Top 10 Highest Paying Degrees in The World

When students are in college they like to pursue the degree of their choice as per their interest. At that time, students do not look into the future perspective of how much they will earn with that particular degree in hand. However, times have changed and so is the will to grow and be successful and there is certain degree in demand leading to the top of the ladder.

With growing competition in the world, people put efforts and work for immediate goals and in return receives a handsome salary. In this article, we will be discussing top ten highest paying degrees in the world in 2017.

List of Top 10 Highest Paying Degrees in The World in 2017.

(10) Finance ( Average Starting Salary: $48, 800)

Finance Highest Paying Degrees 2016

There are not many people employed in finance sector across the world. While financial managers have a bachelors degree in commerce or business administration with at least four to five years of experience in the finance domain however, many companies with higher profile look for candidates with post graduation or certification in finance related field

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(9) Web designer (Average Starting Salary: $50,000)

Web Designer Highest Paying Degrees 2017

Students with the degree in marketing or computer science can start building their portfolio of websites and domains you have worked on along with internships and projects to help present yourself to suitable employees. Since tech companies and others companies are increasingly getting dependent on their web sites for the branding purpose and driving the important sales, the need for skilled website designers has also grown. Many in-house web designers are paid a lot.

(8) Civil Engineering ( Average Starting Salary: $55,900)

Civil Engineering Highest Paying Degrees 2017

Students with the science background and whose especially looking out for well-paying degree post-college, civil engineering is an obvious choice. The deep technical and management knowledge along with excellent communication skills will land you into the profession of being a civil engineer. The experience of a candidate extremely influences the payout for the job(engineering job).

(7) Computer Science ( Average Starting Salary: $57,000)

Computer Science Highest Paying Degrees 2017

Individuals who want to pursue their careers in the field of technology can start with computer science to understand the practical methods and related applications to prepare an individual to design and maintain both hardware and software for computers. Graduates with the degree in computer science have a great potential to achieve success and receive lucrative salaries.

(6) Computer Programming (Average Starting Salary: $59,000)

Computer Programming Highest Paying Degrees 2016

In 2016, the degree of computer programming pulled down an average salary of $59K. One of the important factors that affect the payout for this degree is the career duration, type of companies and geography. Programmers are known to enjoy the work and also reports one of the highest levels of job satisfaction.

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(5) Mechanical Engineering (Average starting salary: $59,700

Mechanical Engineering Highest Paying Degrees 2017

Starting Salary of mechanical engineers can vary according to the different factors like location and also the type of industry. Employment of mechanical engineers is subject to grow in coming years. Most of the mechanical engineers after 20 years of serving in the field move to different jobs even though experience has very moderate effect on their income.

(4) Software Design ( Average starting salary: $60,100)

Software Design Highest Paying Degrees 2018

Software designing is a smart career in any job market. Pay outdoor well trained and software developers continue to be pretty high in demand and will also likely to stay strong for a long time. This is one of the careers that requires a professional to keep learning and updating the skills even after reaching the top scale. Companies offer a very healthy sum of incentives and perks to software designers and also the chance to earn bonus above the base salary. Entry level software designer can get movement to the higher level within few years based on the updated skill set.

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(3) Electrical Engineering ( Average starting salary: $61,200)

Electrical Engineering Highest Paying Degrees 2018

The payout for an entry level electrical engineer has gone up as compared to last year. The degree of electrical engineering helps many students secure a good position in MNCS where electrical engineers play a crucial role because they are responsible for designing, installing the electrical system and everything related to it such as electrical chips etc.

(2) Computer Engineering (Average starting salary: $63, 300)

Computer Engineering Highest Paying Degrees 2018

The degree of computer engineering is a tough nut to crack and students who masters this degree are some of the brightest brains of this century. Computer engineers have to work with both codes and hardware devices. However, the computer hardware engineers get paid 5% higher than software engineers. However, the degree of computer engineering is already making it big for all the graduates.

(1) Chemical Engineering (Average starting salary: $65, 000

Chemical Engineering Highest Paying Degrees 2016

Chemical engineering degree offers the highest paying careers for entry-level as well as the experienced engineers. Engineers solve concerns in the use of biochemicals and chemicals where they handle the design of testing, treatment and manufacturing equipment. The major offers training in chemistry, mathematics, physics and electrical engineering.

From time to time various international education reports take out the list of highest paying degrees for that particular year. With increasing demands of engineers in various fields, the top three slots for 2017 are taken by engineering degrees.

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