Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Women

Having a good paying job will keep the bills paid and money in your pocket to spare. These are just a few of these jobs that pay women good money. You can go to school to study and have a degree for these jobs in no time. You will need to make sure to study hard and know you can do it with no problems. Men can work these jobs but women get a good salary doing these things. They work hard and do what they need to in order to keep their job. The top careers that bring in higher salaries for women are health occupations, law, and management jobs. Lots of studying and practice just to understand the process you will need to go through to get the job done on time.

List of Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Women in 2017

10. Pharmacist


Managing and dispensing medicines to patients seems like such an easy job. They must also know a lot about the medication usage. Must possess a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Must have a license to work to. In order to get the license you will need you have to pass two professional exams. Earning almost ninety nine thousand dollars a year puts them at the most paid job for females. Pharmacist are found in grocery and drug stores but others are employed at hospitals or clinics.

9. Nurse Practitioner

nurse practitioner, Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Women 2019

Known as advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), a registered nurse with additional education. Having the extra schooling behind them allows them to do so much more for the patients. Making almost seventeen hundred in just one week. In order to be in this category then you will need a masters degree in the field and a state license.

8. Lawyer

lawyer, Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Women 2018

If you have about seven years to get your degree then become a lawyer. You will spend four years getting your bachelors degree then another three years in law school training. After all of the school work you have to do you will have to take your bar examination. The bar examination is a very hard test that you will have to take in order to see if you are a candidate to practice in law in that jurisdiction. The exam is taken in each state. It will take you two days just to finish. You will be making almost sixteen thousand per week.

7. CEO


Getting the job done to make sure the company reaches the quota. On average they make the highest salary of all management jobs. Working long hours and are have the responsibility for the success of the whole company. Working long hours and still only bring in a little over fifteen thousand dollars a week.

6. Computer and Information System Manager


Known as Information Technology Managers. They devise, coordinate, implement and analyze computer projects. Their job involves both direct work in software and hardware so they will need to know about both. They will do web designs that help the development, and overarching of designing a company’s approach and strategy. Making almost eighty thousand a year. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Women 2017.

5. Software Developer


Responsible for the entire development. That includes testing and maintenance process of software programs. Software developers are highly sought after to help companies maintain an edge. They work in a wide range of industries. With all the apps there is a larger market of independent software developers. Typically have a bachelor’s degree. Only making fourteen hundred fifty seven dollars per week.

4. Physical Therapist


Helping people with injuries and illnesses. It helps them manage the pain and improve mobility. If someone has been in an accident or has pulled a muscle then they tend to be sent to therapy. This is where you come in. You will help them build their injury back up and be able to get back to work or everyday life. Being able to treat a variety of aged people will give you more practice and show you what you can do to help each and everyone of them. Kids to adults will need to fix small or huge problems that slow them down. You will make nearly thirteen thousand a week.

3. Human Resource Manager


You will do so many things in your field of work that you can sometimes become aggravated. People come to you if they have a problem or if there is a problem with the business. Plan and coordinate and organizations workforce. Link the organization with its employment. Will you will oversee the benefits of a program. Coordinate the work of specialist and staff. You will oversee the hiring and interviews. Handle staffing issues such as sexual harassment or anything along the lines of that. Get ready to see a check that is thirteen hundred a week.

2. Purchasing Manager


Plan, direct and coordinate the buying of materials, products, or services. You will be working full time and more and likely more than forty hours a week. Make contact with suppliers so that you will be able to compare prices for the business and not spending so much for the supplies they will need. Deal with the hiring and the training. Almost thirteen hundred a week just to do simple things.

1. Civil Engineer


These people are involved in building our roads, buildings, or the water systems. Lots of people are dealing with one project at a time. One of the most challenging industries. Be ready to deal with a wide range of responsibilities. The pay may not seem like much but you will bring in close to thirteen hundred a week and be happy with it.

SO, these above are the Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Women 2017. Some of these jobs will have you wondering what you really should do because the money is so good. You can make a great living off of the pay checks but you will no longer have to worry about the money. It will get you what you need. The hours may be long and you may want to pull your hair out but the day will be over soon and it all starts again soon. Do not take on too much at a time because it can make it worse. But if you are wanting to make good money then get ready to deal with all of the job not just parts of it.

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