Top 10 Hottest Family Friendly Jobs in The World

Most people nowadays are very busy with their jobs to a level that they don’t have time for their families. Good news is there are many jobs you can choose from that do not require you to spend all your time in office. In addition, you can work at home and still manage to have considerable amount of income. Such job gives you a chance to spend enough time with your loved ones and increase family bond. Here are some of family friendly hottest job you can choose from considering your education background and qualifications.

List of Top 10 Hottest Family Friendly Jobs in The World in 2017

10. Nutritionist

nutritionist, Top 10 Hottest Family Friendly Jobs in The World 2019

A nutritionist is a person who gives advice on how to maintain good health and about food. You can work on either part-time or full time basis as a nutritionist. It is a very flexible profession that you can open your own private clinic or be employed in health care Centre, but first you have to graduate with Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. You can earn over $78,000 per year depending on hours you have chosen to work. If you decide to be self-employed, you will get plenty of time to be with your family.

9. Interior Designer

Interior Designer Top Most Popular Hottest Family Friendly Jobs in The World 2018

If you have exceptional design skills, interior designer is a best profitable job for you. With a degree in Interior Design you can be able to get a job in commercial companies. It helps you to work at home while spending time with your family and also working. This make you can up with amazing designs that will make the world look beautiful. You can earn more than $45,000 per year if worked well.

8. Landscape Architect

Landscape Architect Top Famous Hottest Family Friendly Jobs in The World 2019

This kind of a job gives you an opportunity to work on beautiful compounds of people’s home. If you are highly skilled, you can get advantage of having design best landscape. Best thing about this job is that one can decide to open his or her company or be employed to landscape companies. By doing so, it will help you get enough time with your loved ones.

7. Homeopath


He or she is a person who treats common contaminations such as cold, flu, and cough that disturb people from time to time. For you to qualify to treat people, one must be a holder of Bachelor’s degree in medicine and related courses. One has an option because he or she can operate his or her own private clinic, be employed in pharmaceutical company or in hospital. You can earn up to $55,000 per year and that can really help to your family income.

6. Custom Furniture Builder


Custom Furniture Builders are very important for making unique fittings for customers’ needs. This gives you adequate time to make changes and modify tables and chairs according to clients need. There are so many companies that hire people, hence giving you a chance to get employment or you can also exposed your own company. A degree in Art or Home Design is also very important.

5. Software Developer


You can have fun and enjoy while working in this job. If one wants to be a software developer, he or she should have brilliant knowledge in programming. One can develop software and sell it on internet if you’re a holder of Bachelor degree in software Engineering. If it is downloaded and purchased by many people, you can earn a lot of money. Software Company can also employ you.

4. Speech Pathologists


Speech pathologist is a professional who provide care and treat patients with swallowing and communication problem. It was ranked one of the best family friendly jobs in 2017. You can choose to work full time or part time. Some of those who have worked this job have been earning up to $87,000 annually.

3. Online Tutor


Many institutions are offering online courses, making online tutors an opportunity to have plentifully available. You can apply and teach in best universities in the world where you can decide to work half or full time. Working on part time bases enables you to have quality time spend with you families. Apart from teaching, you can also develop curriculum education and still be pain abundantly. PHD or master’s degree will increase your chances of getting hired.

2. Online Tax Advisors


Many people have issues with taxation; the only way you can help them is by providing them with suitable advice. You can do this in your home through phone calls or via email and also you can chat via Skype. This requires you to have detailed knowledge about tax. By doing this, you can be able to create much time with your loved ones.

1. Freelance Writer


This is simply the hottest family friendly job you can do, but for you to get good money you need to build an outstanding selection. This will market your business a lot and help develop several job offers and get well paid. You can also involve other writers to help you with job, therefore giving you enough time to be with your family members. The advantage thing is that you can work any time you want and anywhere globally provided there his internet connection.

These above are the Top 10 Hottest Family Friendly Jobs in The World 2017. Most people wonder which family friendly business their can involve themselves in, but know they don’t have to worry because above are top ten hottest jobs their can choose from. You can now make the right decision with what you want to do and still include your family in your life.

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