Top 10 Best Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates

After so many years of schooling, the students mind thinks of how to get a good job and reap sweat fruits of his hard work. Everyone studies hard in mind the better the performance the better the salary and a good job. To how quickly the student will get the job it depends on the career of his choice, for there are other fields have so many graduates, where else others have graduates. The list below will give you a review of the top best paying jobs for freshers.

List of Top 10 Best Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates in 2017

10. Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales Top Popular Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates 2019

This type of job requires a good and talkative person, who connects with people easily. When a new company is introduced in the market will need graduates to advertise it, also an old company with a new product will require them. If your field is in this career, you will be assured of getting a job, immediately after you graduate. Besides having flying colors in your grades, you need to be presentable, good communication skills and needs many patients when interacting with all kinds of people.

9. Production


Production is the process of turning raw materials to finished good ready for market. Many companies always require the intangible inputs that is; ideas, knowledge and information. That is the reason why many graduates with this skills, will secure job very fast. The graduates help the company with new and modern ideas to add value to their products, also taking the company to next level of production. Those who are venturing in this career for sure it is an enjoyable thing to do and fun while working your mind out, to either add value to products or creating a new product.

8. Property Management


With modern world and transformation of new estates development, fresh graduates are needed in the field. Many are investing in properties and housing, for renting or selling after buying. Most of the clients are very busy or ageing to manage their properties well. Thus, they are in need for experts to take care of their wealth informing of properties. After graduating in this area, you can be very assured of job ready for you. You can be employed either in a firm or in individuals, and it is a well paying kind of job.

7. Research and Development


Due to high competition of products and technology, the graduates who have under taken this course, are highly demanded. Their major activity is investigating activities of any business. How products are behaving in the market and how to improve those areas. They lay procedures, on how to develop this products and the company at large, to offer popularity and enable to do well in the market to raise profit income. The advantage of this field is, you gain more knowledge and experience of the job, thus offering better service skills also bettering your salary.

6. Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting Top Most Famous Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates 2018

After graduating, you have many bills to settle; tuition fee loan, try helping your guardian or parent with the little salary you earning, more so starting your independent life and settling. This type of job is among the top best paying for fresh graduates, so no worries after graduating. It is a sensitive career and that is the reason behind being paid well. You are needed to make sound decisions in financing and accounting to your clients all the time. To market yourself in; business, financial or government environment and industrial, you need to have understanding theory and practical skills to apply in these corporations. With this background, your clients will be assured of high returns and no pain in paying you awesomely.

5. Medical Practitioners


A healthy society is a wealthy society and nation. This field will never have enough employers, as it requires many practitioners to take of the nation but at a better pay. The job entails Clinical Nurse, Health Assistant and Medical Representative. These professionals are meant to diagnose all types of illnesses whether physical or mental, and prescribing the correct medication and treatments to promote and restore back the health of people. The government of any country tries very much to take care of this field, so as not to fail its citizens.

4. Legal


In this kind of job, you are needed to be very secretive personnel to keep the records of its clients safely. Lawyer’s practices law as advocates, attorney or counselor. They represent individuals, businesses or government agencies, when legal matters arise. The harder the case in court the more you pay them, on the other hand making sure their clients wins the case. Legal documents, title deeds, will or sensitive documents are entrusted in the hands of lawyers. It is best paying job for fresh graduates, as many firms and individuals are requiring legal representatives at all time.

3. Actuary


Not many students undertake this course, thus increasing chances of quick employment after graduating. An actuary is a business professional dealing with measuring and managing risk and uncertainty. In this field, you need to be very sharp over other actual, so to attain credibility to many clients meaning you will be busy throughout the year. There is a ready job in every company trying to determine if to expand, insurance firm predicting the unexpected or government trying to design sound policy. Numbers and numerical figures are used to take statistics and analysis of a certain event, how it will happen and the consequences.

2. Engineering


This is the second top best and most paying job for fresh graduates year 2017, having three department to work on; Electrical Sales, Sales Engineer or Field Service Engineer. When it comes to sciences and mathematics, no competitions even in job opportunities, also well paying as it consumes a lot of time.

1. Information Technology and Software Development


The life we are living today revolves around this digital technology. Many countries around the world, are migrating to being digital thus an open market for more graduates from this field. IT came to make life easier and accurate in many lifestyles. This tops the list of the best paying job for fresh graduates 2017.

After graduation, you become a new recruit in the field of employment, ready to put into practice what you have learned and salary being of your most concern. The above list is of the best paying jobs for fresh graduates 2017.

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