Top 10 Most Tough Dangerous Jobs in The World

Having a job is an everyday task. You get up and go to work thinking nothing is going to happen. But what if you had to go to work and risk your life. If you think for one minute that your life is horrible think about these ten jobs. These dangerous jobs have to be done no matter how bad it could be. They wake up everyday hoping they make it to the next day. Yes they know what could happen to them but having the job helps them. Certain jobs will have great insurance because you will need it to ensure that your family is taken care of if anything happens to you. These jobs seem simple but they are ten of the dangerous jobs you could do.

List of Top 10 Most Tough Dangerous Jobs in the world in 2017

10. Electrician

electrician, Top 10 Most Tough Dangerous Jobs in The World 2017

Of course an Electrician would be on this list because anyone that has to interact with live electric wires can be seriously injured. They must work hands on with the circuit assemblies, wires that are up hire, and any cable harnesses that are there. The electrician should be aware that there is a high possibility of being electrocuted, a possible fall since they must be up high, a fire could happen, carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shocks, and sometimes an explosion could happen. There is also a problem with the constant vibrations and very loud noises when working in this field.

9. Communications Tower Climbing-

communications, Top 10 Most Tough Dangerous Jobs in The World 2017

When people are using their mobile phones for texting and making their phones calls, no one thinks about the ones that are responsible for keeping our signals so strong. The communications tower climbers are the ones we should gives thanks to for them putting their lives on the line everyday when they go into work. They must climb extremely tall towers and if the equipment they are using such as harnesses or something are old then the product is going to be faulty and possibly cause the man or woman to fall, which would kill them.

8. Firefighter


These men and women that do this job are very brave and deserve so much recognition for the fact they jump into burning buildings without caring about their own lives just to be able to save a child or adult. The smoke consumption that they could inhale is very bad for the human body and could kill them if they do not have their masks on. A firefighter could end up with major health problems later on in life such as mesothelioma. The bad thing about that particular disease is that it takes many years to show up and by the time it does there is no way to cure it.

7. Fisherman


Have you ever thought about why crab meat is so expensive to buy? It is not only because it is rare but also due to the ones that put their lives on the line in Alaska to get us that delicious tasting food. The have to deal with freezing cold water just to get us this stuff which could result in them having hypothermia or getting frost bite. It is a horrible thing and they deserve to get tons of thanks thrown out their way.

6. Truck Driver


These individuals drive in very bad weather which causes horrible road conditions along with them dealing with drivers that are irresponsible and they lose a lot of sleep at night just to deliver important goods all over the world. If it were not for the truck drivers out there on the roads, our stores would not have any foods for us to buy. All of the bad things that one of these people must put up with could lead to severe circumstances like a deadly wreck.

5. Logging


When it comes to cutting down trees and having to climb them it can really cause some damage. Most deaths happen in July, September and October. This happens year round because we have to have the wood and be able to keep it stored up for so many different things. Having to climb up high can harm someone because at anytime they could fall or the chainsaw could slip and hit them. They can lose limbs or their lives. Between having to make sure everyone is out of the way and using code words they can be fine one minute and dead the next. Watch you back very closely and listen carefully. This is one of the Top 10 Most Tough Dangerous Jobs in The World 2017.

4. Construction Site Foreman


The foreman has to take care of pretty much everything. They have to give instruction and doing this while heavy machines are in use can harm them because the person thinks no one is in the way. They may miss a step and fall to the ground. Between falling from high spots or getting electrocuted or being buried underground this could be their last day on earth and no one be able to help them. The chemicals they can be exposed to will cause health issues or a fast death. Between the smoke and dust you still need to think of the asbestos that can cause cancers or lung problems.

3. Miner


Even though this could cause more problem later on it could happen fast to. The fact that the mines can fall in and trap many people will leave families without a man to bring in the money or a woman. Having to do this job can cause inflammation in the lungs and lesions also. They are exposed to large amounts of a dust called Silica that causes silicosis and Potter’s rot. The older days was a lot worse because it was a huge job back then. You always heard of the coal miners and such things.

2. Bodyguard


They are around to protect someone very important so having to deal with people trying to kill someone can get them hurt and the other person saved. They risk their live for someone else. If you have heard of how dangerous it is to protect someone then you know they can miss one small person that is out for blood or just to harm someone. They protect the government and the wealthy and so many other people. They usually carry a weapon of some sort like a gun or taser but this will safe them from someone who also has a weapon. They are on the constant look out.

1. Painter


When it comes to this job it sounds easy. You just paint a building or something right? Nope the fact they have to climb ladders or stand on a rail can harm them. They can fall and hurt their self or get killed. The fact that they have to stretch their bodies in such a way makes the bones become very sore and can cause health problems. It hurts the spine also. The paint fumes are not as bad now as the past but they can still make them sick.

These above are the Top 10 Most Tough Dangerous Jobs in The World 2017. These jobs are very risky and dangerous. No one really thinks about that when it comes to simple jobs but it can be a big problem. People lose their lives everyday because of work or because of life. Maybe we should look more into what other people do before be say they are doing a simple task. Putting yourself in dangers way means you know the chances of getting hurt. Next time you wake up and go to work at a job behind a desk or in a building then you should be thankful you do not have to deal with a different job that could keep you from your family.

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