Top 10 Highest Paying Dirty Jobs in The World

Everybody at some point in their lives has done a task that involved getting your hands dirty. However, many refrain from doing anything to do with getting dirty. But not everyone feels the same way. Whether its cleaning excreta or cleaning a dead body, if the price is right many people will gladly complete the work. A dirty job refers to the job that includes anything that grosses people but if well paid, many people may also be happier getting their hands dirty.

If you are not the types to sit in a cubicle whole day one of the jobs with the bit of mess might suit you perfectly. Such jobs can be revolting, dangerous with psychologically stressing duties.

Here is the list of top 10 highest paying dirty jobs in the world in 2017.

(10) Oil Rig Worker: (Average annual salary :$40,000)

Oil Rig Worker Highest Paying Dirty Jobs 2016

The oil industry is booming but striking oil is not so glamorous in actual. Regular life of oil rig worker is dangerous and dirty. Machinery is extremely loud, and the conditions become cramped. Worker often has to wear ear plugs to prevent the hearing loss.

(9) Embalmer: (Average annual salary :$41,000)

Embalmer Highest Paying Dirty Jobs 2016

When a person is dead, the body turns pale and the sight is both scary and ugly. There is an embalming process which involves the delay in the decomposition of the dead body and is restored cosmetically to make it look presentable. The process of embalming is very soul stirring. Embalmer cleans the entire body with germicidal soap and massage out the stiffness and prepares to beautify the body with the help of makeup and wirings etc. The brave task of dealing with a dead body is enough of a reason to pay these professionals good amount to ensure that they are settled well.

(8) Garbage Collector: (Average annual salary :$43,000)

Garbage Collector Highest Paying Dirty Jobs 2017

One of the highest paid jobs in USA, Garbage collector have his hands full of wastes and trash that we all discard from our house on the daily basis. Long shifts of up and down the streets to collect the garbage. Dirty diaper and rotten eggs along with days of the stinky dustbin, they stand it for hours and still don’t complain. Even though there is a smell, dirt, and danger associated with the job of a garbage collector, there is no shortage of them. It proves that money always rules no matter how brutal the thing is.

(7) Plumber: (Average annual salary :$47,000)

Plumber Highest Paying Dirty Jobs 2017

For the modern world, the life without a plumber cannot be imagined. It is comfortable and convenient for people to use plumbing service. Plumbers have to get underneath the sink and deal with our clogged waste and also freaking hot pipes. Despite these minor drawbacks, they take home a sincere amount to enjoy the life.

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(6) Portable Toilet Cleaner: (Average annual salary :$50,000)

Portable Toilet Cleaner Highest Paying Dirty Jobs 2018

A combination of GI and one of the highest paid jobs in California, garbage collector, the portable toilet cleaners suck up the waste from the toilets with the help of vacuum wand and tank. The other tool used is the pressure hose to clean the walls and floor which gets soiled. Though the job is smelly many cleaners bear it and take home a good paycheck.

(5) Sewer Inspector: (Average annual salary :$65,000)

Sewer Inspector Highest Paying Dirty Jobs 2017

Sewer works deal with rats, cockroaches, and dark passages beneath the city. The job of sewer inspector is very difficult as they have to walk and sometimes crawl through the entire tunnel for the inspection purposes. They have to go through the smell of excreta, creepy bugs, and sometimes may come across dead bodies of humans and animals. This is a noble job to keep our streets and water clean.

(4) Coal Miner: (Average annual salary :$64,000)

Coal Miner Highest Paying Dirty Jobs 2016

Coal mining is considered as the most dangerous profession in today’s time. Mines contains methane gas and can get affected by an explosion caused due to the falling of rocks which causes sparks. Not only your hand gets dirty, miners get covered in dirt and also get exposed to contaminated air. Even though there as been fair improvement with mine ventilation part, the money still rules offering the coal miners good payout along with incentives to cope up with the situation.

(3) Crab Fisherman: (Average annual salary :$60,000)

Crab Fisherman Highest Paying Dirty Jobs 2017

Crab fisherman faces the freezing cold waves and storms and have to really save themselves from getting drowned away.Even if they manage to be at safe and secure place, they also need to check for the potential danger to the fishing machinery. Along with that, the cold temperature can also result in fatal hypothermia. Even though the job is extremely dangerous workout is only for few months in the year.

(2) Crime Scene Cleaner: (Average annual salary $75,000)

Crime Scene Cleaner Highest Paying Dirty Jobs 2018

Police call for crime scene cleaner to clean up the place after investigating and taking the necessary inputs from the crime scene. What’s left behind is a pool of blood, broken bones if the aftermath was gruesome. The job of a crime scene cleaner is not for soft hearted people. They also need to ensure that they are suited up well against the hazardous material with protection gear.

(1) Gastroenterologist: (Average annual salary $400,000)

Gastroenterologist Highest Paying Dirty Jobs 2018

One of the highest paid jobs in the world, Gastroenterologists are the doctors who hold specialization in body digestion. Gastroenterologists are responsible for diagnosis and treatment of some very uncomfortable ailments. It is not really easy to become a Gastroenterologists as they have undergone years of medical practice and two to four years of fellowship to turn into full-fledged gastroenterologists. Now you know that there is one kind of doctor who can get into the most aromatic part of the body to treat you forever. GIs get paid handsome salary and that is the reason why we don’t see them complaining about doing such a dirty job.

All these jobs justify one thing that even though they are dirty jobs, someone has to dot it. So, next time if you find a garbage collector or sewer inspector, simply tip your hat towards them for doing some of dirtiest jobs most of the people like us can’t handle for even one day. These jobs are though easy to get but definitely not easy to perform.

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