Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Yahoo Jobs in The World

Most of the well-paying jobs need both a high level of education and experience. Well paying jobs are always tied with higher education, demands that are protected from automation and competition. That is the reason why most of the jobs are associated with healthcare and technology.Yahoo is one of the biggest website in the world with millions of users.

List of top 10 highest paid successful Yahoo jobs in the world in 2017:

10. Solutions Architect

Solutions Architect, Highest Paid Successful Yahoo Jobs 2017

Number of Job Openings: 2,838
Median Base Salary: $120,000

The solution architect is a practitioner of describing solution architecture of any system delivered through the specific solution. They translate the requirements through various designs and artefacts. For a better pay package, experience strongly places an important role in influencing the hiring committee.

9. IT Manager

IT Manager, Highest Paid Successful Yahoo Jobs 2016

Number of Job Openings: 3,152
Median Base Salary: $120,000

IT Managers are the official guides who help in organizing the ever-changing labyrinth of the company and its goals and needs. They task involves supervising the executives; they are more prone to be seen in meeting rooms than the operational floors. High profile management jobs for IT manager’s ranges from insurance, financial, manufacturing, government and computer systems. The experience, skills and qualification of a candidate are considered during the final hiring.

8. Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer

Number of Job Openings: 165
Median Base Salary: $127,500

The job role of Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer requires a very high level of formal education. They use their expertise in the computer as well as electrical learning to create circuits for a different range of applications. The Engineers have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or in electrical engineering.

7. Software Architect

Software Architect, Highest Paid Successful Yahoo Jobs 2018

Number of Job Openings: 655
Median Base Salary: $128,250

Software architect is an expert who is responsible for making high-level of design and also dictates the specific technical standards, which includes software coding, platforms and tools. The lead is often called the chief architect. The highest paying options for software architect are associated with Unix C, C++ etc.

6. Strategy Manager

Number of Job Openings: 701
Median Base Salary: $130,000

This job involves the implementation and formulation of major goals and initiatives taken on behalf of the owners, which is based on complete resource consideration, external environments and other factors effecting the organization. They hold the major role in draughting the company’s objectives, developing policies and allocating the required resources to implement the plans.

5. Pharmacy Manager

Number of Job Openings: 1,766
Median Base Salary: $130,000

Pharmacy managers ensure that the customers are getting the correct medicine they need with proper doctor’s orders. The manager oversees a particular store, but there are other positions which they also manage multiple sites. They train the store staff to ensure and prioritize the orders and also deliver the results in within the time frames. Pay scale for Pharmacy Manager is considered after reviewing the overall experience and the projects managed by the candidate.

4. Software Development Manager

Software Development Manager, Highest Paid Successful Yahoo Jobs 2016

Number of Job Openings: 3,495
Median Base Salary: $132,000

Software Development Manager keeps the development team on track to meet the guidelines and project the prioritization and planning to manage various process related tasks. They ensure that equipment and tools are in an exact position to meet the targets etc. Median base package for software manager goes up to $132,000.

3. Research & Development Manager

Number of Job Openings: 112
Median Base Salary: $142,120

Research and Development Managers holds an important role in society today. Their job is to plan, administer and review the activities and programs within an organization as well. They coordinate the activities, researchers with the executives and lead major research-based projects. They also interpret the overall results of projects and along with that recommend new products and services. Due to less number of opening and higher responsibility factor, it is among the highest paid Yahoo jobs in the world.

2. Lawyer

Number of Job Openings: 995
Median Base Salary: $144,500

Lawyer’s job includes a precise judgment and understands skills of any case or situation. The major responsibility is the representation through the practical application of legal theories, investigations and solving the problems to advance in favor or those who hire the lawyers for their legal services. The attraction of good salaries is one of the reasons why it draws a lot of people, Salaries completely varies and depends on the kind of work you do.

1. Physician

Physician, Highest Paid Successful Yahoo Jobs 2017

Number of Job Openings: 2,064
Median Base Salary: $180,000

The physician is a medical doctor who practices medicine and associated with maintaining, promoting and restoring the health through proper diagnosis, disease or any injury. The profile can vary from surgeon to specialist to senior doctor but a Physician all across the world gets paid the maximum as compared to their counterparts in other fields. The salary also varies with experience and specialization of the physicians.

For 2017, top paying Yahoo jobs includes the above-mentioned job profiles, the list has been created after considering job opportunities, salary, job satisfaction, and the candidate should apply as the required skinniest, talent and capabilities.

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