. His charity activities helped to achieve numerous admirers from around the world.

2. Jennifer Lawrence


She is Hollywood’s beauty queen. She is Jennifer Lawrence, the most famous Hollywood actress. She appeared at the first time before the public in her The Bill Engvall Show. Jennifer Lawrence also handled lead roles in many superhero films, independent dramas, romantic comedies, etc. She also got some prestigious awards and various nominations. This 24-year-old beautiful actress hails from Kentucky, US.

1. Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson is very famous for his action and sports movies such as The Game Plan and Fast & Furious. He has a very attractive physique. He is also a very famous wrestler, so he has an athletic body shape. His first leading film was The Scorpion King, which was released in 2002. He was paid 5.5 million dollars for this movie. He is also very talented and fruitful in showbiz with wrestling. He handled lead roles in many popular films such as Get Smart.

These above are the Top 10 Best And Biggest Hollywood Entertainers 2017. These famous actors have presented their audience with a supreme level of Excellency through various ranges of genres and in return gained a lot of love and popularity among their audience that raised the ranking, and we can only keep waiting for 2017.

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