Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Cars In The World

Luxury and comforts are the two things that attracts as towards it in any situation. Similarly when we see expensive luxurious vehicles on road we have a goosebumps. Most of us like knowing which are the vehicles that are launched recently, which are the most expensive ones etc. As one of the Indian actors said ‘Whichever car we travel in luxurious or non luxurious one, our destination is always same’.

But in reality these words have less importance whenever we see a luxurious car we prefer to go by that car instead of a sedan or less luxurious one. Hence we have bought you a list of top 10 most expensive luxury cars of 2017. Keep reading to know about it.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive luxury cars in 2017

10.2016 Ferrari 458 Italia (Price $239340)

Ferrari 458 Italia, Most Expensive Luxury Cars 2018

4.5litre V8 engine with twin clutch and semi automatic gear box makes the vehicle a hybrid sports car. Power driven by class that is the exact compliment that can be given to this power packed car. Sleek body with a good ground clearance makes the car an off track and on road vehicle. Slim and wide tyres make speed control easier. The engine of the car is placed at the back of the car. Leather protected seats and doors make the car look elegant and luxurious.

9.2016 Bentley Continental GTC (Price $257600)

2016 Bentley Continental GTC, World's Most Expensive Luxury Cars 2017

Powered with a 5litre V8 engine the car creates a horse power of 500 units which makes this vehicle an incredible one. With an all-wheeldrivetrain this is the sports vehicle that can run on road. With long bonnets along with side grills, front grill and low grill exhaust keeps the engine cool. Wide tyres make speed controlling easier. Power steering makes driving easier and leather coated dynamically designed seats makes driving comfortable and easy.

8.2016 Ferrari 458 Spider (Price$263,553)

Ferrari 458 Spider, Most Expensive Luxury Cars In The World 2016

This car is powered by a twin turbocharged 4.5litr V8 engine that generates a horse power of 661 units at 8000rpm.The car driven by rear wheel technology. With sleek body and decent ground clearance the car can be trusted in both on track and on roads. Eagle eyed headlights and side grills are the main attraction in front body. The car also possesses convertible roof system. Black coloured leather covering and power steering wheels make driving comfortable.

7.2016 McLaren 650S (Price$280,225)

McLaren 650S, World's Most Expensive Luxury Cars 2018

Positioned at the top of McLaren sports series this vehicle is something you will adore. Powered with V8 engine 3.8 litres this vehicle generates a horsepower of 641 units and a torque of Ib-Ft. This vehicle is a rear wheel drive powered vehicle. 7speed automated gear box with a power to pick up 60mph from rest in 4.7 seconds makes this vehicle adorable. Equipped with scissor door and targetroofs or convertible roofs this vehicle gives dual options to its lovers. The car posses’ side grills. Covered with rough leather the seats are comfortable but gives the interior of the car a sport look.

6. 2016 Ferrari FF (Price$319,400)

2016 Ferrari FF,World's Most Expensive Luxury Cars 2017

With the system of direct injection this vehicle creates a horsepower of 651units. This car is powered with a 6.3 litre V12 engine that weighs 1880kg. From rest this vehicle can shoot up to 60 mph within 3.7 seconds. As it has a four wheel drive system the car completes itself as a sporty sedan. The car has a long bonnet with a haunch back. Fog lights and pointed headlights give a clear image on road that helps in comfortable driving. The leather coating on the seats makes the journey easy and free of stress.

5. 2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost (Price$319,400.00)

Rolls-Royce Ghost, Most Expensive Luxury Cars In The World 2016

Rolls-Royce Ghost is powered with 6 litre V12 engine that is connected to an 8 speed ZF automatic gearbox. The car generates 563 horse powers. The car pulls up to it high speed in just 8 seconds. With the option of customisation the company leaves the covering of the interior to its customers the default cover is leather and alcantra. This vehicle is exactly a hybrid version of beauty and brain.

4. 2016 ferrari f12 berlinetta (Price$319,995)

2016 ferrari f12 berlinetta, World's Most Expensive Luxury Cars 2017

This two-seater vehicle has an amazing engine of V12 engine combined with a displacement of 6.3l/382. The engine generates a horsepower of 731 units. It generates a torque of 508 at 6000 RPM. It has a front control arm suspension with a multi link rear suspension. The car has a 24 litre tank. This car has a direct injection system. Rain detecting sensor wipers helps in comfortable driving during bad weathers. This car also possesses black heat exhausting grills and lip spoilers. The rear fog lights and led brake lights are stunning.

3. 2016 Bentley Mulsanne (Price$336650)

2016 Bentley Mulsanne, World's Most Expensive Luxury Cars 2016

Powered with a 6.75litre v8 engines combined with a huge power of 506bhp, the vehicle is a hybrid version of power, luxury and elegance. Mulsanne has a smooth speed progress as it is powered with an automated 8 gear box system. It has a decent ground clearance that makes it an on road as well as an off road vehicle. With low light technology and bright headlight gives an awesome night drive experience. The interiors have classic looks with leather seat covers.

2. 2016 Lamborghini Aventador (Price$548,800)

2016 Lamborghini Aventador, World's Most Expensive Luxury Cars 2017

Aventador uses Lamborghini’s 6.5litre V12 engine. The maximum power of the engine is 510 kW, 690bhp. It generates a torque of 508ib-ft. It possesses a top speed of 350km/ph. The car has an atmospheric induction system. The power to weight ratio of the engine is 331.4/kg. Aventador has an all-wheel drive system that gives it the full power of a sports car. Aventador has 188 inch length with 80 inch width. The vehicle weighs 3472Ibs. The interior gives you a batman feeling with alcantar covered seats and steering wheel.

1. 2016 Porsche 918 Spyder (Price$929,000)

Porsche 918 Spyder, Most Expensive Luxury Cars In The World Of 2019

It’s a two seater sports car designed by Michael mauer. This car 2016 Porsche 918 Spyder is a combination of hybrid power system with a V8 4.6-I engine. It has a gasoline engine of 608 horsepower and pump combined with an electric battery. The electric battery provides 887 horsepower and 940 IB-FT of torque. According to Porsche the weight of the engine is 135kg. The car’s highest speed is 351 km/ph. The car is a two-seater model with soft seats that has leather covering for comfort.

The above list of cars are all exclusive versions belonging to top 10 most expensive luxury cars of 2017.


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