Top 10 Largest Dump Trucks in The World

There are many projects where the use of truck is very important because the amount of stuff to carry is also big because of that the truck sizes are getting bigger. The big trucks reduce the time and effort that is needed for certain work.

Almost all the companies working with trucks are using the bigger size of trucks for the smooth functioning. Though these trucks are costly to a certain extent as compared to normal sized trucks. So, here is the list of top 10 largest dump trucks of 2018.

List of the world’s top 10 largest dump trucks in 2018

10. Caterpillar 795F AC

Largest Dump Trucks

Caterpillar 795F AC is a gateless coal body trust with two different choices of the body and specific configuration which highlights the module outline. The truck has a width of 8.97 m and height of 15.14m. It has good control, braking, retarding in the truck industry. A good AC electric truck built by one of the top manufacturer and dealer networking in the industry. It has good power and productivity which is good for mining applications with reliability, efficiency and power. The cost of operation is less and truck is more reliable with good performance. Upgrading handling tools also help in getting good breaking system and retarding skill.

9. Hitachi EH50000AC-3

Largest Dump Trucks

Hitachi EH50000AC-3 is a Las Vegas made a truck. It was shipped by MIN Expo International in 2012 and has a good skid and slide control system and pitch control service. The response of this truck is also good with nice brake controls. It uses low outflow and consist of almost 16 barrels. Hitachi EH50000AC-3 is quite efficient and have a nice technical make. It is widely used for mining purposes and has a very lost maintenance and fuel cost with better profit levels.

8. Belaz 75601

Largest Dump Trucks

Belaz is one of the new models with 396t payload capacity. The width of the truck is 9.25m, 14.9m long with 7.22m height. It can function in all kind of climatic condition and the engine output is somewhere around 3800HP. The truck is mostly used for transporting stones and rocks from one location to another. The trucks are used for the various different industrial purpose such as high-ways, constructing roads and processing industries. The trucks have amazing brakes and engines are of good quality.

7. Komatsu 960E-1/960E-1K

Largest Dump Trucks

960E-1/960E-1K are among the largest production of Komatsu. It consists of a rigid frame, die-sel/AC power train, and ultra-class and amazing brake system. Comatose has made bigger size trucks with each having weight almost 635t. The trucks are used for mining purpose with powerful engines. The retarding and braking system are also outstanding and the most efficient truck.

6. Terex MT 5500 AC

Largest Dump Trucks

This truck is used for the high payload for bigger volume mining. Terex MT 5500 AC have a weight of 598 tones with the height of 7.67m and width of 9.95m and length of 14.87m. The truck has a powerful engine. Post painting each component to keep away from rust, it is further covered with aluminum to improve durability. The trucks have good mobility and used for mining work as well as other various work.

5. Belaz 75710

Largest Dump Trucks

Belaz 75710 was made by Belaz Company in 2013. The truck has turbocharged engine with diesel of total 16 chambers. The truck has tubeless tyres with the electromechanical transmission. Belaz 75710 have two axles set up with turning radius of 20 meters. It has a huge empty weight, shallow bed and dualled tyres. The maximum speed is 64 km/hr and got good fuel utilization capacity.

4. The Caterpillar 797B

Largest Dump Trucks

Caterpillar 797B is widely used for large mining and weighs around 15000 kg with the height of 4 meters. The truck is big enough to take from one location to other but it has mechanical power train with two axles. The truck is used for construction work and the good level of mining. It was always the largest truck to carry the huge payload. The feature of Caterpillar 797B are nice and also impressed many industries.

3. Liebherr T 284

Largest Dump Trucks

Liebherr’s innovative design is famous for its operational success. It weighs 661 tons with the pay-load of 400t. The truck has the width of 7.42, and the length of 15.69m. The truck has excellent brake features. Once again it is used for mining activities, reliability etc. The truck has fuel efficiency which is also one of the key features.

2. Bucyrus MT 6300AC

Largest Dump Trucks

Bucyrus International is responsible for Bucyrus MT6300AC in the US. The truck is also ultra class, two axles and offers largest payload capacity of 400 short tones. The capacity offered by truck is among the biggest of all. The truck has a length of 15.57m with 13.51m height and width of 9.70m. The maximum speed of the truck is almost 40 mph with the fuel capacity of 4921 liters. The maximum maintenance cost for the truck is quite less and moreover, the high performance with less operation cost makes it one of the best choices among the largest dump trucks.

1. Caterpillar 797F

Largest Dump Trucks

It is one of the recent production with a big size and has been ranked the top most mining truck in the world. The big size has become enormously famous in all the industries. The height of the truck is 6.52m with the length of 14.8m and width of 9.75m. The weight of this truck is almost 687.5t with the maximum speed of 68mph. The truck is number choice for the mining industry and also ranks number one for the largest dump trucks in the world.

The trucks are used all over the world and the used for many mining, industrial activities. The trucks are also used for transportation of good from one destination to another destination with the high payload. The performance of these trucks are appreciated by the users and due to the low maintenance cost and high operational usage and efficiency, bigger trucks are the first choice for the manufacturing and industrial units all across the world. The above mentioned trucks are among the top largest dump trucks used in the year 2018.

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