Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders

Being a graduate is very exiting but also challenging because one is faces with many job opportunities to choose from. You may get confused on which job to go for, but it depends with amount paid and nature of work offered. Some look for most paying while others are looking for those feel comfortable in and that will make them happy. Most of them tend to look for that jobs there have always wished to do since they were kids. These top ten best jobs for degree holder will help you make right choice.

List of Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders in 2017

10. Management Consultant

Management Consultant Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders

This work requires only a college degree level and few years of experience, for one to apply for post of management consultant. If your employed you will be working helping the company to improve their enactment, operating to develop improvement plans. Management consultant is one of best paying job you can get. Consultancies also may provide organizational change in management assistance, develop coaching skills, implement technology, process analysis, improve operational services and develop strategy.

9. Radiation Therapists


Due cancer becoming a global threats, the world needs a medical doctors to try to handle this situation. Radiation therapists help work with cancer therapists and together they will try and treat cancer and related sicknesses in patients. Those who have this degree can earn around us $74,000 per year. This person works in radiation oncology field.

8. Public Relations Manager


With this superior management part, one can get heavy salaries and have many added bonuses in this profession. He or she may climb qualified ladder and find him or her earning more than US $80,000 annually.

7. Computer programming

Computer programming Top Most Popular Jobs for Degree Holders 2018

Those graduates with this degree tend to fit nearly in any industry that has current drifts in technology. Programmers are well known to be paid very good individual with them existence certain of job security. You will find them competing with big boys in industry if his or her skills are better in terms of salary.

6. Nurse


This is one of the Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders 2017. Saving life feels right; it was every Childs’ dream to become a doctor or nurse when they grow up. While With this college grade, even though it may be difficult getting to a higher medical associated careers, nursing is a best option. This profession is rather profitable though as figures show that nurses are ranked in a list of best paid employees internationally.

5. Architects

Architects Top Best Jobs for Degree Holders 2017

Architects are given role of coordinating and planning all architectural interconnected activities. Hardly for you to lack one or two designers in anywhere there is construction planning. Getting job for architectural graduate is therefore a walk in the park, because every day you will find houses being built and factories. It is worth trying this job cause is very promising.

4. Computer and Information Systems Managers


In this profession, dynamic new experts technical are needed in every time because ICT is unarguably continually developing field. Someone who is aggressive enough should not have difficult in to land this job. The managers’ main function is to appliance technology details in an organization by help come up with objectives about ICT department. Therefore, you may find at least one manager in every department. A person who has graduated with manager degree could probably earn over US $80,000 per year. It is ranked one of the best earning jobs.

3. Construction Managers


In business construction, it has become clearly successful, it being at the heart of every substructure and industrialization development. As every country is determined to develop its infrastructure, you will find many construction management jobs in every part internationally. A graduate construction manager who is ready to work in this market will definitely be overcome with number of job openings waiting for him or her. It always pays well with them being able to earn a total of US 83,600 each year.

2. Engineering


Over the years this other professions comes and go but engineering has managed to steadily be amongst top. It is a well-paid job is possibly energy engineering with recent progressions in the field making a giant successful business. Graduate engineers always pocket big amount of money with a highest payment going home with nearly to US $ 100,000 each year. As one ascent the ladder, its salary certainly inclines to increase at a high rate. By the time one is a professional or chief engineer, money is no more problem to them.

1. Accounting


Accounting has a philosophy which says “to get money, one has to work with it”. Accountants are among those people who are considered to be rich employees globally because they know how to make money. Apart from managers, accountants also earn a lot of money at the end of every month. It does not only apply to experienced, professionals and accountants, but also even graduate have a chance and equal opportunity to eat with mighty. Every company, institutions or factories need an accountant, so you have a very good opportunity to be employed.

These are top ten best jobs for degree holders in 2017. With your bachelor degree you study, you might land to a job of your dream in one of the above professions. Some are lack to get one or two choices to make. You can be very comfortable choosing from this list and you can earn a lot of money.

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