Top 10 Bad Looking Celebrities in The World

There are many bad looking celebrities worldwide. These celebrities hail from various countries and suffer from dangerous conditions that destroyed their natural beautiful looks. Some of them have undergone through many plastic surgeries and currently are looking awful. I am certain that you are eager to know about them. We are studying ten of these celebrities in the list below. I have to warn all readers that there looks are scaring and extremely bad.

List of Top 10 Bad Looking Celebrities in The World in 2017

10. Camilla Parker Bowles


Camilla Parker Bowles is a famous celebrity worldwide. She is a daughter in law to Queen Elizabeth. Parker is a wife to prince Charles of Whales and she was born on 17th July, 1947. Many people wonder how she got a prince as a husband. She looks extremely bad. Camilla loves Horses and riding them as well. Internet uses compared her to one of horses that she used to ride.

9. Sandra Bernhard


Sandra Bernhard is in second position of this article and she is amongst ugly celebrities worldwide. She is a recognized author, actress, singer and comedienne from United States of America. Sandra gained fame and attention in early 1970’s after appearing in a famous comedy that captured attention of many people in USA and neighboring countries. Bernhard is featured in this article not because of her beauty but ugly look. She looks extremely bad and make ups or elegant clothes cannot save her from being featured I this article. Sandra has big lips that are rough all the same.

8. Donatella Versacedonatella-versace-top-popular-bad-looking-celebrities-in-the-world-2017

Donatella Versace is another bad looking celebrity featured in eight position of this article. This lady is a recognized ad successful fashion designer from Italy. She was born on 2nd may 1955. Most her clothes and great designs are featured in most films and local television shows. Donatella is not only a fashion designer but also a talented actress. Most of her fans are still trying to find out whether Versace has any genes of a man. Her hands and legs have muscles and visible veins. These features are not common to any beautiful celebrity.

7. Whoopi Goldberg


This one celebrity cannot be omitted in this list of bad looking celebrity worldwide. She is a famous and successful singer, songwriter, comedian, show host, author and political activist. If wealth was beauty then Whoopi would be the most beautiful women worldwide. She is successful but bad looking hence studied in this list. Goldberg holds a record of having many winning and nomination awards. Whoopi is truly famous and successful in life but has protruding cheeks that makes her look extremely bad. This woman doesn’t love being girlish and this is observed in her hair which is ugly.

6. Steve Tyler


There are many things that can be discussed about this man but bad looking nature is outstanding of them all. Steve Tyler is a talented multi-Instrumentalist, songwriter and talented singer. Some of the instruments that are Steve ca play are guitar, piano, drum set and many others. This man from United States of America is indeed talented and portrays great vocals that uplift many people’s spirits when they are down. You will definitely desire to meet him upon hearing his mp3 songs little to know that Tyler isn’t handsome as his voice.

5. Marty Feldman


Marty Feldman is in fifth position of this article. He is amongst bad looking celebrities worldwide. Marty was born on 8th July, 1934 and died one morning on 2nd December, 1982. This man from England is still remembered for taking part in acting and comedy writing industry. His fans never cease to forget his big and scaring eyes. He looked like an abnormal person because of having a very narrow face, small lips and very big eyes like that of a cat. It is so sad that we lost him several years ago and is no more to prove what I am trying to explain to article readers.

4. Michael Berryman


Michael Berryman was born on 4th September, in 1948, in Los Angeles, in California. He is bad looking person because of suffering from a dangerous condition known as Hypohidrotic Ectodermic Dysplasia. This condition has damaged this star completely. Michael has few hairs, fingernails, teeth and two sweat glands. Even with this condition, Berryman has appeared in many films ad local television dramas that are watched by many people worldwide. It is sad to learn that this great English star has a lot of wealth but cannot recover from his dangerous condition.

3. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Top most Famous Bad Looking Celebrities in The World 2019

Michael Jackson is the king of Plastic surgery. Everything about his bad looks is his fault. Michael was born on 29th August, 1958 and died on 25th June, 2009. He hails from United States of America but biologically originates from South Africa. Jackson went through many plastic surgeries in order to suit in American singer. He did not know that he was actually destroying his life. This king of pop music died after his body failing several times.

2. Marilyn Manson


His original name is Brian Hugh Warner. He is a popular and successful American painter, actor and recognized musician. Marilyn is amongst bad looking celebrities worldwide. He paints his body with paints that he uses in buildings. Manson hails from Canton, Ohio in United States of America.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein Top Most Popular Bad Looking Celebrities in The World 2018

Joselyn Wildenstein is rated in first position of this article. She is the ugliest person worldwide. She is always referred to as the lion Queen because of having a fierce look. This lady has done many facial surgeries and they have converted her to what she is today. Her face is rough and ugly. This is something that Jocelyn Wildenstein cannot recover from. It is so sad to learn this fact.

List above shows celebrities that are bad looking worldwide 2017. They are however successful and famous because of their professional careers. Most of them destroyed their looks through plastic surgery. They are listed in various positions above according to the level of their bad look.

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