Top 10 Badass Actors Actresses ever

For being in the Top 10 Badass Actors Actresses ever, you have to kick butt, do majority of your own stunts, and look good all while you’re doing them. These top 10 badass actors actresses do just that. With their tough physique and attitudes, they take it all to the next level, on and off the screen. Here’s the top 10 badass actors actresses ever filmed:

List of Top 10 Badass Actors Actresses ever until in 2017

10. Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson Top Most Famous Badass Actors Actresses ever 2018

He’s Charles Bronson and he rips in all the Death Wish movies, as a vigilante. He was also known for his old west tough guy as ’t make action stars like him anymore. Bronson was 1 of 15 children, so you know he had to be tough in his struggle of growing up in a huge family. He was frequently playing the violent type characters, yet, with his rough facial features and his distinct “grave-like” voice, he plays a true badass because of his success mainly in the Death Wish movies and all the westerns he filmed. His stardom rose when he turned the ripe old age of 50. Some of his work includes 10 to Midnight, Cabo Blanco, Death Wish 1,2,3,4, The Evil That Men Do, Messenger of Death, Murphy’s Law,…to name a few. Net worth: $15 million.

9. Uma Thurman


Uma Karuna Thurman is one badass actress who kicks butt in Kill Bill I and II, and she also kicked but in My Super X-Girlfriend. Her beauty as well as the way she fights and does some of her own fighting moves without blinking makes Uma one badass actress in Hollywood. Some of her films include Pulp Fiction, Be Cool, Gattica, and Batman & Robin (Poison Ivy) to name a few. Net worth: $45 million.

8. Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo Top Famous Badass Actors Actresses ever 2019

Danny Trejo has to be one badass actor for being out of prison and going straight to acting. Born in Echo Park, Los Angeles, Trejo, has a body that is built tough. He unfortunately was “a child drug addict and criminal”, but the past is the past, and his badass self went to San Quentin, one of the toughest prisons to date and went “in and out” doing 11 years flat. He also won the lightweight as well as the welterweight boxing titles back then. Normally he plays assassins, prisoners, or bounty hunters,…but, he’s also normally cast in Robert Rodriguez’s films such as all three From Dusk till Dawn. Other Rodriguez’ films he’s played in are: Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Grindhouse and Machete. Another role was in Predators. He has dozens and dozens of films as well as dozens and dozens of tattoos, which he sports in almost all the films he’s kicking ass in. Net worth: $16 million.

7. Dwayne Douglas Johnson

Dwayne Douglas Johnson Top Popular Badass Actors Actresses ever 2019

Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a The Rock) is a professional wrestler, and an American actor and producer. He’s with the WWE part-time, and used to be a college football player (University of Miami). It took him to the National Championship in the early 90’s with the Miami Hurricanes football team. The majority of his films are action, adventure, and romance comedy. Some of his films includes The Mummy Returns, The Scorpion King, Walking Tall, Doom, Gridiron Gang, Get Smart, Faster, Snitch and G.I. Joe, …to name a few. Net worth: $190 million dollars.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Top 10 Badass Actors Actresses ever 2017

This action/adventure star is better known for his work in the Terminator. His main catch phrase “I’ll be back,” and he does, again and again. His moves are killing with that ultimate tough guy style. He’s so badass that he even became the governor of California, plus married one of the Kennedy’s, Maria Shriver. He began his career as a professional body-builder. He’s good with his guns, in more ways then one with some of his notable films being Aftermath, Predator, Total Recall, The Legend of Conan, Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask, Terminator, The Expendable, and Sabotage…to name a few. Net worth: $300 million

5. Bruce Lee


The main tough guy in martial arts; he became the icon for martial arts movies in the 70’s, which he pioneered for many others taking up the art. What makes him such a badass is that he does all his stunts, he kicks ass, and he has the gift to intimidate on and off screen. He was a street fighter in real life when he was growing up in Hong Kong. He was the “The Green Hornet” and has a line up of films that include: Enter the Dragon, The Chinese Connection, The Way of the Dragon, and the Big Boss…to name a few. Net worth: $10 million.

4. Sylvester Stallone


Everyone knows that this action star will be on this list of Top 10 Badass Actors Actresses ever until 2017. He’s Rambo and Rocky. Considered as major icons in film, he’s been acting since the 70’s and always as a badass. With his deep voice, and strong built, the ladies not only love him, men do too! He’s actually one of the top box office “draws” to this day for action-packed films. “Sly” is also known for his sly ways when he fights in Expendables 1,2, and 3, with other notable films under his belt are Escape Plan, Bullet to the Head, Reach Me, and more Rocky continuities such as Creed. Net worth: $400 million.

3. Harrison Ford


He is known as Hans Solo, and became a hot commodity for the Star Wars clan. He’s the “intergalactic tough guy” with another role that took him to stardom and that was when he played the archaeologist in Indiana Jones. His films include: Firewall, Crossing Over, Extraordinary Measures, Morning Glory, Paranoia, The Expendables,…to name a few. Net Worth: $230 million.

2. Jason Statham


Jason walked the talk in scenes that took him to stardom as a badass character known to speak less, and kick butt more. In the late 90’s, he was recognized as one kick ass dude in Lock, Stock, and Two Smocking Barrels. Statham embraced the action star persona. He’s also had some successful movie franchises which included The Transporter series and The Expendables. He also plays some bad ass animated roles in Gnome & Juliet. Statham has some unforgettable work includes: The Transporter, Snatch, Revolver, The Italian Job, The Bank Job, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, War…to name a few. Net worth: : $60 million.

1. Clint Eastwood


To still be acting and directing at the age of 80+, he must be a badass actor. Clint Eastwood, who showed how badass he was in Dirty harry and The Outlaw of Josey Wells, has been on the Hollywood scene since the 60’s and still is going on strong. This legend is not only a tough American actor, but he directs films, and is a political figure. He earned massive success with his western TV series, Rawhide. Some of his famous movies are The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, The Man with No Name (International success), Dollars Trilogy of Spaghetti westerns in the 60’s…to name a few. Net worth: $375 million.

These above are the Top 10 Badass Actors Actresses ever until 2017. These actors and actresses that didn’t make the list, they would most likely be on the Top 25. Yet, these guys and gal are notably the badass actors and actresses ever in film. Without them, the action packed story lines would’ve not taken place. And notice how most of them have a continuation. This illustrates that the audiences love them so much that they had to see more of.

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