Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia

Based on the recent Nielson survey on job seekers, it has come up with a list of top ten highest paid jobs in Malaysia. Candidates who would like to apply for jobs must consider this list as this will help them gathering knowledge on what are the top most paying jobs in Malaysia. They can match their profile according to that and can expect to get a high paying salary in their respective chosen field.

The recent study of Job Street also makes it confirm that most of jobs in the top 10 list belong to technical or science based sector. Candidates who gained specialised degree in engineering, medical, finance and IT generally earn above the average range of salary which is around RM 2800. As for marginal level salary, fields like science, engineering and IT may get better compensation. Here you will get list top paid jobs in Malaysia that will help you to know the highest paid profiles working in which sector.

List of Top 10 highest paid jobs in Malaysia in 2017

10. IT software: (RM 2,452/ month)

IT Software Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia 2018

IT, acronym of information technology, this sector is divided into two main categories – hardware and software. It mainly refers to the program where a computer adopts non-tangible nature. They work on programming languages within a computer rather than architecture. Engineers are asked maintaining software make sure that programs installed to run the computer hardware and system. The nature of this type of job requires these engineers to work on odd hours as these programs may get crash at any time and thus jeopardise business.

9. Sale corporate: (RM 2,456/month)

Sale Corporate Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia 2017

Don’t get confused, this job is not like normal sales job that irritates you to buy things and convince you to shop according to their choice. The word corporate adds a different character to it and this position demands a person to close large sales or orders between companies. They safeguard businesses and maintain cordial relationship with overseas clients. The amount of money which is transacted between two companies is determined by sales people. They also maintain a cordial relationship in order to secure future transaction for the benefit of the organisation

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8. Actuarial science: (RM 2476/ month)

Actuarial science Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia 2016

This is an interesting position to work. It involves different applications related to various statistical methods and mathematics. It assesses the risk in finance, insurance and other professions. To put in simple terms, an actuarial scientist needs to be qualified enough for performing a lot of statistical and mathematical calculations that include both subjects’ economics and statistics. This is regarding estimating future contingents for covering long-term insurance coverage that requires enough knowledge to discount the funds set and invested. These jobs offer long-term coverage where money to be set for future benefits.

7. Aviation: (RM 2533/month)

Aviation Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia 2017

This is the most demanding and highest paid jobs in Malaysia. The job is truly a beautiful one where pilots get to see the picturesque view blue skies and can fly as a free bird. Isn’t it an amazing thing to experience? Well, we are not lucky enough to make that dream come true but yes pilots can certainly do. Aviation is the best sector that includes development, design, operation and use of aircraft. It is one of the highest paid jobs where pilots get respectable salaries. The graduates who are thinking of building a safe and solid carrier can surely opt this field and build their profile according to its requirements.

6. Geophysics: (RM 2600/month)

Geophysics Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia 2017

It is another highest paid job in Malaysia. It involves various geological applications. It creates an internal structure amongst others. However, the modern day definition now includes hydrological cycle along with other factors that considers other plants within the solar system. Is it sound complicated? Yes! You are right. It truly sounds complicated. The people belong to this field need to study about the elements of earth and need to use computers for structuring calculations and figures. This also includes people who would like to work in gas and oil industry. However, the most important thing to be mentioned here is they are holding the position of one of the highest paid jobs in Malaysia.

5. Sales engineer: (RM 2,612/ month)

Sales engineer Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia 2018

Once again this field is far away from individualistic sale and it mainly depends on consumer type methods. Kit mostly relies on the person having in-depth technical knowledge. However, this does not mean he or she is capable to provide technical support. Not everyone needs to be tech-savvy. They just only need to understand the technical language to perform their job efficiently. This is one of the most demanding jobs in the world and it is expanding gradually. The engineers provide tailor solution to interact with those customers having technical problems and need a quick fix.

4. Doctor: (RM 2,719/ month)

Doctor Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia 2016

One of the highest paid medical jobs of Doctors, who play the role of life saver and thus it is one of the highest paid jobs in Malaysia. The profile of doctors is the most demanding and this is the reason that most students appear for medical examination after completing their high school exams. These doctors’ also known as medical practitioners or physicians, who promote, restore and maintain our health.

3. Sales manager – (Financial service: RM 3,054/ month)

Sales Manager Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia 2017

Financial service includes a broad area of organisation which demands people having managerial skill to manage money and other important projects of the company in an effective way. The individuals who work in this industry draw a huge salary and thus, it is regarded as one of the highest paid jobs in Malaysia.

2. Corporate strategy: (RM 3200/month)

Corporate strategy Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia 2018

Concerning the need of different businesses, it creates value in today’s market. This field requires successful implementation of strategy for understanding the operations of corporate organisations. People working in this sector must understand strategic planning of the company. Their job is a responsible one and thus it is one of the highest paid jobs in Malaysia.

1. Pharmacy: (RM 3,640/month)

Pharmacy Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia 2016

Finally, we have landed upon at the end of the list of highest paid jobs in Malaysia. Fresh graduates who would like to earn big bucks must go for it as they can earn maximum money from it. It requires nothing but certified pharmaceutical degree from a reputed institution. Once get that, you are eligible to apply for this position.

So, this is the list of top ten highest paid jobs in Malaysia. Hope it gives you as much information as you require. Thank You!

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