Top 10 Actors Who Are Unexpectedly Good Singers

Many people tend to forget that actors are not one-dimensional human beings that have no talent outside their own chosen field. Many of them have hobbies, side projects, and aspects of their lives that make them far more interesting for the mere fact that they have more to offer than just acting. When it comes to using their voice talents, a great many people never seem to realize that many actors and actresses might have started out in a much simpler venue just trying to get noticed, which would mean theater, improve, and even as understudies for Broadway musicals. In any case, there is no doubt that many are surprised to learn of the genuine and amazing talents of their favorite actors when it comes belting out their favorite tunes. With that said, here are the top ten actors who are unexpectedly good singers.

List of Top 10 Actors Who Are Unexpectedly Good Singers in 2017

10. Patrick Wilson


He’s known for his roles in “The Conjuring” movies as well as other noted portrayals that have landed him a spot amongst the Hollywood elite, but in truth Patrick has quite the voice. Even before he became a name in television and movies he was a leading man in Broadway musicals, earning roles in productions such as “Miss Saigon”, “The Full Monty”, and even “Oklahoma”. Despite his good looks and obvious skill on screen he is also a wonder to listen to when he puts his voice to the test, making you almost forget the acerbic wit and sly sense of authority he brings to his many different characters.

9. Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick Top Most Actors Who Are Unexpectedly Good Singers 2017

This one should come as no real surprise considering that after “Pitch Perfect” Kendrick became known far and wide as a singer as well as an actress. What people didn’t know was that the young woman has been doing this type of thing since she was around 13 years old, and was the second youngest nominee in the history of the Tony’s. She made her film debut in “Camp”, which was a very low-budget Indie film that is likely only remembered by a select few. As of the current day she is one of the hottest known names in Hollywood and has become quite the accomplished actress.

8. Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner Top 10 Actors Who Are Unexpectedly Good Singers

Now if you’ve followed Renner at all you might remember him as Dags from National Lampoon’s “Senior Trip”, or perhaps as Clint Barton from “The Avengers” or even his short-lived stint in the “Bourne” legacy. In any case you might have noticed that he’s been on the rise in the past several years and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. What you might not have noticed during all this comedy, action, and drama however is the very real presence he’s had in Broadway as he singes American Pie in the hit “Love Comes to the Executioner”. Who knew a guy that could fire a bow while jumping off a building could sing his heart out all the way to the electric chair?

7. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Top 10 Actors Who Are Unexpectedly Good Singers 2017

There’s no doubt that he’s one of the youngest names on this list, but he’s earned his spot in one of the most spectacular ways. You might remember him from the surprising hit “Kick-Ass”, but what really got his name out there was the role he took as the teenage John Lennon. Imagine being asked to play an icon that millions upon millions of dedicated fans would be looking to and picking apart with a fine-tooth comb. Despite his youth and the separation between his generation and that of Lennon’s followers, Taylor-Johnson manages not only to act like Lennon, but to belt out each and every tune in the same Liverpudlian accent that Lennon was so well known for. His singing is on point and doesn’t miss a beat, which is impressive for anyone who would seek to undertake such a daunting task.

6. Anne Hathaway


She’s never hidden the fact that she can sing, but the general public has always been more focused on her beauty, her acting, and of course her constant on-screen transformations. It’s been seen very often that she has a nice voice, but then so do a lot of people. When it was discovered that she would be playing Fantine in “Les Miserables” a great many people held their breath in anticipation. They had to wonder if she would be amazing or simply ho-hum, as her singing talents had been showcased before, but never in such an enormously popular venue such as the classic tale that has spanned generations. But as so many witnessed, Hathaway does in fact have enough voice to pull off such an iconic character. She is one amongst the Top 10 Actors Who Are Unexpectedly Good Singers 2017.

5. Iwan Rheon


You might remember Rheon from his stint as Simon on “Misfits” but it might be a little difficult to imagine him using his voice to soak in the spotlight. There’s no doubt he is committed to the craft but is rather shy about it, but the reality is that he thrives when on the stage, whether as an actor or singer. He’s actually recorded three solo albums since 2010 and despite his popularity as Ramsay Snow on HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, has become a well-established name on stage and in music as well. It’s safe to assume that his talents don’t lie just within the realm of acting, as it’s already been well proven that he can succeed in other venues as well.

4. Eddie Redmayne


Whether you’re a Potter fan or have managed to catch this talented young actor in such works as “Pillars of the Earth” or “My Week With Marilyn” or even “Les Miserables”, you’ve likely taken note that he is a rather interesting personality. While any role in “Les Miserables” would demand at least a modicum of talent from any actor, Redmayne has shown that he has more than what it takes to keep up. Perhaps one of these days he might offer up a rendition of his most current role as Newt Scamander in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” with a musical lean to it?

3. Emilia Clarke


If you don’t know who she is you either a) don’t watch HBO, b) don’t watch television at all, or c) are hiding under a rock somewhere. The vaunted ‘Mother of Dragons’ is one of the most current personalities to become a hit in recent years. Not only is she a fierce and inspiring female presence in one of the most brutal fantasy shows to ever be created, she is also one of the recent stars of the Broadway hit “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, where she managed to show that she is far more than a dragon-riding, fire-walking badass. Despite not being a musical, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” still allowed her to use her hauntingly beautiful voice to enchant and even impress the audience.

2. Scott Bakula


If not for the show “Quantam Leap” it’s possible that Scott Bakula might have been seen as little more than a poster-boy for a generation that has long since passed. Despite his current status as a prominent member of “NCIS: New Orleans”, he has for a long time been associated with a slew of different productions that allowed him to work his acting range far more than his musical talents. If you watch reruns of Bakula’s many different musical performances on “Quantum Leap” you will find out that he wasn’t just an appealing face in his day, but could actually belt out a tune with the best of them.

1. Robert Downey Jr.


So at this point you might be wondering if Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and even Samuel L. Jackson might be making this list eventually. Scarlett Johansson is noted for her voice, but unfortunately she didn’t make the top ten. But if you thought it was enough that Downey got to play a genius playboy billionaire philanthropist, adding his obvious musical talent into the mix will only make it even more unbalanced. Let’s face it, the episode of “Ally McBeal” where he sang with Sting, STING mind you, proves that he has the musical chops to pull such a clutch move off and just walk away because he is that good.

So, these above are the Top 10 Actors Who Are Unexpectedly Good Singers 2017. So yes, actors can be musicians too, and a good number of them are rather good at what they do. Think about it for a moment and you’ll realize how many of these individuals had to work their way up doing virtually everything they could to get where they are, and you will understand. Being an actor isn’t an easy ticket to a better life, it just means you’re willing to do what it takes to get to that point. If they had to sing a little song and do a little dance to get to where they are now, chances are they didn’t say no.

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