Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55 in The World

Aging is one of the things that you cannot prevent but the celebrities especially women celebrities have proven that you can prevent yourself from aging. Some of the women do not love the fact that aging is creeping in and they work day and night to ensure that they do not have a face that matches their age. Some of them have gone mile like having plastic surgeries and using those heavy cosmetics that have been recommended by their dermatologists.

The reason why many of these celebrities do this is to ensure that they do not lose their fame amongst their fans. They have spent so much of their finances to remain looking young and beautiful. Some of these listed celebrities are in the age bracket of 55 years and above. Below is a list of the top ten ageless celebrity beauties over 55 years in the world.

List of Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55 in The World in 2017

10. Bette Midler

bette midler, Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55 in The World 2017

Starting our lit is Bette Midler. She is 69 years of age but when you look at her, you will think she is in her mid- 20’s. She was born in the year 1949. She is one of the multi-talented celebrities who has worked in song writing, acting and even producing. Looking at her picture when she was a young celeb, you will find that the two are still very compatible. She still possesses that glamorous look of a young celebrity.

9. Susan Sarandon

susan sarandon, Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55 in The World 2017

Another one of the ageless celebrities is one Susan Sarandon. She is considered as one of the best Hollywood actresses. She was born in the year 1946 and the 70 year old still has that young looking face. In her career, she has worn several awards including BAFTA and Academy awards for the roles she played in Dead Man Walking. Her looks are amazing which contributed to her being nominated for several Hollywood awards. Her marvelous look will catch the attention of every person.

8. Meryl Streep


She is one of the most celebrated celebs because of her several works in modeling. When you compare her with other celebs, she has not maintained her beauty by using anti-aging drugs but she has always been undertaking 4 to 6 hour of swimming on a daily basis. She is 71 years of age after being born in the year 1945. Her beauty has made her to get a big position in the modeling industry. Her beauty is due to her healthy lifestyle.

7. Michelle Pfeiffer


If you were to meet this celebrity, you would confuse her for a teen because of her incredible beauty. Being an actress whose works have been celebrated especially in the movie Scarface. She has maintained this through her lifestyle. She jogs daily for 6 miles every day and she consumes very little sugar, fats and dairy. She looks beautiful even when she is not on make-ups. You would not believe it when you hear that she is 58 years old.

6. Diane Keaton


Having a consistent look is what every celebrity desires. This 68 year old born in 1948 is one of those celebrated in her career. She has maintained the same look after 30 year since she had a plastic surgery. According to her, she says that women can maintain their beautiful look even without surgery. Even when she is not on make-up you will find her attractive. Her recognition in her career began in 1970 as a director, producer and writer all around the world.

5. Lloyd Cher



This is a California born pop celeb. She was born in the year 1946 so you can tell her age from that. You will find it hard to believe that she is 70 years by looking at her. She is also a celebrated actress whose beauty has made people confuse her for a twenty year old teen. Her constant beauty and not aging has been contributed by use of make ups, following health lifestyle. She has said that the genes she inherited from her parents have contributed her beauty. In her career, she has received several awards.

4. Jane Fonda


This is one of the over 55 women who would contest with young ladies in a beauty contest and still defeat some of them. She has been considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Though she has faced several challenges in her career, she has always remained young and vibrant. She is 73 years of age. Moreover, she always says that age is just a number. Her success is due to her positive living and power.

3. Sophia Loren


Imagine being 82 years and still looking attractive and beautiful. She is one amongst the Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55 in The World 2017. This is the case for Sophia who has been the most beautiful women for her age. In her career she has worn several awards some of them being Grammy and Academy awards. What have been outstanding about her are her smashing eyes since she was 20 years of age. They were considered the cutest in Italy. Sophia is proof enough that you can overcome aging especially among women.

2. Grace Kelly


You would not debate it when she tells you that she is in her early 20s, this is because she has that beautiful face that still looks young. Though she has been dead, she is still considered the most beautiful women over 55 because she died when she was above 55 years of age. In her acting career, she received several awards in her career. She is still remembered in the world of beauty.

1. Sharon Stone


The most beautiful women over 55 is Sharon Stone. Being 63 years old, her beauty can be traded for anything in the world. Her beauty has been maintained not for using any kinds of drugs but she has assumed a life of exercising and facials. She has the beauty of the 20-year-old teens. In her performance as a celeb, she has won several awards and nominations some of them include: Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards. Her beauty has been craved for even those celebrities who are younger than her.

As I conclude these are the top ten ageless celebrity beauties who are over 55 in 2017. One thing to learn from them is that for you to remain ageless it will require a lot of sacrifice and commitment to several exercises to maintain that beautiful looking faces.

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