Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars

When electric vehicles were introduced back in 1834, advance research on the technology has come a long way since then. For companies to be able to produce these cars commercially the industry has come a long way and it has by far not seen the last of electric cars. Even super cars are going the electric way, with the major hurdle being limited mileage on battery. While research on the full potential of electricity on vehicles is far from over, it will be a great experience to see exactly what these cars are capable of as far as environmental consciousness is concerned. Electric cars are fairly cheap, given the savings in the long run. The following are the 10 cheapest EVs available as of 2017.

List of Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars in 2017

10. KIA Soul EV: $34,500

kia soul ev, Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars 2018

Although new in the market the KIA Soul EV is already gaining immense popularity in the country. The unique styling this car comes with is a surprise, given the conservative style KIA is known for. The somewhat overall rectangular shape of the car does not do much to tell what the car can do. The KIA Soul is everything generous. At 92 miles on full charge and other standard equipment including a 240 volt charger, this car is well worth its price tag. Other standard features include an infotainment system, Bluetooth, navigation and heated seats with ample interior spacing.

9. FIAT 500e: $32,600


FIAT is known for its comfort, styling and efficiency. That said, the FIAT 500e offers all these and a lot more. The Emergency Protection Agency gives the FIAT a plus rating, standing at 87 miles. The fully EV vehicle will recharge in under 4 hours, a nifty achievement compared to its competition. The interior is all but rugged, with modern styling, a comprehensive infotainment system complete with heated seats and leather upholstery. We are still waiting for it to be available all over the country with sales currently going on in California alone.

8. Ford C-MAX Energi: $32,600


The C—MAX Energi is an alternative to the Prius Hybrid. It is however a better option when it comes to mileage. While the Prius will offer you only 11 miles electric option, this Ford will go for an extra 10 miles at 21 miles on electric, leaving the rest of the work to gasoline. On full charge and full tank, the C-MAX will go for 600 miles or even more. The futuristic exterior with a front grille, LED front and rear lights and a cool interior finish will also give the Prius an uncomfortable market presence. Other features include a push to start button, a comprehensive MyFord infotainment system, heated leather seats and advanced climate control.

7. Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: $30,800


The cheapest plug-in hybrid in the market today is the Toyota Prius. The Prius combines the benefits of gasoline powered engines and those of a full EV to give you more options to power it. When out of fuel, the Prius will reach the nearest gas station within an 11 mile radius. With such comfort while driving, and at only $30,800, it looks like an awfully great bargain. It is a great town car, but you can take it upcountry on fuel without worrying about charge. The only downside to the car is its limited mileage on electric, but overall Toyota is a winning brand. It is available all over the country, and you know Toyota only too well to make it available worldwide.

6. Ford Focus Electric: $30,000


The introductory hefty pricing of the Ford Focus Electric was uncharacteristic from Ford. However, huge market price cuts saw it gain popularity associated with all Ford cars. This EV will come with standard alloy rims, automatic climate control, heated power seats and a touch infotainment system exclusive to MyFord. The 76 mile range is by far not giving its competition sleepless nights, but it more than compensates with ample interior space and also claims more standard equipment. Its styling is also superb with a futuristic interior feel. This is one amongst the Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars 2017.

5. Nissan Leaf: $29,800


Nissan came up with the Leaf to offer comfort, economy, a touch of class and all out popularity in the EV market. The interior is spacious, lots of standard equipment and this one is available all over the country. You will drive 84 miles on full charge, being one of the many advantages against its competitors. The Leaf is a perfect balance of style, economy and luxury and the price is even more reassuring. It will stay in the market for long before reasonable competition sets in and with other 84 mile EVs not able to sell at that price, you can be sure it is not leaving the market anywhere any time soon.

4. Volkswagen e-Golf 21,500


When electric cars became the talk of the town, we knew Volkswagen will not be left too far behind. Offering 115 horsepower, 199 feet of torque and 83 miles worth of full charge, the e-Golf wins battles as far as affordability, power and resilience are concerned. It will set you back 21 and a half thousand before accounting for federal tax incentives. This EV is also has a lovely piece of styling and if you are an all exclusive Volkswagen driver, the e Golf will not let you down. It does not require diesel for the wheels to start rolling.

3. Chevrolet Spark EV: $27,500


Reasonably priced Chevrolet Spark EV provides sufficient interior space at a stellar range, compared to other electric cars. It is for sale only in Oregon and California, although sales are about to begin in major cities around the country. You will drive for more than 80 miles before the battery runs out. The friendly 7-hour charge time, a 240 volt charger and a whole host of extra equipment gives this car valuable leverage over other electric cars in its range. Other features include push to start button, standard air conditioning, power seats and an excellent infotainment system from MyLink Chevrolet.

2. Dmart Electric Drive: $25,800


Tiny Smart Electric Drive Car is a safe option when shopping for electric cars. It is popular with town service, and its lightweight feature compensated for its limited storage space. While there is barely enough room to accommodate the long life battery versions, it will serve you for 68 miles on full charge. The parts are easily available and it hardly breaks down. It was meant for the city and its small structure makes it easier to navigate tough to find parking spots.

1. Mitsubishi i-MiEV – $22,900


If you are looking for the cheapest electric cars out there, and not keen on styling and sophistication in an electric car, then look no further. The Mistubishi i-MiEV is your best choice. It is economical but strong. It gives you 59 miles to work with while on full charge. It is very cheap when your account for tax credit and can go to lows of $15,000 after accounting for federal tax credit. It is proudly green and probably the best electric town car around.

These above are the Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars 2017. While standard EVs will go for more than 80 miles before charge runs out, these electric cars are very green and very popular in the city. You will probably have to give up your styling desires if your pocket is shallow, but you will more than compensate for this with savings gasoline car drivers do not enjoy.

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