Top 10 Highest Paid-Successful Undergraduate Degrees

While education remains a key to success, living the dream thanks to your degree certificate is starting to seem like a far-fetched idea. The job market is flooded, globally competitive degree courses have more candidates than the market can handle, and experience remains the key determining factor to securing employment. Some bachelor courses are an outright dead end, some are rewarding and others are just uncertain. So, whether it’s a calling, a necessity or a bridge to success, choosing the most rewarding degree course can mean the difference between success and failure in the unforgiving job industry. Here are the best paying degrees as of 2017 based on average career salary.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid-Successful Undergraduate Degrees in 2017


ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Top 10 Highest Paid-Successful Undergraduate Degrees

Electronic engineers analyze any requirements and give estimates on the cost of electrical systems. Electronic engineers on the other hand develop, design and oversee the manufacturing of equipment that electricians use. Given that the world today is driven by electricity, it is no surprise electronic engineers make the list. Physics is changing the way we do almost everything daily, and we have these engineers to thank.



All computer hardware, from the complicated equipment including processors, random access memories, motherboards and hard drives, to the less complicated including the mouse and keyboard, are manufactured thanks to computer hardware engineers. They develop and design prototypes, upgrades and the actual input/output devices we use every day. so, next time you see a newly designed mouse or Apple releases the new MacBook with improved processing capacity, it’s not magic, that’s the hard work of their computer hardware engineers.


BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Top Most Popular Highest Paid-Successful Undergraduate Degrees 2018

These engineers combine knowledge from field such as engineering, biology, chemistry, medicine, physics and mathematics to solve every day health problems. Whether it is a new drug or medical equipment, these people design and develop solutions to every day medical problems. Some biomedical engineers are purely researchers and work on the lab to come up with innovative equipment, medicine and solutions that doctors, biologists and other related fields can use.



Applied mathematicians apply their knowledge in industries such as manufacture, business, technology and even education. They basically use mathematics practically to solve issues. On a consultative capacity, they engage engineers and combine scientific principles with mathematics do develop solutions to everyday problems. Applied mathematicians use complicated mathematical theories and intricate calculations to maximize accuracy in the field of science.



Sales managers have a lot to do with a company’s success. They drive sales, combining efforts with the advertising and marketing departments, to boost revenue from sales. Their basic salary might not be much, but after accounting for commissions, bonuses and handshake deals, their earnings skyrocket. There are sales managers who make even more than their CEOs, and commissions are to thank for this. A basic business degree can get you a sales job and once you climb up the ladder and become a bigwig in the industry, six figure commissions are the order of the day.



Probably one of the most hazardous and dangerous vocation, nuclear engineers deal with radiation and nuclear energy on a daily basis. They are trained to use nuclear energy and radioactive elements to come up with solutions from their use. It is a very delicate ensemble of a career that requires sobriety and a sound mind to pursue. Nuclear engineers work in laboratories and in some countries, you can only study this field at exclusive government institutions and thereafter absorbed into government related projects.



Computer scientists and engineers basically dream of making it in the Silicon Valley. With advancement in computer technology, there has never been more need for computer scientists and engineers. They do not reinvent the wheel when it comes to software, but they use the baseline information to innovate and come up with new software, design robotics and improve computer applications for everyday use. Almost any blue-chip company relies on these scientists and engineers to remain relevant.



These engineers are trained to develop and design processes and procedures to add value to chemicals and raw materials then come up with useful equipment. They also combine knowledge from fields such as nanotechnology, biomedical engineering and even fuel cells to develop useful equipment. With technology and innovation at its prime, chemical engineers are in high demand, and that is why their paychecks are six figures, and they earn every penny of it.



These engineers design, build and develop airplane, drones, helicopters and basically anything man made that can fly. They also repair and maintain aero-systems. They are highly utilized in the aviation industry, the military and government institutions. They develop new defence systems and equipment, and that is why this is the second most rewarding Bachelor degree. To advance in the field, you might be required to take up a Masters class since Aerospace engineering is a wide field and specialization is invaluable.



The petroleum industry is a billion dollar industry. Who is better suited to take a huge chunk of the pie if not the people who design, innovate and maintain the systems and products in the industry apart from petroleum engineers? Whether it is an advanced type of oil, or new grade of fuel, these engineers are trained to get the most out of crude oil for this ever expanding industry. They are trained to develop safe fuel, maintain the systems that run fuel production, conduct research on petroleum. They also work with other engineers to provide sustainable and innovative products for the petroleum industry. This is a very rewarding field, and since fuel as a solution to power problems is here to stay, a degree in this field is one of the most prized possessions you can acquire.

While petroleum engineering is the best career to pursue training on, the real money is in the technology industry. Most computer engineers and scientists, build their own companies take up ownership roles. In doing so, they cross over to the million dollar paycheck instead of relying on employment. So, to make some Bill Gates money, build your own company, make your own products and you will have utilized your potential with these well-paying Undergraduate Degrees 2017.

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