Top 10 Hottest Most Popular Jobs for Guys

When we talk about finding a potential partner, the job of the person can matter more than the looks. Your job says a lot about yourself if you are a boring person, a confident individual or educated. For women, their curiosity of analysing things about guys includes their job. Some jobs are pretty decent like an accountant, while there are many interesting ones such as firefighters, police etc.

People are attracted to various things when it comes to job and men’s occupation. While having a lot of money is good, women specifically do not want that in men. In this article, we take a brief look at some of the sexiest and impressive intriguing jobs for men.

List of the world’s Top 10 hottest most popular jobs for guys in 2017.

10. Engineer

Engineer, Hottest Most Popular Jobs for Guys 2017

We think engineers are sexy and that is because they are bestowed with brains like no one else and it is one of their attractive quality. Engineers are patient and focus on the details which make them pretty good in relationships. They also understand how the things are made and can help in fixing computers, I-Phones, printers etc. Most of the engineers are known nerds but the hottest part of them is that they are unaware of their attractiveness. Though they are not really exciting but they are smart, great and extremely creative people and not to forget some of the highest paid candidates in the world.

9. Police Officer

Police officers are powerful beings and that makes their job hottest among many. As much as their job can be annoying they look attractive in their police uniform. Their attitude, confidence and ability to serve people automatically makes them popular among people. What makes them sexy and hot is the way they handle any situation because during their training they undergo many situations where they need to handle things more patiently than aggressively. That proves the understanding of police officer giving them the ninth spot in the list of most popular jobs for guys.

8. Artist

Painters and Sculptors have something very mysterious about them. Maybe it’s a troubled soul or their ability to create an amazing piece of art, but whatever they end up creating they are incredibly sexy. Artists tend to be emotional and add the same touch to their work and this is one of the quality women look for. Artists are also creative, romantic and very reversed which is an amazing combination. With in-depth thoughts, creativity and soulful work, the job of an Artist gives you an insight of life and its beauty.

7. Musician

Musician, Hottest Most Popular Jobs for Guys 2017

Who does love, Musicians? A sight of a man with his guitar from 9 to 6 could be the most interesting job in the world. Musicians are confident, talented who are known to create melodies with their instruments. They are also passionate lovers. What makes their popular is the demand and fan following they receive wherever they go to perform which could be good or bad both depending on how they manage their life. While many are professional and consider this serious business many has their own downfalls duet none serious attitude. However, the job of a musician is something that we all wish for.

6. Athlete

Athletes are well known for their shape and social status that is almost indescribable. Athletes are promiscuous people with many people following their lifestyle and career. Their lifestyle includes consistent training, movements from on place to another, tournaments etc. While they work really hard on themselves for getting in shape and doing the best, they get a great fan following. We all remember famous swimmer Michael Phelps who is not only popular but among the hot bachelors in the world of sport.

5. Entrepreneur

With the sharp and incredible minds, Entrepreneur forecast the future with their best analysing skills which are an excellent and sexy trait. they may not start with a success tribute ends up with one. Their lifestyle includes many business trips, countless emails and late night but in the end, everything will be worth. In today’s time when the startup culture is booming with its full charge, many young Entrepreneurs are making it big and that is the reason why this job is one of the most popular and sexiest job in 2016.

4. Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter, Hottest Most Popular Jobs for Guys 2018

Fire Fighters have one word associated with them and its respect. Apart from respect, the sexiest thing about them is that they literally enter into the burning buildings and also the fact they are often seen sliding down a pole. The “hero” factor perfectly explains why the job of a firefighter is the popular and most respected job. The individuals are strong are heroic with a fearless attitude and definitely worth doing the tough job of saving lives.

3. Lawyer

Lawyers are headstrong, confident, sexy and intelligent beings. They are not only educated but extremely successful and powerful. It is one of the demanding jobs that comes with many rewards. People have a lot of trust into them. Lawyers are also very understanding and good listeners who understand the situation very patiently which is again a great quality that people look for.

2. Doctor

Every mother tries and looks for a nice doctor for their daughters and why not Doctors are extremely intelligent and to top it all they save lives. This part of their life is the hottest because doctors are usually shy and have silent confidence and bit awkward but their brain covers up for almost everything. The job of paediatricians and surgeons are the most popular and in demand because paediatricians deal with young kids and everyone likes the sight of a guy playing with young children. Surgeons are known for saving lives, remodelling body parts that give them intriguing sexiness.

1. Chef

Chef, Hottest Most Popular Jobs for Guys 2016

What could be sexier than a moon cooking? Chefs are by far the most patient, passionate, creative and smart. The perks of being a good chef include working in a cool or a high-end restaurant or hotel. If you are good at what you do then there will be many times when you will be showered with dozens of compliments and will be stocked with many goodies in the fridge. Everyone from doctors to engineers likes to eat out with their loved ones and who bring the tasty feast to them, yes you know it right: Chefs. That is the reason they top the list of the most popular jobs for guys.

The popular and the hottest jobs cannot be compared with high paying jobs because the above-mentioned jobs are based on what other like and get attracted to when it comes to men and their occupation.

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