Top 10 Highest Paid-Successful Engineering Majors

It takes guts to take on an engineering degree. Most engineers go up to Masters Level, as proficiency in the field does not need a PhD; you are already skilled enough if you can do a Master’s degree successfully. Engineers are the real showstoppers in science, they are the creators of everything technology and structure, with most engineers ending up being inventors, researchers or creators. While engineers barely get life outside work, pay is highly rewarding. We have ranked the best 10 engineering jobs, but make no mistake, even the least paying engineering job is still very much rewarding. Here are the top 10 best paying engineering jobs based on annual pay as of 2017.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid-Successful Engineering Majors in 2017

10. CARTOGRAPHY – $81,000 Median Salary

CARTOGRAPHY Top Most Highest Paid-Successful Engineering Majors 2017

One of the most underrated engineers are cartographers. The field is getting traction with the need for interactive maps, cloud-based tools and cartographic tools, backed up by new technology, there could not be a higher demand for cartographers. They make ideas become easier to understand with the use of graphics and analysis. Google maps and GPS did not just appear in your smart phone, cartographers had something to do with it. The research goes on to improve drone navigation, as remote and unmanned, driverless vehicles continue to make news every day.

9. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING –$83,000 Median Salary


Mechanical engineers have a keener interest on how things work. They will dismantle and reassemble that old radio or TV at age 10, and by the age of 20, they will have come up with some type of energy source not known to many. Computing has allowed advancement in the field, with automation of almost every delicate processes being the bridge to higher levels of accuracy and fulfilled potential in the field. They deal with electronics and even robotics at advanced levels. With the advent of super-fast computers, 3D printing and high speed internet, it is an exciting tie to be a mechanical engineer.

8. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING – $85,000 Median Salary

ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Top Popular Highest Paid-Successful Engineering Majors 2019

You will find environmental engineers with lab coats, clipboards and hard hats on the field taking water samples at that local swamp, or behind that noisy factory. Remember, these engineers do not take part in World Environmental day creating awareness; those are environmentalists who are concerned with consciousness and regulation. Environmental engineers come up with preventive and control measures with regard to disposal, erosion, and pollution, using science to come up with innovative solutions to environmentally hazardous solutions.

7. BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING –$87,000 Median Salary


Biomedical engineers design and come up with biological solutions to every day health and medical problems. You will find them in university labs working on treatments for modern day diseases, or in pharmaceutical companies coming up with cures for some health related problem. Biomedicine seeks to find solutions the natural way, using the best nature gives to solve a problem. Statistics show that biomedical engineers will be in demand for the next 10 years with the market growing at a rate of 23% before 2024.

6. CIVIL ENGINEERING –$89,000 Median Salary


Civil engineers deal with structures, buildings and roads. They see the complex additions to simple structures and are responsible for making buildings last. There has never been a higher demand for engineers than today, with most economies on the rise worldwide. Engineers take part in building structures from start to finish, with their invaluable input going to solving visible and unseen problems with how, when and where structures are built. They make pillars stand, roads durable and foundations that can withstand earthquakes, extreme weather and other phenomenon, natural or artificial.

5. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING – $103,000 Median Salary


Chemical engineers use the elements on the periodic chart to find chemical solutions to everyday problems. They break down chemicals to simple elements then further to the last possible atom, and work their way upwards to find utility in them. With the ever growing demand for new chemicals in fields such as medicine, food and beverage, and the manufacturing industry, chemical engineers will continue to fill that void with new research and innovative solutions.

4. NUCLEAR ENGINEERING – $104,000 Median Salary


Nuclear engineering is perhaps one of the most dangerous engineering jobs around. With high risks involved in the vocation, and the dire demand for genuine experts in the field, it can be a very rewarding job if you know what you are doing. Nuclear engineers do not entirely deal with nuclear bombs; they use nuclear energy and atomic energy to find proper use of this amazing energy source. While nuclear engineering is a fast rising field, a lot of regulation has made the popularity of the field diminish, with professionals in the field seeking employment in countries with less limiting regulations.

3. MATERIALS ENGINEERING – $107,000 Median Salary


Material engineers find improved solutions to industrial problems. They are responsible for coming up with new and innovative ways of helping industries find easier, cheaper, safer and more user friendly. With emerging economies worldwide, material engineers are paid to ensure maximum production with little wastage and they create equipment to ensure this happens. Material engineers will always be in demand, as new products and services continue being developed, the demand for innovative products, backed up by new technology always on the rise.

2. COMPUTER ENGINEERING – $128,000 Median Salary


There are barely enough computer engineers to meet the growing demand. Computer engineers, specifically software engineers use code and new technology, combined with fast internet and super computers, to develop programs and software. The industry is undergoing a major revolution and computer engineers are at the center of all this. Everything nowadays is being run by some type of program or software, and automation being the target of any manufacture or industrial process, computer engineers make all these possible.

1. PETROLEUM ENGINEERING – $157,000 Median Salary


Petroleum engineers are tasked with finding oil and gas to fulfill a country’ energy needs. If they are not out there looking for oil or natural gas, they are in labs finding more use for crude oil, or working in refineries to develop more energy efficient use for petroleum. The next time Shell or Total advertises a ‘new’ and ‘special’ type of engine oil, a petroleum engineer had something to do with it. With petroleum products being used in almost every other industry, it comes as a no surprise that the engineers in the petroleum industry are the best paid engineers.

These above are the Top 10 Highest Paid-Successful Engineering Majors 2017. There are 40 different engineering disciplines in the market. The complex science that is engineering can be difficult to break through, but can be very rewarding if the breakthrough happens. There has never been a higher demand for engineers especially in the fields mentioned above, and the demand is growing at astounding rates.

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