Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Cars in India

With the recent growth of Indian economy, the Indian market is blooming forth with demands of more and more variety of cars. The Indian people have started tasting all types of cars that would very likely satisfy their needs. Keeping in focus the needs of us, various car brands are competing against each other to make it up to the top. The year 2017 has seen a massive entry of new cars, setting different benchmarks.From Nissan’s GT-R, Maruti’s Ignis and Renault’s Kwid to many more but only a few have satisfied the Indian Customers. Looking out to the vast population and their huge and various demands, it will be a tough game for the new cars to pull through efficiently. The competition has henceforth shifted the war to a whole new level.

Not surprisingly enough, Maruti Suzuki has once again topped the “Top 10 best selling cars in India”. Although among the various brands launching their dish in India, only a few have been successful in making it up to the top list. So here is the interesting list topped by the ALTO:-

List of top 10 most popular best selling Cars in India in 2017.

10. Maruti Suzuki’s BALENO (Price $6295.80 onwards)-

Maruti Suzuki’s BALENO Most Popular Best Selling Cars in India 2018

This premium hatchback offering from Suzuki has performed well so far. With its total sales of 6967 units in June 2016, it is the fifth car of Suzuki to hit the top 10 list.

9. Hyundai’s Creta (Price: $13952.46 onwards)

Hyundai’s Creta Top Most Popular Best Selling Cars in India 2018

The Creta with total unit sales of 7700 units has marked the entry into compact SUV’s within six months of its launch. It climbed to the top ladder of the compact SUV segment by defeating Mahindra’s Bolero but unfortunately it gets itself in the ninth spot in India’s top 10 list.

8. Toyota’s Innova Crysta (Price: $20726.80 onwards)-

Toyota’s Innova Crysta

Toyota’s Innova has been the most successful product in India after taking over from its very own Qualis. And with total unit sales of 8171 units, this Japanese company has made it blatantly clear to make it on the list. Not only did the Crysta managed to have decent sales but also its sales increased by 97.2% from 4144 units in 2015.

7. Hyundai’s Elite i20 (Price: $8449.24 onwards)-

Hyundai’s Elite i20 Top Popular Best Selling Cars in India 2019

Although it is dropped down in the list by swift, this premium hatchback is well built since 2008.Being the first to feature the fluidic design in India; it bags its total sales units to 8990. Where the decline in sales has hit most of the cars, i20 is among them; its sale has declined from its previous sale of 10841 units in 2015 showing a cut by a negative 17.1%.

6. Maruti Suzuki’s Swift (Price: $7267.84 onwards)-

Maruti Suzuki’s Swift

It is yet the hottest hatchback ruling in India. With a total unit sale of 9033 it has geared itself up since 2005, and a brilliant facelift in 2014 has given its sale a great boost to pick its market share. So far Swift’s sale has declined the most in comparison to its car group showing a drop from 17313 units with a negative of 47.8%.

5. Renaults’ Kwid (Price: $4127.41 onwards)-

Renaults’ Kwid

This popular entry level hatchback has hit the market with its style. Although it ranks fifth in the list yet with its sale of 9459 units, it is in a close competition with its class of cars like the Alto K10, Wagon R and more. Hitting the markets from 23rd August, the Kwid has set enough benchmarks to crawl in this list.

4. Maruti Suzuki’s Wagon R (Price: $6295.80 onwards)-

Maruti Suzuki’s Wagon R

The fourth to make up is the Wagon R though it is a bit disappointing as it got dropped down by Hyundai. With unit sales of 11962, Suzuki has successfully placed it five cars on the list. The Wagon R was launched close to two decades ago in 1999, and it got its final facelift in 2006.Since 2006 it has been one of the most demanding cars for the Indian customers. Its sale has declined from its previous sales round, i.e., from 13221 units in 2015 by a negative of 9.5%.

3. Hyundai’s Grand i10(Price: $6550.03 onwards)-

Hyundai’s Grand i10 Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Cars in India 2017

Grand i10 had hit the markets in 2007 and with a total unit sale of 12678 units this June 2016, it captured the third spot pushing aside the Wagon R. It shattered the Suzuki’s chain this year in which Suzuki held the first three lists till 2015, but the scene changed from 2016. Not only is its sale pretty amazing this year but also it showed a rise in its sale from the previous year by a positive of 41.3% and an increase in sale from 9340 unit sales in 2016.

2. Maruti Suzuki’s Swift Dzire (Price: $8045.47)-

Maruti Suzuki’s Swift Dzire

So far Suzuki’s Swift Dzire has driven efficiently in the Indian market. Maruti Suzuki introduced the Dzire in the Indian market back in 2008.And from then this has managed to push Suzuki’s brand higher and to become the best-selling sedan. Although total sales of 15560 units in June 2016 but it too faced a decline in its sale since last year of 21866 units and marking a fall by negative of 28.8%.

1. Maruti Suzuki’s Alto (Price: $5084.50 onwards)-

Maruti Suzuki’s Alto Top Most Popular Best Selling Cars in India 2017

Alto has various variations so far as it is the most sold car in India. It holds the top position in the list is retaining its position from the last year. With total unit sales of 15750, it beats its very own Swift Dzire. Since its start from 2012, it has gladly caught customers attention to holding the top spot. Though it is hailing its cheers being in the top, yet its sale has dropped from 21115 units as compared from last year with a negative of 25.4%.

The TOP 10 BEST SELLING CARS IN INDIA list is a positive affirmation for the cars to keep digging more and more to capture the whole market in India. As such it is highly possible that the list will keep changing with the entry of more new cars. Let’s see how it turns out for the next fiscal year. Among this list of best selling cars, most of them have shown a decline in their sales as compared to their previous year’s sale but only the Grand i10 and Innova Crysta have been successful in gaining an increase in their sales in the year 2017.

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